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Eve stopped in the corridor.

She was following the hand, which had just snatched away one of her many gadgets from her pile in the desert. The hand dropped the gadget on the floor, causing Eve to wince. She waited until the hand had drifted off before hurrying over and inspecting the gadget with bright eyes for scratches or dents. Giving a nod of satisfaction at its condition, she picked it up and began to carry it back home.

She stopped. There, on the lower level, was the brightest, greenest, shiniest gadget she had ever seen. It was like a stone, but it couldn't be. No stone was ever that pretty.

Eve put down the gadget she was carrying, hit the lift button several times, and waited impatiently for the lift to reach her.

Meanwhile, Adam was pacing on a cliff, thinking. He'd been thinking a lot recently, which was unusual for him. More unusual was that his thoughts were centered on Eve.

Surely she was just a friend. They had been friends since they hatched, the suggestion of his feelings for her going any deeper than that was ridiculous. Wasn't it? But then, he did like her. He liked her a lot. So much, in fact, that the last couple of days he'd done nothing but sit on a cliff and watch her move around the desert, collecting and hording gadgets, and paying no attention to him whatsoever.

That was the other problem. Even if he did like her more than a friend, she never paid any attention to him. She had no interest in anything but gadgets. Well, gadgets and food. So how to get her attention?

His question was answered as Eve came through a door into the desert, led by the hand, which scolded her and left her next to the cliff Adam was on.

Eve looked up at him, eyes shining. "I saw it! I saw it!"

"Saw what?" Adam asked, jumping down to meet her.

"The prettiest gadget! It was green, and shiny, and just beautiful!" Eve said excitedly. "I went down to get it, but the hand caught me. Oh, but it was so pretty, Adam!"

Adam watched her go to her pile of gadgets, a plan slowly forming in his mind. This was it! This was how he could get Eve to notice him!

He would steal the gadget for her.


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