A Lady For Seven Days
Part: 1/8
Author: Wednesday
Genre: Yaoi/Non-Yaoi
Author's notes: This is a repost.

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine.


Part One, Saturday 11:30pm
A wish

"Umm. Haruko-san?" Sakuragi Hanamichi hesitated if he should continue or not.

"What is it, Sakuragi-kun?" Haruko is getting confused of her friend's odd behavior.

"I like you..." the words were barely a whisper.

"What? I can't hear you, Sakuragi-kun," Haruko stepped closer to her friend.

Hanamichi's cheeks burn as he tried to speak louder. "I...." Hanamichi cleared his throat. "I like you, Haruko-san." There he had said it.

"Rukawa-kun.." Haruko blushing and gone starry-eyed.

"What?!" Hanamichi stared at the girl of his dreams as if she had grown another head. He turned around and saw Rukawa Kaede walking across the amusement park. Hanamichi looked at the girl again and felt his heart break at the obvious affection of Haruko towards his rival and teammate. He looked back at the retreating figure of Rukawa.

Haruko didn't notice the agony that Hanamichi is suffering though for she is too busy drooling at the blue-eyed kitsune. "Rukawa..." Haruko sighed in the wind.

Hanamichi didn't even try to take away Haruko's attention from Rukawa Kaede. He decided that Haruko will never liked him the way that he liked her. "Haruko-san, would you like to go find your brother now? It's getting late," Hanamichi, said to the love-struck girl by his side.

Haruko finally took her gaze from Rukawa and gave Hanamichi a very friendly smile. "Hai. That's a good idea, Sakuragi-kun," Haruko answered sleepily, giving a yawn.

The two friends walked in silence. Haruko was a little surprised at the quietness of Hanamichi and was getting worried by the minute.

"Are you okay, Sakuragi-kun?" Haruko asked worriedly.

Hanamichi jumped at the sudden question. He slowly nods his head. "I'm fine," Hanamichi answered giving a reassuring smile to his crush.

Haruko smiled back. Suddenly, she remembered their conversation a few minutes ago. "Ano... what did you say to me back there, Sakuragi-kun?" she asked.

Hanamichi's face turned redder than his hair. "N...nothing, Haruko-san," he lied. ',' he thought, 'I can't tell Haruko-san my feelings coz she'll just say no. She loves that good-for-nothing kitsune too much.'

Haruko stared at Hanamichi with confusion. "Okay," she said hesitantly.

They walked in silence again.

"Onii-chan!" Haruko cried all of a sudden. She then ran all the away towards her brother, Akagi Takenori. Sakuragi Hanamichi watched Haruko as she run towards the gorilla.

They have arrived in a clearing inside the amusement park. All Shohoku team members are present that night because that was the last night that the carnival would be open. The last few weeks of practice for the IH are getting into the nerves of the players so Ayako suggested a break by going to the Fushigi carnival. They all agreed though that they would be going home at 11:30.

"All of you are here," Akagi said. "Okay, let's all go home."

"Hai!" the team answered, except for one.

"I'm staying longer," Hanamichi said.

"NANI?!" Akagi growl.

"The night is young, Gori," Hanamichi answered emotionlessly to the surprised of everyone. "The guntai is here somewhere, I'm going to join them if you don't mind."

Akagi blinked. "Okay..." he said doubtfully. He was too surprised at the tone of voice that Sakuragi is using to contradict what Hanamichi wanted to do.

At that Sakuragi nod and turned around, leaving a very shocked group.

"What's eating him?" Ayako asked to no one in particular.

Silence is the group's answer.

11:49, Saturday
Hanamichi walked around the park like a zombie. The pain and confusion he felt is slowly consuming him. He's thankful though that the guntai wasn't there to witness the Haruko incident.

"What does that kitsune have that I don't?" Hanamichi asked to himself for a hundred times now. "I'm much more handsome than he is. I'm better in basketball coz I am tensai Sakuragi Hanamichi."

Due to Hanamichi's lack of focus to where he's going, he didn't notice that he have stepped into the forbidden part of the carnival.


"Huh?" Hanamichi's head snapped in alarm at the sudden call. He looked around and found out that he's in a place that is in badly need of cleaning. "Where am I?"

"You're in the world of wishes, Hanamichi," a cold, but melodious voice said.

"Who are you?" Hanamichi felt a chill run down his spine upon hearing the voice.

"I'm in front of you, Hanamichi."

Hanamichi look in front of him and found a wishing machine with an old gypsy inside. He stepped closer towards the machine and poked the machine non-too-gently.

"Okay! Who's the prankster that is trying to fool the tensai?" Hanamichi yelled. He grabbed the machine and forcibly twists it around. Finding no one at the back, he looked around the place trying to find anyone who is speaking to him and scaring the hell out of him (though he didn't let that fear show) yelling all the time.

"Silence!!!" the voice boom around the room making Hanamichi jumped back at least 5 feet away from the wishing machine.

Silence reigned in the room for a few minutes.

Slowly, Hanamichi recovered from the shocked of being yelled at by a wishing machine. Fury built up in his chest that he just has to yell back.


"Calm down, Hanamichi," the voice said calmly. "I'm here to grant you one wish."

"DON'T YOU 'CALM DOWN, HANAMICHI' ME, YOU..." Hanamichi didn't finish his insults coz the words finally sunk into his brain. "Grant me a wish?" Hanamichi asked incredulously.

"Yes," the talking wishing machine answered. The woman inside the box is nodding her head all the time.

Hanamichi's face showed his disbelief. "I think you're pulling my leg," Hanamichi said.

"How can I pull your leg if I'm in here and you're out there?" The gypsy inside the box moved her hand as if to emphasize the obvious.

"Don't be such a wise guy...err...girl...err...woman," Hanamichi was getting annoyed. "I don't believe that you can grant wishes."

"Make a wish and you will have it. But be warned that you have only one wish, you couldn't reverse it. So be very careful of what you wish for, you might find it too much to handle." the gypsy again moved her hands as she talked.

"Hahaha...." Hanamichi laughed at the words. "Too much to handle? Are you kidding me? I'm Sakuragi Hanamichi, the tensai. I can handle anything."

"O...Kay," the voice said uncertainly. "What's your wish, Hanamichi?"

Hanamichi became serious and stared at the machine suspiciously. "Can this broken-down machine grant wishes?" he thought. "I don't think so." he then decided to make a wish that the machine will never be able to give to him, for it is impossible to grant.

The machine was silent as it waited for the wish.

"I want to be most beautiful lady in the world," Hanamichi said seriously, though in the inside he is silently laughing. "I'm such a tensai," he thought. "Show me if you can grant that wish, you witch."

The gypsy inside the machine blinked. "Granted," it said. It then disappeared along with the whole room.

"Huh?" Hanamichi was surprised to find himself among the crowd again. "What the hell just happened? Where's that old machine?" Hanamichi searched the whole amusement park for the dirty room and broken-down wishing machine. He is losing hope when he hasn't found the machine for an hour of searching.

"That machine is such a coward, it knew that I'm not going to be happy if she didn't grant me my wish so it disappears," Hanamichi said to himself. As he looked around him, he found many lovers still roaming around the park holding hands. He remembered Haruko and felt the pain again.

"Hanamichi!" voices called the searching redhead.

Hanamichi turned around expecting to see the machine but was a little disappointed to see the guntai. "Oh... hello, guys," he greeted in a cheerless voice.

The guntai's eyebrows rose when they heard the greeting.

"What's eating you, Hanamichi?" Youhei Mito asked his obviously depressed friend.

"Nothing," Hanamichi lied. "Come on, I've been searching for you since 11:30. I think we should go home now, it's pass one o'clock."

"Aren't you supposed to go home with the whole team?" Takamiya asked. The rest of the guntai nod their heads as a show of agreement.

"I told them to go without me. I want to have more fun so I didn't go home yet."

The guntai wasn't convinced but Hanamichi's tone of voice spoke no contradiction.

"Okay," Youhei said after a few minutes of silence. "Let's go home now."

Hanamichi nod his head and walked ahead of the guntai. The guntai followed Hanamichi with worry itched in their face for their redhead friend.

I got the idea of this fic when I watched the movie 'Big' by Tom Hanks again. Reviews please.