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this is a Digimon-Tamers fic, beginning about 3 years after the Data-Reaper's attack on Shinjuku. from after the attacks are over, its classified as an AU fic.

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Chapter 0 Prelude to Rebirth

??? P.O.V.-----------------------------------------------

Shinjuku District of Japan, how long has it been since I've last seen this place? Too long a time ago.

Not much has changed, and yet so much seems to be different. An oxymoron, I know, and yet you can't say it's the same as the last time I saw it.

'Maybe a walk will help me readjust.' I think to myself. So I walk down a path aimlessly until I find a very familiar passageway. I remember walking down this lane almost every single day. But when was the last time I had walked down this lane? A long time ago. I find myself at a small stone shed with an iron gate in the front. Seeing this, I reminisce about past times when my companions and I had met here and had had alot of fun. But just how long ago was it since I had seen or interacted with them? A long time ago.

Continuing my walk, I come across a sakura tree I used to climb and surprise my old friends by jumping out of it. Back then, the sakura blossoms were in full bloom. Now it is dead, devoid of any sign of life. As I look upon it, it seems to wither even more. I'm surprised they havn't knocked this thing down yet and yet I'm glad they didn't. Too many fond memories of this tree lay buried within its layers of skin.

Satisfied with my walk in Shinjuku Park, I decide to go into town. I can see kids running out of every exit available in their schools. I particularly take notice of the Junior High School students as they walk out of class, going home, to the arcades, the gym, and one particular group heading towards the park I had just exited. Paying them no more heed than needed, I continue walking into town, passing many old stores and other places. I see people going on with their routine lives and others just going with the flow.

Bored, now, of my walk in town, i decide to return to the park and take a closer look at the little clique that had gone there a while back. Why do I study this particular group? They are referred to as 'Tamers'. They are heroes of this and the Digital World. That's right, they have digimon with them. I won't go into any detail yet, just study how they live and how they are, I havn't seen them since...too long a time ago.

I stay and watch while sitting in an old oak tree as the Tamers and their digimon have fun and reminisce about times and telling each other how their days went. Their digimon are playing tag I see, I guess tag had made a big impression on them around 3 years ago when it was first introduced to them. Even the stoical Renamon is chuckling alot. Again, don't bother asking because I won't go into any detail as of now. No wait, they're packing up and leaving for their homes, now we can begin.

First I follow a confindent, brown-haired, visor-clad boy. His name is Kazu and his digimon partner, Guardromon, is next to him. I follow them home and take note of their actions and behavior. Nothing special, just goes home, eats, says a quick "Hi!" to his parents and rushes to his room to play video games. Typical. Guardromon follows of course and plays with him, although he does take about 5 more seconds to converse with Kazu's parents. Again, typical.

Moving on to a boy with blue hair, glasses, and a slightly meek nature, namely Kenta, and his partner, MarineAngemon. Well, at least he isn't like Kazu, I expected some of Kazu's attitude to rub off on him after all these years. Nope, he's a bit better. There goes MarineAngemon floating off to the kitchen. I guess he smells something he likes. Then again, there isn't much food he doesn't like. Kenta actually takes time to talk to his parents about his day and goes off to help his dad with computers. Guess hanging around Henry has made him a computer genius as well. Moving on...

Now to the overly confident, brown haired, pompous one, Ryo's...Looks as if he, his dad, and Monodramon were getting ready to throw a Super Bowl bash. I see cheese-heads, foam-finger things, and lots of food and drinks. I'd rather not continue.

Now to Henry's residence. The blue haired, intelligent one of the groups' home is more mild-mannered than most of the homes we just visited. Henry and his family are at the table eating dinner. Terriermon and Lopmon are at a smaller table eating their own dinner. Everything seems perfect until, apparently, Terriermon cracked a serious joke causing pretty much everyone else to explode with laughter sending food everywhere. Maybe I should leave now.

And now Rika's home. She's the one with the fiery orange hair tied into spikes near the base of her head. Rather hard for me to get into a comfortable place to describe what's going on seeing as there are 10 foot walls surrounding the place. Anyway, after a hurtful fall, I'm ready now. Looking through a window, I see Rika and her mother actually enjoying a conversation. Apparently they're on better terms than the last time I saw them. Heck, she even wears dresses now, something she vowed to never be seen wearing. Her grandmother comes in with a tray of tea and they each take a cup and drink. That tea is making me painfully aware of my own thirst. Well, just one more to go.

Ah, the home of Takato and Guilmon.Takato is the unofficial leader of the Tamers, brown haired, goofy expression, and almost never seen without his trademark yellow goggles. I can see him laughing with Guilmon while making the next day's bread with his parents. All of them are smiling and laughing along. Takato is laughing the hardest. All seems to be perfect in this least.....that is what I would have said....had Takato and Guilmon been there. No, Takato's home actually is more sad and foreboding than all the other places. Takato's mother and father were indeed making bread, but not with the usual fire in their soul.

Takato Matsuki had been classified as M.I.A. after the D-Reaper attacks. Nobody knew the reason why or how he had disappeared. He had just vanished off the face of the earth. But I know, I know all that transpired dealing with Takato. How do I know what exactly had happened to Takato?

Allow me to introduce myself, my Takato Matsuki, former leader of the Tamers.

Right now, I bet you're wondering what happened and why I left.

It all began a long time ago...

And time had everything to do with it.


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