here it comes, another installment to this work of fiction. if it confuses you people reading it, i just wanna say that sometimes i confuse myself by thinking too much for this story.

so now you know something about Hyou, what will happen in the future with Takato and what part Hyou might play in it. Takato finished part of his mission, he now has collected orbs from all the Tamers and their digimon, but what does it mean? And now there's a clone of Jeri(?) running around working for who knows who it is. There's something distinctly familiar about it though. So now what?

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Part IV, For the Sake of My Loved Ones

Chapter 11

Now What Happens?

I charged upward with the full intention of doing...something to the seething mass that stood menacingly in front of me. I had lost three pairs of wings trying to at least injure him and I had succeeded in doing nothing. He just looked amused.

"What can one like you hope to do against me? Not even the two Chosen Ones were able to defeat me, in the end. Even if The Last Army may be greater in power and skill than mine, you stand no chance against me. Even your Crusaders are no match for me. Eventually, you will fall before my might."

I frowned as I continued my assault launching beam after beam after beam of energy at the grossly large, emotionless face of my enemy. I could hear tired cheers from the army below, believing that I would miraculously defeat this demon. I bared my teeth underneath my cracked, chipped, and soiled armour. Droplets of my blood fell as I soared through the sky as I flowed energy into Excalibur willing it to transform into the "God Killing Sword", the holy weapon, Ragnarok. I let out a strangled warcry and swung the mighty weapon as a large and wide blade of my energy shot out of the blade, hoping against hope that it would at least take an arm out or something.

As the wave made contact, a blinding light flashed, momentarily stunning the swarming mass of The Last Army and the vast army of fakes. As the light faded, I saw a large bubbling wound on the center of the large mass that quickly faded away. My arms suddenly felt weary as the large sword, Ragnarok fell to my side. I resisted the urge to fall on the ground and bow my head in fatigue.

There was nothing I could do...


I felt the familiar breaking sensation of my body as I entered the portal to the Digital World, BlackGuilmon by my side. Bit by bit, I could feel my now digitalized body configuring to the Digital World and, finally, I fell into the Digital World...literally.


The fall wasn't that bad. BlackGuilmon landing on me was, though. I stood up, exasperated and slowly arched my body backwards to get the kinks out. I snapped back up straight and rose both my arms and stretched them as well.

"Geez, you'd think after doing this a couple of times you'd get used to it, huh?"

"Doing what?"


I chuckled a little and looked at the towering structure I had been instructed to meet Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon at. As I looked at it, I realized that I couldn't see the top at all. It looked like whoever had crafted it had kept on going.

"Hmm...The Tower of Babel, huh? The name, just now, makes sense to me...How fitting."


"Takatomon-d'oh! Takato, it's Takato, now."

"Oooh...ok. Takatomon, what's Babel?"

I let out a breath and closed my eyes. As I opened them again, I went into the story I had heard as a child and recited it to BlackGuilmon.

"The Tower of Babel was an idea made by humans a long, long, long, long time ago. They wanted to be famous and decided to build a structure so tall that it would be able to reach Heaven. God saw this and was displeased because these men were trying to glorify themselves. So he made each one of them suddenly speak different languages. They couldn't understand each other and were unable to finish the Tower of Babel. Because of this, they went their seperate ways with people that could understand their speach and thus made the many different nations on Earth."

"Oh...Do they have bread in there?"

I suddenly felt as if a rock had been chucked at my head and wept pitifully. Gloomily, I headed inside the massive structure. As I did so, I felt a force that felt incredibly powerful, sentient...and ancient. I immediately noticed that there were no walls, windows, or anything at all inside the building. It was as if the doorway I had used had led to a realm of nothingness that held everything. I looked above me and saw the rapidly descending forms of Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon. Around them were nine statues of what looked like ancient warriors.

"Good to see you again, Takato. I take it you met with success?"

I stared at Azulongmon, wondering why he had not heard, yet, of what had occured right before I had left the Real World.

"Well, I wouldn't use the word success but the primary objective was completed. I recovered the Tamers' data orbs, anyway. But we ran into a complication. The one who seemed to be Jeri was just a clone and she was the one who took out most of the Tamers, not me. I didn't get to find out just who she was or if she was working with anyone but I can guarantee that we'll be seeing more of her."

Azulongmon shot Zhuqiaomon a questioning look but was greeted with a shrug (as much as a fiery bird can shrug).

"We will do what we can but let us focus on why we are here. You have the seven Tamers' data, correct?"

I nodded and held up the Lapis Lazuli, its screen displaying seven shining orbs around the edge. Azulongmon nodded and continued.

"Before I tell you what I plan to do, let me tell you a little history about this structure. It is near the core of the Digital World, the closest we could ever get to fully reaching Atanasoff and ENIAC. As you already know, Atanasoff and ENIAC are the "creators" of the Digital World. The supercomputers needed a way to structure its creation and created this tower, The Tower of Babel. From here, Atanasoff and ENIAC created different digimon from the spare data clusters you see so often. They created many of them based on nine ideas they came across while accumulating information. Those ideas were immortalized into these "statues" you see in here."

I looked around at the nine impressive figures and felt a little odd staring at them. It felt like they were staring back and reaching for something.

"By the look on your face I can tell that you've already deduced that they are more than just statues. They were among the first of what you have come to call Sovereigns. Even the four Guardians who were the current Sovereigns' predecessors come nowhere close to them. They oversaw the Digital World inside this tower but were soon locked away as the Digital World grew beyond their realm of control. Trapped inside here as the Digital World grew and grew, their power severely lessened and they sealed themselves away, awaiting the day the Digital World would need them again."

I nodded as I looked around at the impressive and beautiful figures around me. My mind was putting bits of information together slowly.

"So I'm guessing that the Digital World needs them now? I mean, why else would we be here?"

"Yes, you are correct. What happened with you after the D-Reaper set off a chain of events here that unleashed several dark energies. We believe some may have even reached beyond the Digital World and into yours. We have yet to find out exactly what those energies are and what they may do but we have at least deduced that the Order is one of the products of those energies. Kamiya, Kari and Ichijouji, Ken, being the most in-tune with the Digital World have also sensed some disturbances in my Quadrant so it would be a safe guess that those energies are in every corner of the Digital World."

I nodded in understanding. I had learned that the Chosen Children of Odaiba existed while I was training in the Digital World, learning about various Quadrants and Levels of the Digital World. I had felt a little cheated, though, knowing of their existence but being unable to see them in real life. However, with what I was putting together in my mind, I got the feeling we would meet sooner or later.

"Now, on to matters at hand. You see each of these statues around you, have you noticed something about them?"

I looked back at the statues and focused on them all. It suddenly hit me.

"All of them have at least one hand cupped and are facing the center of their circle."

"Correct. It is scribed on their pedestals that they must receive the life energy of the ones who are most similar to their aspects and they will be reawakened and freed from Babel."


I narrowed my eyes and began to think. If the beings needed life energy to be reawakened then it would be completely used up and disappear, won't it? And I can guess that if I was brought here after I had collected data orbs from the Tamers that Azulongmon planned to use them to reawaken these guardians.



"I won't let you use the Tamers' lives just to reawaken these guardians."

Zhuqiaomon sighed and turned to Azulongmon.

"This is why I hate children. They jump to the worst possible conclusion and stupid things result from those conclusions. Insolent little whelps."


"You see, we knew that you would think like that, but it is not what you think it is. The rest of the encryption on the pedestals read that they will become reborn, almost literally, into new bodies. In other words, they will become the person, or Digimon that has its life energy offered to it."

Azulongmon didn't look finished though, so I questioned him about it.

"You look as if there's more to say."

"They will only resurrect if the life energy is the proper one offered to it."

"...So you had me take a chance for YOU to get the Tamers and see if they possibly fit the description?"

"Pretty much."

I took many many many calming breaths to stop myself from attacking Zhuqiaomon. I looked back up at Azulongmon.

"And if you're wrong? What if they don't match the description?"

"Their data will be safe, unless the spirits inside the statues grow irritated. Then they will be the farthest thing from it, facing total obliteration."

I couldn't help but feel just a little amused at how the two Sovereigns were handling this situation. They were almost human. But before I put their theory to the test, I had one last question.

"Where's Alice?"

I noticed that the two couldn't help but look a little discomforted with that question. So they answered safely.

"She's safe. I wouldn't worry about her, she can take care of herself quite well."

"Will I ever see her again? I miss her, and so does BlackGuilmon."

"I expect you will be reunited with her, one day."

"I should hope so."

"By the way, Takato. There is just one more thing."


"Take a look at the statue in front of you, see if you can feel anything."

I looked at said statue and studied it. It was a statue of an angel/knight with a long and heavy looking sword, tip down with its left hand resting on it. His right hand was extented a little towards me as if it were asking someone to take his hand. I noticed that a long and lithe draconic figure was wrapped around his armour and staring at me as well.

"This statue is the statue of the "Dragon Taming Knight". I believe your world has stories of knights defeating evil dragons and the like. This is the embodiment of that idea. From that idea, ENIAC created knights and dragons and their opposing dragon and knight. What is special about this statue is that the being encased inside is actually two beings embodied as one. One being, two different lives, all at the same time, governing each other's opposites. I believe that you and BlackGuilmon were meant to give rebirth to this one."

"Exactly how would I do that? I'm not a data orb like the others, currently, and I sure as hell won't let you delete me again so you can play Operation with my data."

Zhuqiaomon, once again, grew frustrated. I quickly realized that wasn't the case.

"Alright, great flaming bird thing. So you won't scramble my data again, then how? I'm guessing you want us to Bio-merge but what then?"

"Well, we're guessing that if the life-force is sufficient to its needs, they will be reborn anyway. The Tamers weren't able to do that because they wouldn't have just let themselves be brought to the Digital World without good reason, as suspicious as our actions are. And besides, they couldn't get into the Digital World even if they wanted to."

Now that confused me.

"What do you mean?"

"Can't you recall the first time you reappeared in the Digital World? You're entire body had to be broken down into seperate data patterns for us to allow you reentry into our realm. The Tamers' data have not been reconfigured as yours has."


What a brilliant answer, huh?

I found myself, five minutes later, placing the orbs into what seemed its respective hand of a statue. Suzie's orb, I placed into a beautiful angel's palm. Kenta's went into the palm of what looked like an Arabic field medic. Hirokazu's orb fell into the palm of a futuristic robot swordsman. Ryo's orb went into the hand of what looked like a cross between a sage and a warrior. Henry's orb went into what looked like an imperial shogun with a look that held authority. Jeri's orb went into the hands of a shrine maiden. Rika, ironically, ended up in the hands of a princess's statue, complete with tiara and dress.

Something struck me as odd, though.

"Why are there nine statues but only eight of us? It doesn't make sense."

Even Azulongmon looked a little perplexed.

"We're not sure who the last one is supposed to be. We have been unable to locate this being, despite our best efforts. It's a real shame, this statue houses a being who holds much power, more than what half of the other spirits in this room have."

I prepared myself as ChaosGallantmon and walked up to the statue of the Dragon Taming Knight. I looked into the statue's eyes and thought I saw a glimmer of life in them.

'''You ready, BlackGuilmon?'''

'''You bet, Takato!'''

I reached up and took the statues hand...

And nothing happened.

"Uhm...Azulongmon, isn't something supposed to happen?"

"...Wait for it."

With that, the two Sovereigns took to the sky and began to chant in a forgotten language.

To the West, Baihumon gazed at the sky and chanted in perfect harmony with the other two Sovereigns.

In the North, Ebonwumon lifted his heads and followed their lead (my bad, I put the Sovereigns in the wrong quadrants in earlier chapters).

In the very center of the Digital World, an ancient digimon who went by names such as FangLongmon and HuangLongmon felt the chanting of his subordinates and channeled his power to his predecessors, willing them to wake up and protect the Digital World again.

ElDoradimon, a giant turtle-like Digimon who carries the Holy Capitol of the Digital World on his back, stopped as he felt a rush of energy from the city on his back being channeled somewhere far away.

Dianamon, goddess of the moon, looked down from a digital moon in the fifth level of the Digital World as she felt the ancient energies begin to awaken.

DexDorugoramon stirred inside of Yggdrasil's lair as he felt a massive amount of energy that neither Alphamon or Omnimon could compare to.

All over the Digital World, humans and digimon alike felt the ancient energies stirring. Every Quadrant, every Level, every Sector, every living being felt the power rumbling across the vast plane of the Digital World. Gennai, in the Eastern Quadrant, woke up from a nap as he felt Azulongmon's energy fluctuating. His old face looked grim.

" begins. Will you be able to follow through with it, I wonder?"

He turned to a figure that was 'sleeping' in a tube, acknowledging its potential, and continued his work for the Sovereigns.

Tai Kamiya woke up as he felt an incredible energy rush all around him. His digivice began to screech and displayed a compass pointing to the West, startling Tai because his digivice had been inactive ever since Oikawa had died and MaloMyotismon had been defeated. Following his instinct, he decided to follow the arrow.

"Hey, hey! Agumon, wake up! We've got some work to do."

In Level 3 of the Southern Quadrant, Watanabe, Setsuna woke up when she was nearly shaken off of Seadramon when he suddenly stiffened and tensed.

"What the-! Hey, what was that for? It's nice up here, let me sleep."

Seadramon gave his Tamer a hard to define look as he continued flying through the skies of the Digital World.

In a warrior digimon village in the Southern Quadrant Level 2, Hyou and Agudramon looked up momentarily as they felt something in the Digital World 'move'.

In the highest Level of the Digital World, Varodurumon, said to have existed since the creation of the Digital World, gave a screech as it felt the power while flying fourty-thousand meters in the sky.

Everyone who felt the energies had one common thought.

'Something big is about to happen.'

Back in the Tower of Babel the statues began to fall apart and revealed a bright light trapped within each of them. Every one of those lights matched the colors of the Tamers' orbs that was placed in their hands just moments ago. Each of those lights enveloped the data orbs and began to grow, forming humanoid figures.

The statue of the Dragon Taming Knight also fell apart and revealed two different lights so bright that I couldn't tell what color they were. They both glided over to me and entered my chest and I nearly screamed from the momentary pain of two powers entering one body. I could feel my digital coding breaking down and reforming into something stronger.

The feeling soon died down and I fell on my knees with a little difficulty breathing. And then the pain and the power struck.

I snapped my head back as I was engulfed in light and rose a little into the air. I felt an energy that was pushing into a very familiar energy that was already in my coding, as if it were forcing it out and molding it.

"ChaosGallantmon Mode Change to...

"ChaosGallantmon: Chaos Mode!"

In my mindscape, I thought I heard a friendly voice again.

'''Tamer, it is good to see you again.'''


I woke up wondering if I had even heard the voice at all and noticed that I felt a lot like Gallantmon: Crimson Mode. I looked down and I saw that I was, in fact, him. Although the darker version. Looking at myself more closely, I saw several things that were different. I still had the five pairs of wings, now pitch black, and blue armour that matched my lighter form. I now had what looked like Blue-Digizoid greaves that ended in clawed toes with a similar ankle-spur claw. My gauntlets were now bigger and had something similar looking to blue dramon destroyers placed above my arm and slightly overlapping my hands. The areas not protected by armour now had dark grey chain mail running up and down it. All the Blue-Digizoid pointed to one thing. I should be fast as hell.

But the most obvious change was a black serpentine dragon wrapped around my upper torso, looking to be asleep or in a trance. It looked very much like a sleeker and more draconic looking BlackGuilmon.

I took another few seconds to appraise myself before that form disappeared and I reverted back to ChaosGallantmon. I dropped to a knee and stood up quickly, a little disappointed at the feeling having gone away.

"Hey, what gives? I thought we were supposed to give rebirth to the spirits?"

The two airborne Sovereigns floated back down to my level looking as if they were pondering the same thing.

"I am not sure. Perhaps it has to be properly awakened in its new form to truly mold its energy properly to its new host. But let us see if your friends have faired well."

I quickly turned to see the other Tamers still enveloped in light. While I was watching a thought hit me.

"Hey, Azulongmon. How exactly will this help me? I mean, their memories were altered, their history was altered. How am I going to defend myself from these guys if they're still out for my blood?"

"As these spirits take residence inside their new hosts, they should purge all discrepencies from their hosts bodies, bringing them back to life anew. The Tamers' memories of you before JDR-02 should resurface and take precedence over the other memories. And, if they don't, I could always whisk you away to my Quadrant and have you work from there."

I couldn't help but sweatdrop a little at Azulongmon. I had to wonder if there really wasn't any corrupted part of them because those four and a sense of humour mixed just as well as oil and water.

The blinding lights eventually died down and revealed seven digimon and seven humans. It hit me just then.

'Wait...SEVEN digimon? An Elecmon...Leomon!'

I looked up at Azulongmon and Zhuqiaomon to make sure. They both nodded and turned back to the newly reborn Tamers, digimon, and spirits.

Each of the Tamers looked older and wiser, yes, even Hirokazu. Not much had changed from their physical appearances, and, as far as I could tell, their digimon hadn't changed much either. The only notable difference was the Elecmon who had just regained consciousness and looked on in surprise as his eyes strayed to the prone form of Jeri Katou. He looked at me and the Sovereigns, as if he had to take it all in, being back in the world of the living. He locked eyes with me for a few moments and I nodded, answering his unasked question.


His strong voice woke up Jeri and everyone else. One by one they woke up saying that they had a headache that felt as if Thor were banging on their heads for days on end. Each of them had enough sense to look around and see if there was anything dangerous around, barring me, of course. Once they all took it in that I was standing in front of them, their jaws dropped and a look of fear came into some of their eyes.

Suzie looked a little happy seeing her last minute saviour but it was Kenta who surprised me the most. He smiled the largest smile he could muster and shouted for all the Digital World to hear.


All of the Tamers present turned to Kenta with looks of disbelief and looked back at me. One by one, they all began to show looks of dawning recognization. I wonder why it was so hard to know it was me when I looked like a normal Gallantmon, just with black armour and blue trimmings.

"Angwy Kid!"

Everyone, yes everyone, snapped their heads to look at Suzie who was laughing at me and hugging my leg at the same time. I looked at Zhuqiaomon but he just gave me a look that said,

'Your problem, not mine.'

"Uh, yeah, it's me, alright."

I laughed awkwardly and patted Suzie's head (lightly). All of the Tamers finally got over the intial shock and ran at me as well.


...Minus one.


I smiled a little as I heard that.

'''Hoo, boy. Here we go again.'''

'''Go where?'''

The Tamers all dogpiled me (Rika, not without giving me a good kick in the shins). I released the digivolution and BlackGuilmon and I split apart again. Both BlackGuilmon and I were overjoyed at seeing our friends again. After all, it's not everyday your friends turn into data orbs with only a slim chance of coming back.

After all the hugging and crying and laughing we all got up off the ground, if it could be called that. As I stood up, I saw the form of Rika walk up to me. I guess it was kind of a good thing I had fallen in love with Alice. When I saw Rika, up close and personal, she took my breath away. It was as if the spirit inside of her statue had taken Rika's face and made it even more attractive, beautiful and alluring. As I watched her walk up to me (in slow motion and excruciating detail) she decked me a good one right across the face.

"Where the hell have you been?! Do you know how much we've all been worrying about you?!"


I swore I could have seen steam fly out of Rika's ears. Luckily, for me, Zhuqiaomon chose that moment to cough and send a little spit fire in between Rika and me. This, in turn, caused Rika to glare at Zhuqiaomon and start screaming at him. It took us a while to calm Rika down and get everyone settled around to listen to the debriefing Azulongmon was giving me. This, of course, got a big deal of wide eyes, dropping of jaws, and a bunch of "huh"'s from the Tamers and digimon.

One by one the Tamers and digimon accepted that they had been living lives that weren't theirs for a long time.

"Geez, we did all of that? Sorry, about that, Chumley."

Of course...why wouldn't you Kazu?

"First of all, don't worry about it, it wasn't you guys. Well, not really. And second, don't call me Chumley."

"Hey, Takato."

"What's up, Henry?"

"Why is that when you were biomerged, Gallantmon was black and blue?"

"Well, long story short, I kinda pulled another Megidramon moment with anger and negative emotions. This time it showed up when Guilmon turned into BlackGuilmon and we biomerged into ChaosGallantmon. I havn't found a way to purify our data yet so we've been using ChaosGallantmon ever since. Although, I'm not really complaining, ChaosGallantmon is extremely powerful and has helped me out of a few binds before during the time I was in the Northern Quadrant."

That caught Ryo's attention quick.

"Wait, you were in the Northern Quadrant?"

"Yeah, why? Something wrong?"

"No, I just liked the fact that I was the only Quadrant hopping Tamer."

Ryo was surrounded with deadpanned looks from everyone, yes, everyone. That is until his two biggest fans' brains caught up with them.


Everyone, yes, everyone, turned to Hirokazu and Kenta as they ran up to Ryo with demanding looks on their faces.


"So you're telling us that you really have been Quadrant hopping all the time you were stuck in the Digital World?"


"So everything that happened in the video games is true?! You really met the Digidestined and defeated Milleniummon with Ken?!"

"Uhm...yeah, I did do all that, didn't I? Wait, they made video games about me?! Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!"

Henry, however, did the smart thing and asked Azulongmon.

"Is this all really true? Is that why he was in the Digital World for so long. Is that also why Rika, consequencially, won that Digimon Card Game tournament?"

A loud "WHAT?!" echoed in the endless space we were in but we paid it no mind.

Azulongmon sighed and closed his eyes, revealing that he some skeletons to reveal. He opened his eyes and looked at Ryo who looked at back at him a little sharply. Azulongmon couldn't really blame him. Ryo had a lot to blame him for. After all, messing with someone's life, pitting him against what is arguably the most powerful digimon in existence, making him fight his friends in some bogus tournament just so he would be his weapon against Milleniummon, and, inadvertantly, causing his best friend to succumb to the power of the Dark Spore would cause one to lose much faith, even in someone like Azulongmon.

"Yes, Ryo was first called to the Digital World to train and defeat Milleniummon. I owe him a debt of gratitude...and I also owe him an apology."


"I forced Ryo to come here because I was not powerful enough to stop Milleniummon on my own. I used him to build up an army of digimon and push him to his limits to become powerful enough to defeat Milleniummon. I deceived him so he could defeat Milleniummon for me and that was one of the reasons why Ken Ichijouji was implanted with the Dark Spore."

The Tamers (minus me) were stunned by this knowledge. They had known Ryo was in the Digital World vastly longer than any of us ever have. It is a little unsettling learning one of your friends is a multi-dimensional hero. But on to the important matters.


Like copyright infringements and lawsuits.

I really missed them, a lot. I've never been happier before. The only thing that could make this better was the presence of one special person.

'Alice, I miss you. I hope I'll see you again.'


Author's Note: Yeah, my updates are few and far in between, but I'm trying my best to put in more knowledge of the Digital World, Digimon in general, and a good thick slice of drama, angst, romance, suspense, and humour in my story. I'm falling in love with my story more and more, seeing it improve more and more with every chapter I write. I want it to be awesome, so please, bear with me.

Well, all the Tamers are back, awesome! But what's up with all those spirits, statues, and ChaosGallantmon's new form? How much more powerful have the Tamers become thanks to the spirits that they have just given rebirth to?

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