1Characters ain't mine

Don't ask me why I wrote this.

Voldermort sat on his makeshift throne at Goyle Manor. They had to set up camp here because the Malfoy house would not do as the Ministry was up their behinds because Lucius was now a death eater.

Voldermort sighed to himself, "What the hell am I doing with my life? I killed my father for this? A bunch of pathetic slaves and a few weird creatures here and there? I'm one pathetic slob. I haven't even got laid ever since Potter took away my body. What's up with that?"

He then looked down and realized he did not have any genitals.

Voldermort gasped in confusion. As he gasped, none other than Harry Potter strolled in!

"Voldermort!" Harry screamed, "I, Harry Potter, hear by challenge you to a test of agility and strength."

"And that would be," Voldermort replied.

"I challenge you to a game of........DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION!" screamed Harry.