There's a tangled mess of nerves in the pit of my stomach
It pushes itself into my throat when I look at you
There's a clattering of wills and a hardening of souls
That I always find myself going through

My soul burns for you
Though I do not know if it is in love or in rage
My hands long to be around you
Though I cannot tell if in an embrace or in strangulation

Oh, how I long to be at rest
And still I walk this vanishing earth
A wandering receptacle of lies and half-truths
I bring smiles to all, but for myself keep no mirth

I have been called the living dead,
But there is not a drop of life within me
I have been called the pure one with the evil spirit
But this purity has been tainted, and no evil has ever resided in me

I was once the very image of honor and goodness
And now I am but a shadow of my former self
I once loved you with all that I was and would ever be
And now I have lured you down to hell

You have escaped the flames
But must now walk in your own self-torture
It is a lonely road for both of us
Even with our friends by our sides

You love another but still come to me
You have not changed and how I wish I could say the same
Go back to those who love you, for there is no love left in my heart
There is no room for love when it is filled with black pain

Do not mourn, for none of this is of your own fault
I am the one who brought unwanted attention
To think, you could have been happy
But instead you chose the girl with the shattered dreams

Does salvation only come after we have fallen?
Because I then deserve to be saved
But first, I will do that I can to save you
Walk the path that I have paved

Though you cannot see me,
I will do my best to right my wrongs
Hold her hand and press on
For I wish to see you smile again