One Last Chance

By: Rachel

"Thanks, thanks!!" shouted the famous actress, Sana Kurata, as everyone applauded for her. She was trying to make her way out of the building when she got crowded with fans wanting her autograph. She had just performed her play, One Last Chance. Right outside the building, Sana saw Akito Hayama standing there with an expressionless face like usual. But this time, Sana could tell that something was up, so she hurried her way out with Rei following her. "Hayama! What's up?" Sana yelled.

"I failed." Hayama said, not daring to face her knowing that her little hammer was on its way. Just then, Rei saw Asako and fled to her.

"What did you say? What do you mean you failed? I thought that you were ready for the belt test! And it was the black belt too!" Sana said as she pulled out her toy hammer and whacked Akito on the head.

"Jeez, what's that for?" Hayama asked. He was obviously disappointed that he failed and didn't need her to rub it in. But he controlled his temper and remained silent. He wanted to pass the test mostly for Sana, for Sana has said the day before that she had to tell him something right after he passed the black belt test. He knew that she was going to confess to him today. But now that he failed….

Sana put on her bright smile and said, "Well, there's always next time! Next time, I'll go cheer for you and make you pass it!"

Akito was surprised that she let him go so easily. But then again, she was always optimistic. Just then, a gang, as it looked, came up to Sana and Akito and started chatting about how hot Sana looked. Akito's anger level raised greatly and he said, "What's your problem!"

"Hey, listen, the little punk spoke to us! I can't believe he has the nerve to!" The leader, as it looked, said. Akito wanted to hit them, but he didn't want to cause a commotion with the famous actress.

"Let's go, Sana." Akito said. Then out of nowhere, the gang started to attack them and tried to kidnap Sana. Akito grabbed them and started fighting with his karate skills. But he could not fight 5 people altogether. Akito got hit in the stomach and fell upon the wall. And the gang started to attack Sana as she tried to bite the leader, who was holding her down. The police car, which was passing by, noticed this and held up his gun at them. Then the gang leader took out a pocketknife and clutched Sana with the knife just barely touching her neck.

"Don't you dare do anything, or this chick dies." Gang leader said.

"Put her down, now! NOW!" the police yelled. But he wouldn't. The police officer knew that he could shoot him, but tried to find an alternative. When he didn't find one, he fired his gun at the leader. The others of the gang ran away a while before. Sana hated this leader guy, but her soft heart would not let anyone die. And so she quickly jumped in front of the guy and took the shot for herself. Akito quickly recovered from his attack, but wasn't there fast enough to save Sana from the gunshot. As he stood up, he saw Sana on the floor with blood all over her.