Cordelia doesn't approve of alcohol, really, but only in the sense that she doesn't approve of anything that's harmful to the body. On the other hand, Caroline's pouring everyone a glass of wine and she'd be a bad guest to refuse, she decides. Thoughtful of Caroline to invite everyone home, knowing that no one wants to be alone at this uncertain time. Then she wonders whether Caroline's done it for them, or for her own sake, and then promptly chastises herself for such an uncharitable thought. Still, no matter what the reason, she likes being around these girls, she realises.

Sue can't stop thinking about Mac and she corners Caroline in the kitchen, blocking her exit. Accusations fly out of her mouth, because really, it's Caroline's fault he's gone, and she should have been able to stop him. Caroline points out that Sue sent him in the ambulance, and that's when the nails come out, clawing frantically at any bare skin. They're both breathing heavily by the time the others separate them. It's not over, Sue hisses. She'll be damned if that hussy steals her Mac. Though, come to think of it, that hussy might be an appropriate diversion now…

Caroline wonders, not for the first time, how Sue's mind works, and how she can so quickly shift from a homicidal rage to determinedly trying to seduce someone. She also wonders about her own mind, and how she finds it far too easy to forget about the fighting and just let Sue carry on with the seduction. And how easy it is to forget that there are people downstairs – well, upstairs, now, she realises, as Angela peers around the door and her mouth drops open in surprise at the sight before her. How does Sue have this effect on people?

Angela hasn't ever thought about the lesbian thing, really, because she's always had boys around to sleep with, and women don't even show up on her radar. She knows they're attractive, obviously, but it doesn't mean anything. Caro's attractive, but she knows that familiarity makes faces look more attractive, so that's all that is, then, nothing more to it. Seeing Caroline being, well, ravished by Sue White has a surprising effect on her, though. She thought the women being better in bed story was a myth. Now she's curious. Sue suggests she come closer. Caroline nods, slightly. Angela steps forward.

Karen's talking to the nice chaplain lady about Martin when they hear strange noises coming from upstairs, and decide to investigate. They proceed up the stairs and can't help but notice that Caroline's bedroom door is open, and that there is considerable activity going on inside. Karen can't help but wonder if it's a more effective way of huddling. The nice chaplain lady says that it's hardly what she'd recommend, but that people should deal with their feelings in whatever way feels right. Karen looks at Sue hopefully. Sue sighs and says that there's room for two more, hurry up.