Once upon a time there was a cranky ogre. The ogre was cranky for many reasons. He didn't like the world. He didn't like people. And he didn't like love. Love was a bad thing. He had been in love once, with a beautiful princess. She had been so beautiful and so perfect that he couldn't believe that she wanted to spend her life with him.

And then the princess died, and the ogre was sad, and slept with the chambermaid one particularly bad night until she cast a spell and willed him to forget. Shortly afterwards, a farm boy came along, and he made the cranky ogre even more cranky. The farm boy was sunshine and light, and the ogre didn't want those things in his life.

When he found out that the news of the princess dying had actually been a cruel trick, he started to hate the world even more. The chambermaid and the farm boy offered him magical potions to make him forget, but the ogre had grown somewhat immune to these magical potions and began to despair of ever finding peace.

This made him crankier and crankier. The farm boy was concerned for his friend, and one day he unexpectedly woke the ogre with a kiss. The ogre was furious. He raged at the farm boy, and banished him from his castle.

The chambermaid came to him and begged him to reconsider. She said that the farm boy could bring happiness into the ogre's life, if only the ogre would let him. The farm boy was day, and the ogre was the night, and together they would make a perfect whole. The ogre was not convinced, but the chambermaid could be very persuasive, and so eventually he agreed, and opened the doors once more.

The farm boy kept his distance from then on, and the ogre found, much to his surprise, that he missed the farm boy. All the magical potions in the world could not cure him of this, and so eventually he went to the farm boy and watched him sleep, and in the morning, woke him with a kiss just as the farm boy had done to him.

The kiss was surprisingly perfect, and it reminded him of the princess and how he had loved her, and the ogre thought that perhaps, maybe, one day he could love the farm boy too.