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Chapter 1 : A Belated Birthday Present

Draco Malfoy ran his hands through his hair for the umpteenth time that night. After four hours of nonstop work it had finally occurred to Draco that getting this essay done was impossible. He shook his head fervently, NO! He must get this done! His transfiguration grade depended on this paper and he had gotten into enough trouble with McGonagall already. If he didn't complete this perfectly he would fail the class and Malfoy's never failed. He looked down at his paper, "Animagi are very prevalent in the magical world today…" complete with a doodle of a hanging Harry Potter on the bottom. 'Great start,' he thought sarcastically. Frustrated he slammed his textbook shut and flung it across the Head Common Room, which turned out to be very bad timing. It turns out that Hermione Granger had just entered the room and the flying object missed her by inches. Granger looked annoyed,

"Happy New Year to you too Malfoy."

God she was so haughty! While she turned around to pick up his book he pulled a face and did a perfect Granger impression, "Happy New Year to you too Malfoy," he squeaked lowly. He noticed Granger riffling through the pages of his textbook and blanched. The beginning of his paper was in there and he couldn't bear her finding out that he was struggling with Transfiguration! She would never let him hear the end of it! He rushed over and plastered on an obviously fake smile,

"Ah yes Happy New Year Hermione! Sorry about almost hitting you with my book I was just…" he struggled searching for an explanation, "Working my arm out for quidditch!" Hermione snorted and gave him a look of mock innocence. She had the upper hand and she knew it.

"Oh don't worry about that Malfoy" she said, her voice mellifluous and dripping with sarcasm. He made a snatch for the book but she kept it well out of his reach. "Now if you'd be so kind as to give me my book back," he said in what he hoped was a polite voice, but his temper was starting to get the better of him.

Hermione knew she shouldn't give into his demands, how many times had he teased her over the years? How many times had Draco Malfoy made her life miserable? But looking at his pleading expression she felt herself soften. No. She wouldn't break, she couldn't break! He didn't deserve that. She fixed her features into a sweet smile,

"No I don't think I will Malfoy," she noticed him redden, "I'm just curious about what could be so important to you that you'd actually be civil towards me to get it back." She added the last part bitterly and he cringed visibly. OK so maybe he had been a little…rough on Hermione over the years. But she was a mudblood, a know-it-all, a do gooder, and to top it off best friends with Harry flipping Potter! Had she expected him to treat her like royalty? What a selfish, ignorant, prick! (A/N: talk about the pot calling the kettle black) She wasn't the one struggling in school! She didn't have to worry about others fawning over her! Furious he spat at her,

"Nothing would be important enough to have me treat you civilly Granger."

Hermione's blood was boiling. Why that insufferable, arrogant, git! How dare he? And to think she felt sorry for him! She had known at the beginning of the year when she found out Malfoy was Head Boy that the year would be absolute crap. She didn't know why but he insisted on constantly throwing insults her way and though Hermione knew he was an idiot and spoiled she couldn't always find comfort in the 'Sticks and Stones,' theory. Sometimes those words hurt, sometimes they stung, and sometimes they killed.

"Take your bloody book Malfoy!" she threw it at him violently, her eyes were hot with tears, "I'm obviously not worthy enough to touch it!"

Granger stormed passed him and into her bedroom, slamming the door. He noticed tears in her eyes, was Granger…crying? For a moment Draco felt guilty but quickly brushed the emotion aside, what does she have to cry about anyway? Her life is perfect!

"I hate you Hermione Granger!" he screamed at her closed door.

His mind was racing and realizing he wouldn't be getting any more work done tonight he stomped out of the Common Room.

All Hermione wanted to do was a have a long cry into her pillow but she stopped herself. Malfoy was not worth crying over. Besides it was New Year's Eve! She should be happy! In a few hours she would be going to the feast and then partying in the Gryffindor Common Room with Ron, Harry, and countless others. Dealing with Malfoy was often overwhelming but Dumbledore had picked her for Head Girl and he wouldn't have if he didn't think she could handle it.

Hermione sighed and looked down at the parcel that was the reason she came back here in the first place, a present from her grandparents. A very belated seventeenth birthday present to be exact, but the fact that it was late didn't effect her excitement. Everyone has that certain relative that always gives the best presents, the one you're looking forward to the most, and for Hermione this was it. And she'd wanted to open it in the privacy of her own room.

The gift resembled a tiny box that was wrapped in elegant gold foil. It was so pretty Hermione almost didn't want to open it, almost…she tore at the paper and discovered a blue box tied with silk white ribbon inside. 'Tiffany's' was engraved in silver lettering on the top. Hermione gasped 'Tiffany's!' No! They couldn't have! Gingerly she untied the ribbon and laid it on the bed then she slowly lifted the lid…what was inside took her breath away.

A stunning gold necklace with a tiny charm dangling from it, nice enough to show respectability but modest enough for a seventeen year old. Hermione had never seen anything so beautiful in her life and couldn't imagine better timing; she could wear it to the party tonight! She took out the necklace and noticed a blue piece of paper fall out of the box; curious Hermione carefully laid the necklace back in the box and picked up the blue paper. It was written in loopy script and explained the charm on the necklace,

Chinese "Bright" Charm,

Not only one which shines with light,

But cares and comforts,

Helps and delights

Endowed with the power of knowledge she fights,

The evil around us,

With the good-sided right

Graced with beauty not with blight,

She captures the hearts,

Of others tight

Some are adorned with women

Young and wright

Others with charmers,

Who manipulate with might

But we are the most fortunate of all,

Blessed with a woman who is Bright.

Happy Birthday Hermione! We hope you like your gift!


Grandpa and Grandma

Hermione's eyes filled with tears again that evening but for a different reason, that was the nicest thing anyone had every said about her, she had to remember to send them a special thank you card. She picked up the necklace and clasped it around her neck. It gave her confidence with the way it flashed and captured the light brilliantly; this was going to be a good party!

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