This is a story that's a combination of three role-plays I did with a friend of mine.

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts doesn't belong to me. It belongs to Square Enix. Aurora belongs to my best friend and twin while Kinno belongs to me.

A/N: The first chapter takes place in someone's POV. I won't say whom; it's for you to figure out. So have fun. Sorry to Kiari fans by the way, but she's not in this story. Nor are Donald and Goofy. So sorry folks.

Italics - thoughts

Legendary Hurt


It burns…why does it burn…? I knew it would come to this eventually…I had failed the test and now my twin was serving that bitch in order to make sure I stayed alive…why does it burn…?

Silent thoughts passed through my mind as the black light strikes me, driving me to my knees. I fall with a cry, the pain hitting me hard since it was meant to attack my heart…what little I had of it…

Why can't I just die…? Because of me…my two best friends and my twin are fighting to stay alive…Because I had always been weak, they had to suffer…Ever since Sora came to the islands…Nothing was ever the same…Why couldn't it have been different…?

I look up slowly, my deadly yellow eyes narrowed with pain but filled with heartache at my own thoughts. Yet, inwardly, I smile just a little. Riku would personally kill me later if he ever found out I wished to end my own life, just to keep him, Sora, and Aurora safe. The black light hits my chest again and I fly back. I land on my back, just barely conscious. The witch walks over and stands over me, smirking evilly but I give no response.

Riku…I'm sorry…I couldn't fight Malificent…Just like I couldn't when we came to the castle…Please forgive me…I never meant to put you in danger…

My silent plea echoes in my mind, as my weary body finally can't take anymore and shuts down, throwing me into darkness. My human mind was fighting my heartless body, wearing me down to the point that I was critically weakened, yet I had no idea that attack was intended to knock you out after two hits. I would only learn it from Riku later, as we wandered alone, away from our two closest companions for a year…

Chapter 1: Meetings

A few months earlier Normal POV

It was dusk on Destiny Islands, the signal for kids to start coming in for the night. Yet, three children are still out, running around over the beach. One is a 15-year-old girl with bright silver hair. She's currently in the lead, laughing as she's followed by two boys. She stops at the entrance to the shack and turns around. The two boys stop and breathe heavily as she smiles. Her piercing emerald eyes are sparkling brightly as she stands with her hands on her hips.

"Are you two done yet?" She asks in a playful tone and gets a glare from both in answer.

"That's not fair Kinno!" The youngest of the three whines and she laughs.

"Is so Sora! It's the name of the game."

"Who suggested we play tag anyway?" The 14-year-old grumbles.

"You did!" Is the girl's reply and the other boy laughs.

The girl smiles brightly. Her outfit consists of skintight black pants, which don't hinder her movement at all, and a yellow tank top. She wears no shoes, hating the feel of them on her feet. Around her neck is a gold chain. On the chain, gently resting against her chest as she stands there is a gold glass star. Sapphire and rubies outline the star while directly in the middle is an emerald burst. It glows faintly; either from an inner light or from the sun is unknown at the current time. Her body appearance is frail and fragile looking, but she can keep up with the other two any day. She grins, looking over to the other boy.

"Riku, should we go home?" She asks and he shakes his head.

"Let's stay awhile Kinno. Pick on Sora some more."

The girl laughs and the younger boy grumbles. Riku was Kinno's older twin by only minutes and though sometimes coldhearted and distant in expressing emotions, he was fiercely protective of the two younger children. (A/N: Sorry to say folks, I can't really describe Riku's outfit, so go on what you've seen in the game.) His shoulder length silver hair moves gently in the breeze and his piercing emerald eyes settle on the smaller boy who's still grumbling a little bit.

"Come on Sora. We don't mean anything by it."

"You might not but I do." Kinno is quick to counter and laughs as Sora leaps at her.

She moves away, dodging him before taking off down the beach. Sora was the youngest of the three but defiantly the most hyper. His brown hair stuck up in odd directions and nothing anybody could about it could straighten it out. His dark, deep blue eyes, though showing mock hurt at the comments of the twins, also show playfulness as he chases after Kinno. His outfit consists of a red vest over a white shirt. Baggy red pants with a chain on it and large shoes. He also wears white gloves. Around his neck is a silver chain and on that chain, a crown gently hits his chest as he runs after Kinno.

"Come on you two! We have to get going home!" Riku calls after the two and both stop, Sora pouting playfully a little bit.

"Do we have too?" He asks and Riku nods.

"The weather's turned really bad out here lately. I don't think we want to stay here."

Sora nods and all three start heading to the docks. However, Kinno suddenly stops and looks out over the water by the proclaimed "Riku's Island". The two boys look at her in confusion than jump as a scream sounds. Kinno takes off running towards the shore, darkness descending quickly as the sun falls below the horizon. Kinno dives into the water and dives under the surf, heading towards where something fell into the water.

What the hell happened? The water is freezing…It shouldn't be like this…

Kinno surfaces to take a breathe before she dives under the water again, swimming down with arms out in front of her. Her necklace suddenly glows brightly, sending light around her, making it easier for her to see. She spots purple hair and swims down, grabbing a hold of the figure's arm. She pulls it up, getting a better grip before swimming up and surfacing. She breathes evenly; looking to the one she rescued and blinks a few times, seeing a young girl. The girl coughs a few times than opens dark red eyes and looks up at Kinno. The girl doesn't say anything before gently pulling the purple haired girl after her as she swims back to shore, the necklace still glowing as if to lead them. They both slowly walk out of the water after they make it to shore and Kinno's necklace light dies. She shivers slightly from the cold water as Riku heads over to her.

"You alright?" He asks gently.

"Yea…The water was just too cold for my liking." Kinno answers.

It's never been like this…something's going on…I wonder if it has something to do with my dreams…

Sora soon comes over with the girl in tow who looks more than a little shy.

"This is Aurora!" He says with a happy tone and both twins smile.

"Thanks for saving me." Aurora says, looking over to Kinno.

Kinno smiles and nods. Aurora has waist length purple hair and her dark red eyes suggest she's seen things a child her age should have never seen, scarring her mind and heart. Kinno could sense the deep sadness that lingered in Aurora though evidently she tried not to let it show. Later, she would find out what caused it. (A/N: I don't have an outfit description for Aurora but she's the same age as the twins)

"So whom will Aurora stay with since she can't stay here?" Sora asks.

"Why doesn't she stay with you, Sora?" Riku asks and Sora blinks twice.

"Seems you've quickly become her friend so why not?" Kinno adds and Sora nods a little bit.

"Alright. Come on Aurora!"

Sora takes off to the boats, pulling Aurora along and the twins just shake their head as they follow after the two. Kinno however can't dismiss the fact that she thinks something will happen.

I'm sure this is just me, but Aurora and Sora actually look a lot alike. They're obviously different of course…but…I wonder…

The uneasiness in Kinno grows larger as they get closer to the main island. She was just glad Riku didn't share her ability of sensing emotions or he would be able to tell how unsettled she was. Than again, she knew he probably could just by looking at her. She was scared…Scared of something that would eventually change her life though she doesn't know it yet.

Someplace else where

'"Four children of legend…One to be the barer of light and the savior of the known worlds while also being constant rival and best friend to the barer of darkness. A child of neutrality whose life always lies on a delicate balance. Born with a weak body, the child's feelings can be explosive if overwhelmed or provoked. And the last, the one that brings all of them closer together and is the most knowledgeable about the elements than anyone else even remotely close in age…"'

I'll have to watch out for the child of neutrality and light…but maybe I can use the other two…

An evil malicious laughter echoes throughout a castle as the book is closed, the legend having been told in its entirety.