When Two Worlds Collide
By TragicTealeaves
Chapter 1
New Home

In the back seat of Mr. Poe's car sat Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. The Baudelaire children were off again. This time, they were informed that their foster parents were friends with their parents. Violet stared out of the window while thinking about her new home. Mr. Poe told them that their new home consisted of a married couple and two sons. Violet was a bit eager and apprehensive about getting there. For the first time, she would be going to a home where there was already an actual family. Also, they would be very far from Count Olaf since he was in jail at the current moment. All three of the Baudelaire orphans had a feeling that soon Count Olaf would be free and back into their lives. Klaus was looking forward to arriving at their new home ever since he found out that the family had two sons of their own.

"Children we're here!" Mr. Poe said cheerfully. The three children got out of the car and stood facing the house. Mr. Poe took out his white handkerchief and coughed into it. "Follow me." Mr. Poe rang the doorbell and the door opened revealing a grumpy man with a red face.

"Yes", the man said, rather rudely to Violet's liking.

"I'm here to drop off the orphans", Mr. Poe replied politely.

"Orphans? PETUNIA!" the man screamed. A thin, snobby looking woman appeared next to the door.

"Yes Vernon. OH! You must be the Baudelaires! I'm Petunia and this is my husband Vernon. Come in, come in", Petunia greeted the guests warmly.

"WHAT IS GOING ON? Petunia, why are these kids here?" the man said, getting aggravated.

"Vernon! How could you not remember the Baudelaires? After all, you were close friends with them", Petunia snapped. It took a moment before Vernon's face lit up and his expression changed from an angry, annoyed one to a happy, welcoming one.

"Now I remember. I'm sorry for that little episode there. Come in. I'm Vernon Dursley by the way. You may call me Uncle Vernon and my wife here, Aunt Petunia", Vernon said, motioning them to come in. Klaus, Violet and Sunny hesitated until Mr. Poe gave them a small push.

"I'm afraid I won't be able to stay", cough, "I need to get back, the ride back home is long. Kids if you need me you can always reach me by calling my office number. Goodbye", Mr. Poe said as he broke into another fit of coughs. He made his way out the door.

"You will need to share a room. POTTER", Vernon screamed. A 16-year-old teenage boy came running down the stairs.

"What", he asked, his voice monotone.

"I want you to take these kids to the room I've showed you and be sure take their belongings", Vernon said looking at Harry as if he was something dirty on shoe.

"Sure. Come on" he said to the kids. He led them to their room next to his.

"Thank you", Violet said politely. So far, her experience wasn't a very happy one and she was a bit uncertain about these people.

"No problem", Harry replied.

"I'm guessing you're their son, Dudley, I think that was the name", Klaus asked. Harry grinned.

"Nope. I'm Harry, Harry Potter. Dudley is the big one. The one that resembles a pig more than a human. These here are my aunt and uncle", Harry said.

Later that evening, the Dursleys, Baudelaires, and Harry were seated at the dining table eating dinner. "You kids need new clothes! We'll have to go shopping sometime this week", Petunia said.

Hesistantly, Violet said, "We don't have any money. I won't be able to inherit my parent's fortune until I'm older."

"Oh don't worry about that!" Petunia said.

At that moment, Dudley made his entrance.

"Dudley! This is my son Dudley. Dudley, this is Violet, Klaus and Sunny," Petunia introduced them to each other.

"More orphans?" Dudley said, rudely. "I didn't know we were opening an orphanage." He gave the Baudelaires a dirty look before sitting down. Violet noted that Petunia didn't scold her son for that rude comment but instead, just continued smiling as if Dudley had not made the remark he made.

"Hey Potter, pass the potatoes", Dudley said. Harry sighed.

"What's the magic word?" Harry asked. Dudley looked as if he was going to faint.

"POTTER. I TOLD YOU TO NEVER YOU THE "M" WORD IN THIS HOUSE!" Vernon screamed. Just then an owl flew into the window, dropped a letter in Harry's plate and took it's seat on Uncle Vernon's head.

"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU I DO NOT WANT ANY OF THOSE VILE CREATURES IN HERE?" Vernon exploded. Harry apologized but he wasn't the least bit sorry. Vernon's little outburst confused the children.

"Mwinabw Wdayswbasalt atpeoczy!" Sunny screamed. It meant something along the lines of "Magic is not a bad word. Are you crazy! And what are owls doing flying around during the daytime?" The rest of the table looked at the little infant, wondering what he was trying to say.

"He was trying to say 'is there any wood?'. Sunny uses her two front teeth to bite. She has the sharpest teeth", Violet said. Just then, Sunny dug here teeth into the table to prove Violet's point. Petunia just gave the infant an uneasy look.

"Sunny, shhh", Klaus whispered to him. Klaus was able to interpret what Sunny was trying to say. Violet knew what Sunny meant and she also knew that it would be disrespectful to say that.

After dinner, the Baudelaires retired to their room.

"These people are strange", Klaus said.

"True. I wonder what they have against the word magic", Violet thought. "They also don't seem to like that boy, Harry." Violet thought Harry looked cute. Even though he was 2 years older then her. Violet sighed.

"Klaus, have you ever read anything about owls?" Violet asked, curious why she had seen an owl fly in with a letter.

"Yes. Don't they normally fly during night? This people are strange", Klaus commented. 'I don't have a good feeling about this! This family seems strange. Very strange,' Klaus thought to himself.

'I wonder if we'll be going to the same school as Harry and Dudley. This whole situation is confusing! I just hope that at least for a few years we're safe here,' Violet thought.

'I hope this family has lots of wood!' Well, it's obvious who was thinking this.

Meanwhile downstairs, Petunia and Vernon were angry, confused and very intimidated. Dumbledore was in their living room, and the Dursleys were unable to keep him out or tell him to leave. Stunned, the Dursleys watched as Dumbledore flicked his wrist to repair the fireplace and make himself comfortable.

"Hello Mr. And Mrs. Dursley", the old wizard greeted politely. "Lemon drop?"

"What are you doing here?" Vernon said, attempting to keep the fear and anger out of his voice.

"Well, I would like to begin by thanking you for taking these kids in. I've been searching for them for a long time and was unable to locate them. Also, I'm here to inform you that Violet and Klaus have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry", Dumbledore announced. Petunia looked as if she was about to faint.

"These kids are not magic! Their parents didn't do magic", Vernon said as calmly as he could.

"Violet and Klaus have been accepted to Hogwarts", the old wizard said and then turned to Harry. "Mr. Potter, I'm trusting you to explain all this to the two children. I'll send a letter along with yours later. Well, any questions?" Dumbledore asked, looking generally at the Dursleys.

"They are NOT going to Hogwarts!" Vernon shouted, something he seemed to be doing a lot that day. "Their parent's were very good friends of mine and I will not allow these children to go to that insane school of yours!"

"If they were very good friends of yours, then I'm assuming you already know that Mr. Baudelaire was a wizard before he died?" Dumbledore questioned. Vernon was about to say something but stopped. He couldn't believe what he just heard. He refused to believe it.

Dumbledore sat in the comfy chair amused. The Dursleys apparently didn't know the Baudelaires as well as they thought. Petunia looked disgusted at the thought of having more magic folk in her house. Vernon was too shocked and angry to say anything. He didn't like the idea of having orphans who happen to do magic in his house. Harry just stood there, enjoying the moment. The thing they hated most was magic and now the Dursleys had two wizards and a witch in the house. Harry assumed that Sunny was a witch as well which made two witches.

"Well, I must get going. I have a very important meeting with the Ministry. Harry, I'm trusting you to explain everything to the children. Have a nice evening Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. Also, the Baudelaires will have access to their small fortune from this moment on so there is no need for you to buy them anything. Mrs. Weasley has already bought clothing and other necessities for these kids," with that said, the old man apparated with a pop. Harry gave his aunt and uncle a smirk and headed upstairs.

Violet and Klaus, who were eavesdropping, quickly ran to their rooms before Harry made it up the stairs. The shouts had made them very curious and what they heard only increased their curiosity. Klaus was thinking very hard about what they were talking about. He thought that witches and wizards only existed in fairy tells but here there was a man right here in this house claiming that Violet and him were witches and wizards.

"That was odd", Violet said, panting slightly. Needless to say, she was worried and scared. She watched Sunny on the floor and allowed her to explore the room.

"Yeah. Who was that strange man? He mentioned something about our father", Klaus wondered. Violet stayed quiet. Her mind was flooded with questions, questions she desperately wanted answers for.

"Violet! What if this is one of Count Olaf's schemes?" Klaus asked suddenly.

"That man didn't look like he was one of Count Olaf's men but that could be true", Violet replied, mentally adding that to her list of questions. 'This is just too much. What is going on!' Violet thought getting frustrated. For the two children, this was too much in one day. What they heard downstairs raised more questions.

"Gah!" Sunny shouted, frustrated.

"No wood?" Sunny nodded in response to Klaus's question. "We'll find you some later."

"You know what? I don't think this is part of Count Olaf's plan," Violet stated. "We know what his men look like. And if Harry is a wizard and already knows about all of this, then he can't be Count Olaf's man. In fact, I don't think anyone here knows about him. We're very far away from our old lives!"

"You may be right but none of this makes any sense! How can our father be a wizard? We wouldn't noticed!" Klaus stated.

"I don't know! I just…I wish we knew our parents a little better. It looks like we'll need to find out our parents history. Soon. I don't think what we've believed so far is true," Violet stated.

"I agree. I have a feeling that in order to be rid of our problems, we need to figure out the history behind the Baudelaire family," Klaus stated.

That night, both children fell into an uneasy sleep with their heads full of thoughts about Count Olaf and that strange man they saw in the Dursleys living room that evening.

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Well, this is chapter 1...re-done.


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P.S. It's been a while since I have read this series and I haven't read all of the books. So there might be information in here that might not be accurate. I'm sorry about that. Hope you still like it.