Space Friends
Fandom: Stargate SG1/Hi-5 crossover
Words: 100

Notes: for the crossover challenge at austvshows100. Also, there is now an American Hi-5. But this is based on the Aussie cast of the show. Title is a Hi-5 song. And yes, it's a pathetic attempt at a drabble. But it's hard to crossover a fic in 100 words!


General Hammond's eyes widened in amazement at the group of figures that accompanied SG1 down the ramp in the gateroom of the SGC.

"We found them on the planet sir. They claim to be from earth." Sam stated.

"Hi! I'm Nathan." One of the people stepped forward. He was followed by introductions from the rest of them.

"Hi I'm Kathleen!"

"I'm Tim!"

"I'm Charlie!"

"I'm Kellie!"

"And together, we're Hi-5!" the group chorused in cheery, happy, excited voices.

General Hammond, who had a 5 year old grand-daughter, knew exactly what to do.

He ordered SG1 to send them back.