There was a moment of stunned silence as Combeferre left the barricade. Courfeyrac found himself holding his breath, full expecting the report of a rifle to bring a horrific end to an already tragic scene.

He was more than distraught, however, when he saw Enjolras himself raise his carbine and take aim.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He cried, clamoring over to clasp the other man by the shoulder.

"Ending this."

A few cheers erupted from the workers who had joined them. Courfeyrac shook Enjolras' shoulder. "What is wrong with you? That's Combeferre!"

"Sacrifices must be made for the Republic."

"Screw the Republic!" Courfeyrac snarled.

Enjolras turned his impassive gaze towards him, his blue eyes bright. "He knew the risks. Leave me be. I must do this."

Courfeyrac was horrified. Never would he have imagined Enjolras capable of killing one of them. "You can't…."

A tear formed in the corner of Enjolras' eye. "I shall miss him."

With a strangled cry, Courfeyrac launched himself at Enjolras and knocked him to the ground, pinning him there. The carbine flew out of Enjolras' grip and skidded to rest at Feuilly's feet.

Stunned, Enjolras looked into Courfeyrac's red face. "What has come over you?"

"I'm reconsidering."