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Brief Summary: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, TenTen, Neji, Lee, Ino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Shino, Kiba and Hinata are sent on a trip by order of the Hokage. Romance blooms and secrets are told. But not everything stays the way everyone wants it to stay. Pasts are revisited and who's the mystery ninja that's related to Sasuke's past and Neji's clan? Also, how does she know what it's like to be Naruto? Trouble roams around Konoha quietly as people are forced to go through emotions they thought they'd never have to feel again.

Definite Parings: Sasuke/Sakura, Ino/Shikamaru, Naruto/Hinata, and TenTen/Neji. Other pairings may be: Asuma/Kurenai and Kakashi/OC (if wanted)

On with the story!

Just For You

Chapter One – Just Like Every Other Day

"Good morning!" A certain silver-haired jounin said happily as he puffed in front of his students.

"You're late, again!" All but one of his students shouted angrily.

"Ah, well, you see, there was a meeting, and-"


'The first time I tell the truth, and they don't believe me.'

"Just get on with it Kakashi Sensei, what do we have to do today?" Sakura asked, slightly annoyed by the fact that her teacher had once again been late. Kakashi put his hand to his chin in thought. His students looked at him disbelievingly.

"Oh right, no missions today- train if you wish, and meeting tomorrow at the Hokage's office at 3 pm sharp- don't be late!" And with that, Kakashi pulled out one of his favorite books "Icha Icha Paradise" and walked away, his students watching his retreating form.

"Oh man, this is great! I bet we're going to have some sort of A-rank mission! I can't wait!" Naruto shouted happily. He continued talking to no one in particular until Sakura came and hit him over the head.

"Grow up, Naruto!" Sakura shouted in annoyance. Naruto held his head in pain.

"Ow, Sakura-Chan, what was that for!"

Sakura glared at him as he walked away to treat himself to Ramen. Sasuke, who remained quiet the whole time, glanced at Sakura before he began walking away. Sakura turned around and ran up to him happily.

"Ne, Sasuke-kun, would you like to-"

"No," Sasuke replied bluntly. Sakura looked down before snapping her head back up again.

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow then. Bye, Sasuke-kun!" Sakura said before turning around and heading home. Sasuke stopped walking briefly, 'that was quick,' he thought, before continuing his way home.

And so, everyone went their separate ways, with a thought on their mind- 'I wonder what's going to happen tomorrow.'

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