Kennedy closed the bedroom door behind her and leaned up against it. She brought her sleeve to her cheek to wipe away the forming tears. She was so tired; if she could just sleep maybe she'd feel better, maybe her mind could relax.

She went over to the sofa and sat down. Another one of those pounding headaches were beginning to form again, so she pounded her fist into her head. She just wanted to stop thinking, stop feeling. She was just so tired. Then, the baby started to stir. Kennedy got up and looked in the basinet. The baby's eyes were opened by she wasn't whining. She just looked up at Kennedy.

Kennedy looked down at the beautiful, little creature. She was changing so much. Her little blonde hairs were beginning to grow out; she was even beginning to develop little curls. Kennedy knew this child was going to be gorgeous like her mother. She had the eyes and the cutest little cheeks.

She hadn't started crawling yet, something that freaked Willow out. She honestly thought there was something wrong with her. Thus, forcing Kennedy to take the baby development book away and hide it. Willow had been reading that thing religiously. She believed everything needed to be structured and proper with her. That's when Kennedy's comment about her being only 5 months old had come up; a comment that made Willow get offended and yet another argument to take place.

Yet another thing Kennedy was tired of. Her and Willow had been fighting so much lately. She wanted things to just go back to normal. She had known this was going to take time, but she didn't know how much longer she could hold on.

"Hi, there," she said to Artie, after much staring and thinking. She picked the child up and went back to the couch.

Kennedy had found that Artemis absolutely loved her fingers. She was constantly sucking on Kennedy's left pinky finger. That wasn't the only of Artie's habits that Kennedy had observed. She had noticed the baby's eating and sleeping schedules too. Artemis always woke up at certain times and went to sleep at certain times.

"I'm really sorry I upset you earlier. I was just frustrated. I won't ever do it again. I promise." Artie reached up at Kennedy and tried to grab at her nose. Kennedy leaned down and rubbed her nose on her belly, tickling her. Artie giggled.

Kennedy smiled at the baby. "I love you," she whispered to the baby. "I won't ever let anybody hurt you."

With Artemis now sleeping, Kennedy laid down on the sofa and covered up with the blanket on the back of it. She laid her head down on the pillow and was almost instantly enveloped with sleep.

Willow sat, clinging to Artie's basinet, sobbing uncontrollably. They were in some building Kennedy had never seen before. Kennedy walked up to her and smiled down at her.

"What's wrong, Will?"

"She's gone. She's not here. I think she might have-"

"Will, it's okay. I know. I let her take her. It was the only way."

"You monster!" Willow's dream self shouted.

"I know, Will. I know," Kennedy said, nonchalant as she ambled on. Soon coming to the edge of a windy, cliff. Beside her appeared Gutierrez.

"Hello, Kennedy," he said.


"I know about you, who you are. I know your true face."

Kennedy looked at him for the first time. "My true face?"

"You're the one that did it. You're the one who let her take the baby."

"I think I've lost my way."

"I think you need to show yourself for what you are...a monster." Gutierrez looked at Kennedy, sharply. Then, he reached and tore her skin off, exposing the demon inside... the vamp that killed Abby.

Kennedy sat up instantly, sweat dripping off her. She looked around, startled. Then, in one swift motion, she kicked the blanket off of her and got up. She looked around for her weapons chest, temporarily forgetting. When she remembered again, she went over to it and geared up. She grabbed two stakes, a crossbow, and several other sharp implements.

Then, she walked into her and Willow's bedroom, turning on the light as she entered. Willow woke instantly.

"Ken, what's wrong. Is it Artie?" Willow said, sitting up, panicked.

"I have to go, Will. You should make sure you check on Artie."

"Where are you going?" She was now out of bed and almost fully awake.

"I know where the vamps are. I saw it."

"You saw it?"

"I had one of those-those Slayer dreams."

"Kennedy, I..."

"No, I'm going. That's it. I'll be back before the sun comes up." She turned and walked out of the room. For the second time that night, leaving Willow alone.

Kennedy was quickly approaching the building she had saw. She was going down the lighted Sao Paulo street in her car. She was going extremely fast and arrived at her desired location in less than thirty minutes.

The entire street was completely vacant and she had to walk down it twice before her Slayer senses began to tingle. She looked at the building that caused it. It was small and right in the dead center of the left side of the street. Kennedy could see lights coming from the basement as she got closer.

The smart thing to do would have been to sneak in and attack that way, but Kennedy, not thinking, simply charged through the front. The door fell off the hinges as Kennedy's foot collided with it. She had been expecting to be confronted right away, but was surprised to find the main floor unoccupied. She could not say the same for the basement though.

She walked down the steps to the bottom floor and through a door. On the other side of the door there were about 4 vampires looking at her as she entered.

"Any of you fellas looking for a good time?" She asked, punning. Then, she looked past the vampires and saw a man chained to the back wall. "Gutierrez."

AN: The dream will make sense eventually...well, unless, you know, it doesn't. In which case, um...I'm sorry.