Witch Hunter Robin: A new beginning for the two.

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This story takes place 5 years after the last episode when Robin and Amon disappear.

Its turns out Robin and Amon had been living together peacefully and in hiding (from anyone who might want to kill Robin because of her powers).

Amon's POV

It's been 5 years since the orbo incident, still I have nightmares about it and can't shake the feeling that something is going to go down. Of course I won't mention this to Robin because I must stop her from worrying by keeping my cool composure. Not that it really matters since even though she's so young she has more than enough power to protect both of us. Sadly I envy her and feel ashamed that while I am cursed with the blood of a witch I have no power.

But to my amazement after all this with Robin I finally have come to a more agreeable terms with my brethren the witches. However, this still does not make me feel any less ashamed of my witches' blood. Lately I have been having these weird sensations as if I can feel the witches' blood coursing through my veins. I feel a new power that I never felt before and wonder if it is perhaps me finally discovering my true power. I hope that it is although I detest being part witch. I only wish it is true so incase my suspicions are true about the orbo incident I can finally protect Robin.

In these past few years I have grown quite fond of her despite our age differences. I doubt I'm in love but since we went into hiding and only go out when needed I have been without female companionship. As for the last woman I had loved 5 years ago she had a new boyfriend only 3 weeks after I went into hiding. She found a new boyfriend without giving me a second thought. Perhaps I should have left Robin on her own instead of trying to protect her (maybe I could be with my ex). During that time Robin was young but she had amazing power. Still although she had amazing powers I don't think she was ready to be on her own completely. So there I was partly ashamed for letting Zazien order and kick me around and even more ashamed for thinking about killing a former teammate. But when I think about it now I'm content with the choice I made. Robin now 19 going on 20 is even more beautiful than my ex. I am only a man and I can't help but wonder if she feels desire for me as I sometimes do for her. Maybe, Maybe not (most likely not). Thinking like this is unlike me. Is it possible that she has put some type of spell on me? I am curious to where the vixen is now.


"I wonder where Amon is." Robin puzzled out loud. "I'm here." he answered from his room of their 5 bedroom house (just because they were hiding didn't mean they couldn't do it in style)," I was just thinking...I mean looking for you." "Oh what did you want?" she questioned. There was always a slight nervous tension between then that started when Robin turned 18. He looked down at his feet for a second, which was better than looking at her that might make his erotic thoughts surface, then said, "Um hungry? Want to go out and get breakfast now?"

"Sure" she replied quickly. They didn't really get out much. "And why did you want me?", he ventured "You know what I forgot." she lamely replied. Unbeknownst to Amon she had the same urges as him. Robin no longer young, as she had been, she was neither innocent. He gave her a frown and muttered her name and something under his breath.

'Even after all these years he was still in a sense being cruel to me. Why do I take this from him? I could burn him up to a crisp but my heart wouldn't allow it or perhaps I could move out after all I am nineteen but my heart won't allow that either. My heart... is it possible that I'm in love? No that's not possible. And even if it was I don't think he will feel the same about me, there's too big a gap between our ages. But maybe that's why he's been acting more weird than usual. Or it could be that Amon...'

Robin used her conscience to block her subconscious. She knew the answer to all the questions. No, she wasn't in love not at this moment, only suffering from a bad case of lust. Her 'heart' was referring to another piece of anatomy. She couldn't leave because this house was her protection and where could she go? The reason Amon was acting weird was because his blood was starting to awaken. Even though she said nothing she could feel it in her bones a big battle would take place and there was going to be lots of death.

"Robin" Amon interrupted her thoughts. "Let's go. How about that American pancake house?" She nodded closed her eyes and prepared silently for battle. Hopefully Amon would be ready in time to help her.

Next chapter: At the Pancake house Amon confirms Robin's suspicions. The two run into unexpected trouble more than once. Are there feelings blooming between the two…? Whether you chose this fic for ACTION or ROMANCE. You'll get both in the next chapter.

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