(AN For those who have been following this story and prefer not to reread the chapters here's what I've added. Amon is a royal witch and the only way he won his previous battle was through Robin's power. By the way. Robin was crying for Amon's pain not because she was in pain over him.)

Last time…

Robin said a few words and set Tokou on fire. Unlike her other enemies which the fire consumed quickly this fire was one that would burn for eternity similar to a hell on earth.

"You traitor. I knew you were no good to begin with before we even hired you." Tokou yelled.

Robin was confused. "What is she talking about?"

She also saw how the girl looked at Amon. It was obvious she liked him. That made Robin's blood boil.

"Robin!" Toguro yelled. "You know that spell is forbidden…"

Toguro said nothing else because he was too busy trying to put out the fire Robin had started. He must have made her real mad because the fire she started was on him.

"I'll get you cleaned up so you can be on your way." She said. "By the way stranger can I have your name?"

"It's Amon"

Amon Has Green Eyes?

"The Sjari Apartments? Hmm Robin I know where that is."

"Well let's go Toguro."

Robin's POV

'On the way to the apartment the car was silent. Good. This is just the way I want it. This day has been so exciting to say the least. Why didn't I just tell Amon about my vision? Recently I have been having psychic predictions. Sometimes they're clear but more often than not their blurry. My last vision caused all of this. I was having a mock battle with Amon, trying to decide how much force I should put in this teaching game.

In an instant my mind was clouded with images. There were no less than three scenes. Someone more skilled would have gotten them all. I am an amateur with these new abilities. I saw Amon dying in my arms, I saw a whole lot of fire- an inferno, and I saw… to put it safely I saw another side of Amon. The first two visions may have been off slightly but no way was the third.

The third was almost too vivid. Regardless of what we admitted to ourselves now or in the future something between Amon and me will happen. What I saw was myself offering my body to him. He was more than happy to take this gift. His eyes burned holes through my skin. Amon was hungry and had been for longer than he knew. He pounced on me like a wild animal. Yet I had no fear. My passion was as wild as his if the ripped clothing and discarded sheets weren't evidence enough. The bed sunk slightly under our weight and I found myself trembling with need.'


'There goes my silence.'


"If you don't mind me asking. What exactly is your relationship to Amon?"

"Our relationship?" 'What relationship?'


"Well it's not exactly a relationship."

"So you're saying you're single?"

'I think I see hope or desperation in this man's eyes. How do I put him down politely.' Unknowingly my eyes grew wide. "We don't have a relationship yet but I not looking either way."

He laughed loudly. "Don't you think I know?"

"Are you laughing at me?"

"No just at what you thought. I'm not trying to hit on you Robin."

"Whoever said that?"

"You didn't say it but your expression did."

I let out an angry breath of air. 'What kind of game was he playing?'

"Robin look I want to see you and Amon together."

"How could you possibly want that if you never even met either one of us before."

"You and I both know how you really feel about him so why not admit it aloud."

"I care about Amon. I really do. I wonder so much whether or not he feels the same."

"Do you love him?"

"I'm not quite sure myself. Some days I'm so glad to be around him. His voice, his gruffness, his body, they all appeal to my senses. And sometimes he treats me like a kid and it pisses me of. I'm not fifteen anymore. He's not my guardian. Now he's my protector, my friend, my teacher, my crush, my conscience, my sense, my hero, my heart."

"You say all this but you say you don't know whether or not you love him? It seems as though your mind has made its choice."

"Maybe my mind, but not my heart. My heart refuses to give itself up to someone who doesn't feel the same. I could never love anyone who didn't return it back. That would be a fool's choice. And I have learned through the years how making fool choices can really hurt you."

"You don't trust him." It was not a question. Toguro said it in a strange voice.

"I trust him. Not his nature."

"By that you mean?" In the same voice.

"I have no problem offering myself to him." I blushed slightly with this statement. 'What am I saying?' "But I don't want to have sex with someone if that's all they want. I don't even know if Amon is even capable of any emotion other than indifference."

"Of course he is. Every man is capable of love. They just need the right woman to push them in the right direction. Please give Amon more credit. It's not like you can read minds."

"I read it once. He thought he loved me. Thoughts change. He was probably just having a moment."

"Do you know why Amon always treated you like a kid?" He was angry but why?

"No." I answered very carefully.

"Because you are a kid Robin."

My eyes narrowed. 'Who the hell do you think are Toguro?'

"You have this childish notion of thinking you can understand everything! You think you can really tell what Amon is thinking as if you can see inside his head or his heart! You can't! You, who have had next to no experience with men, think you can actually comprehend one of the most complex one of us!

"It's a good thing he treats you like a kid, because you are the one who'll break his heart. You're so caught up in your own ego and your own thoughts that you create this imaginary version of Amon. You don't know him as well as he knows you. Maybe if you did you might be able to grasp on some level how he actually feels about you. What the fuck if you're nineteen? You're so immature and so ignorant that I feel worse for Amon. Everything he does no matter how it rubs you the wrong way is strictly for your protection and your benefit. He's trying to keep you safe physically and morally. Even though I've explained this to you I bet you still can't comprehend it."

I was practically paralyzed. My mouth opened but no words came out. I could feel water gather at my eyes but I blinked it away. I now knew Toguro's true colors. I wouldn't let this bastard make me cry even if his words were true. He looked at me the anger in his eyes quickly faded away.

"Look Robin I'm sorry."

"Shut up. Listen Toguro I don't need your pity."

"It's not pity. I just want you to understand. You are hurting him as much as you think he's hurting you."

"Think? I know how I feel. Why are you hell-bent on getting Amon and me together? "

"I used to be feel like Amon does now. I lost my heart to a young woman. She was much younger than me and didn't realize how much I loved her. She walked all over my heart without even knowing it. I tried to explain to her but she didn't get it she was just too immature. So I became the man Amon is now the protector who is always guarding his heart. You may not see it because he puts on a strong front but Amon is really hurting on the inside. He needs you to heal his heart."

"Is that why he's always making me feel bad? Because his heart is broken or whatever and he wants to see someone else suffer?"

"No. I shouldn't expect you to understand."

"But I want to know. Help me be able to understand a little bit more about his heart."

"I know how he feels. But you should ask him yourself if you truly want to know. You both need to form a deeper connection."

"Why is he rude? Could you at least answer that?"

"I'd rather not because it would only take away from the connection you two need to build. I'll try though. Does he ever glare at you when you say something stupid? Does it seem as though he hates to touch you and when he does it bothers him? When you make- oh say a flirtatious comment will he completely ignore you or say something mean? What about when you're in public? Will he treat you more like a kid? Have you ever did something dangerous and he got royally pissed off?"

"Yes to all." I sighed. 'Was he trying to make me feel even worse?'

"Now is he always by your side? How about when you're in trouble? Doesn't he keep you out? He's your protector no?"

"Yes again."

"Even though you practically live in remote area people still see you and Amon together. All he is trying to do is keep his feelings in check because he doesn't know how you will feel about him. Even greater than that is what society thinks. Amon wants desperately to keep society from looking down on you. Do you think its normal for someone your age to live as long as you have with a male whose not related to you? Above all this, this male has made not commitment to you whatsoever. Assuming you did leave Amon how do you think it would have looked for yourself had he not taken all that care to protect you? You would be scorned for the rest of your life. You would probably never be able to find a decent job or anyone who would respect you."

"Do you really believe all of that?" I leaned back in the passenger's seat of the car trying to take it all in. If all this was true then I really did deserve to be treated like a kid. How could a complete stranger deduce all of this within 5 hours and I've been living with Amon for 5 years and never so much as had a clue.

"Do I? I know it is a fact."

"Then I'm really still a kid."

"No you're not. Not anymore. You understand well. You have grown Robin and Amon will be so surprised when he sees the change in you."

"The question is will he like it."

"Maturity, growth for his type these are all very good things. Never doubt yourself again Robin. For when you do it translates into other things. Fear, Shame, etc. These are not good vibes to give off."

"I understand."

"One more thing."


"There will come a time when you will have to fight for him."

'Before I replied I thought about what he meant.' "I'm not fighting over a man. That's immature."

"I didn't say fight over him I said for him. Is there a possibility that you love him or will eventually grow to do so?"


"Then understand the good qualities you see now and will come to see in him, will not go unnoticed by other women. Stay close to Amon to keep him from straying. Use force if necessary."

I smiled. 'This car ride was way more enlightening than I thought it would be. I would have to show Amon that I didn't care about society or our age differences or his past. I wanted to be with him and I was ready now to accept all that came with that bold declaration.'

Toguro pulled the car off unto a shoulder of the road. "Here we are the Sjari Apartments."

"Let's go!" I said excitedly.

Amon's POV

This new Robin whose last name I found out was Chu buzzed all around me. "Do you need your pillows fluffed some more?"

"No thank you Chu."

"Do you need some more ointment on your wounds?"

"They're healing just find thanks to your care."

"How about some water? Would you like me to turn the t.v on?

"That won't be necessary." Don't get me wrong Chu was nice. She was too nice. It was bad enough that I was so injured I had to rely on a stranger for help. Chu had boundless energy and she bounced around every single second asking me did I need this or did I need that. I was thankful for my caretaker. What I didn't want was a maid. Besides I had to get back to Robin.

"Amon don't be so cold. I'm here to serve. My life long dream is to be a nurse and you're making me feel like I suck at the job."

"You don't. I heal faster then others so I need less care. Anyway I'm on my way to see someone important." I hope I didn't give her too much information. I've seen on t.v., where there are crazy stalker women who take care of injured men only to never let them go again.

"Well I still can't let you go until tomorrow. Do you need to go to the hospital? You can always stay here."

Watch out Chu. You're only confirming my suspicion that you are a stalker.

"I don't need to go to the hospital. I'm fine." To prove myself I sat up. I felt I slight pain in my midsection but every thing was pretty much healed. "You see Chu."

"How? This must be some type of optical illusion. You have to be sick…"

Ding Dong Ring.

She sure has a weird doorbell.

Chu rose up slowly before walking towards the door. By the time she got there the doorbell wasn't ringing but whoever it was, was knocking at the door. They really wanted to get in.

"We're here for Amon." I heard an unfamiliar male voice asked. She must have set me up.

"This way." I hopped off the bed and powered up. They stopped at the entrance to my door.

"My name is Robin."

"Last name?"


Robin how on earth did you find me?

"Well my name is Robin also. It's Robin Chu. Who's your handsome boyfriend?" Why was Robin here with another man? I will find this out and soon.

"He's not my boyfriend. His name, though, is Toguro." He better not be her boyfriend.

"Well…" Robin was beginning to sound impatient. "Can we see him or not."

"Yes of course."

The door swung open quickly. I was greeted by Robin and a large man (Toguro I presumed). Robin rushed into my to arms give me a big bear hug. "Amon. Where have you been?" I returned the hug. "I was looking for you." I whispered above her head.

I held onto her tightly ignoring the spectators. Toguro cleared his throat and Chu blushed. I thought about it. I had next to no clothes on. My shirt was torn to shreds my pants were coated in blood. Thankfully Chu had given me a pair of her big short pants which were tighter than my liking. I had my boxers on under the shorts. But Chu couldn't find any shirt that could fit over my broad chest. Or one I could wear and save what little I had of my dignity. So here I was, bare chest, with nothing on but some tight fitting shorts, hugging Robin in what could easily be determined as something more than mildly inappropriate.

I released Robin who was completely at ease. There was no annoyance or agitation whatsoever. I could see that during the time I was gone she had grown up. There was almost an understanding between the two of us. What could give her such confidence? What would make her so sure of herself and comfortable in such a short time period? She couldn't have… I looked up at Toguro suddenly feeling disgusted.

Raven had pulled the wool over my eyes. All the time I spent trying to protect her innocence. To protect her from the world. She had me totally fooled. "Robin," I tried very hard to keep the emotion and hurt out of my voice. "Who is that man and how long have you been seeing him." What I had meant to say was how long have you known him. But the words were out and couldn't be taken back.

Robin looked angry. "Just what is that suppose to mean?" She spat.

"Whatever you think my dear. And I'm quite sure you know exactly what I mean."

"Oh yeah I have a good idea. By the way where is all this coming from. If anyone should be accusing anyone I should be accusing you. After all you are the one half naked in the room of someone you barely know."

"There's no need to argue. If we calm down we can all work this out." Chu piped in.

"What makes you think I barely know her. After all it's pretty obvious that you have been sneaking around doing God knows what with this Toguro fellow."

"Now listen here." Toguro tried to calm me down. I was not listening one bit.

"Amon you've been with me every second for the last five years. Tell me when would I have the time to sleep with someone right under your nose."

"These last two days I haven't been exactly sure where you have been or could go. For all I really know you could be sneaking out of the house during night." My imagination was really working over time now. All these different scenarios where popping into my head. The thoughts were pure torture and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"The way you see it I could say the same for you. How do I know what you've been doing these past days?"

By then a frustrated Chu and Toguro had left. Chu eyes showed sadness but a fraction of a second. She merely shook her head before shutting the door, which closed us in the room together.

"Well I haven't damn it. But you wouldn't believe it would you? You're too busy whoring and hiding from your own sins that you can't believe the truth when you hear it." I couldn't believe I had went that far. Why did I say that? I'm so stupid.

Her eyes closed and I thought she was crying. I took a step towards her. "Robin, I'm sorry."

She smiled a tired smile then flung me against the wall with her power. Even though I got up in tons more pain I could tell how much restraint she had put in her power. I'm sure it took even more restraint not to keep punishing me.

"But I do believe you. To see you almost naked with another girl I admit it drives me crazy. But when you said you hadn't did anything I believed you. You're the one with trust issues. You not me."

I was breathing harder ashamed of myself. This revelation, that Robin was jealous of seeming me with other girl made me happy. The knowledge of how I acted made me sick.

"Tell me Amon. Why would the thought of me being with another man drive you so crazy?"

I was at a loss for words. "I…" I tried but didn't like how I would say that. "You…" I still couldn't get it out.

Robin put her fingers to my lips. "Shush. It's okay. I understand you at least on some level." I was so relieved. "Toguro and I had a talk. He helped me realize some things about you I wouldn't have known otherwise. He also told me if I wanted you I would have to fight for you. If I wanted you bad enough there might come a time when I would have to fight you for you."

I kissed her fingers. She slid her hands over my rough face. "I have to thank Toguro a great deal. I must admit Robin when you came back I could see that you had grown. I thought your confidence came from lovemaking and I see I was wrong. Forgive me please."

"You are forgiven, if you are willing to disregard my entire past naivete."

"Robin you're innocence was a part of you that I loved."

I felt long slender finders run through my hair. "Is innocence really what you want Amon?" She said seductively. I had to make this stop. If I didn't, who knew what might happen. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed up against me. I was getting hard. I needed something to stop this.

Robin's POV

Just as I predicted soon Amon & I would be joined. He's resisting now but that's only out of respect. He didn't know how bad I wanted him. There was a knock at the door. Should I answer it?

Next Chapter: Should Robin open the door?