TITLE: A Wesley is for Life

AUTHOR: Erin Giles


SUMMARY: Gunn's hash bash approach leaves Cordy choosing between shoes and Wes.

Cordelia watched as Wesley rushed down the stairs of the Hyperion, hand over mouth, and straight across into the bathroom next to the office, "Uh Wes?" she called after him, standing up to follow as Angel and Gunn both entered the lobby, "What happened?" Cordelia questioned.

Angel thumbed in the direction of Gunn, "Goliath here took a, 'kill now ask questions later' approach to the 'approach with caution' situation Wesley regaled us with in the car on the way there." Angel explained as he inspected his slime-covered broadsword as the sound of Wesley retching could be heard coming from the bathroom.

"Hey, just 'cause English goes off on one, don't mean I'm tuned in. I hear the word demon and I hear the world kill and I get by just fine."

"So why's Wesley sound like he's dying?" Cordelia pushed further. Gunn looked guilty as he sat down on the nearest couch.

"'Cause I wasn't supposed to kill it."

"Turns out the hugengas demon's blood is toxic to humans." Angel filled in as Wesley appeared from the bathroom, pausing for a minute before rushing back in, "If ingested." Cordelia glared a Gunn.

"Hey, in my defence. Would you rather have a dead Wes or a vomiting one?" Cordelia rolled her eyes before disappearing into the bathroom, only to be met with the sight of Wesley bent double over the toilet, his stomach heaving for all it was worth. She frowned as she knelt down beside him, rubbing his back soothingly the way her mom used to do when she was ill.

Would you rather have a dead Wes or a vomiting one?

She sighed, smiling slightly. A vomiting Wes may spoil her shoes, but shoes she could live without, and a Wes, well he was pretty much for life.