No this is not a Chapter, sorry.

My Long Author's Note.

I know I'm not allowed to post author notes for a chapter, but it truly is killing me. I cannot grasp even a hair of inspiration for my stories. Nothing. I try to go back and do some work on them, since I know they need it, but it's like staring at words and an impenetrable brick wall be between me and my stories. You have no idea how much this bothers me; writing was my life and my life was writing, but I just cannot write anything. I still have everything in my head, very nicely planned out and detailed, hopefully. At this moment even the writing in my head is gone. Which is a Very, Very bad thing.

Lately, I don't understand the point of writing fanfiction since, well, anyone can copy my ideas and publish a book about it and I can't do anything about it. I'm not going anywhere famous with fanfiction, since I can't publish it. So what's the point in working so hard on a story that's just going to get reviews?

But basically I just can't form the words. I can't write, and I would feel horrible if I wrote what I was able to and it be a horrible example of my writing. You guys wouldn't like that, right?

I honestly thank you for reviewing, cause it makes me extremely happy to know people are still reading my stories, and I'm sorry. I won't give up, and I will try, but you can never force creativity you know?

So I was wondering if it would be okay if I would go back, do some editing on my stories, try to get some inspiration and post everything fresh and new. I know I took quite a long time doing this to my Elementals story, but well, I'm a perfectionist. Maybe that will come in handy. I definetly KNOW they need lots of work anyway, so nothing wrong with it. I will not quit my stories, that's out of the question. im just having a hard time right now.

Right at this moment Mages is the only inspiration I've had. Maybe Elementals, and well, nothing else. But I'll quit rambling, and leave it at that. Thanks for listening.

Luv you guys.