Home is where the heart is

By: Bree-2006

Summery: He frowned sadly, the Justice league wanted him…could he really give up being a Titan—the leader?

Genre: Romance/Drama

Coupling: Robin X Star

Rated: PG-13 (Language, Adult Situations)

AN: Hey! Looky here my first TT story! For those that have liked my others (Different categories) I hope you like this one. Oh and BTW: Robin in my story IS RICHARD GRAYSON no exceptions! Thanx for reading.



A cool gentle breeze rustled around me as I hesitantly stopped my motorcycle. My hand gently gripped the bottom of my helmet as I quickly unbuckled it and pulled it off my head. I looked up at the steel plated gate adorned with Christmas decorations and year old dust. I sighed pathetically; I was back…back to Wayne Manor.

"I grew up here." My mind wandered. "So why is it so hard for me to come back?" My gloved hand slowly reached over to tap the button alerting those inside that I had arrived. I shook my head as it sounded with a long antagonizing "BEEP!" I listened carefully as the voice of my mentor sounded out of the intercom underneath the button.

"Yeah?" He asked as if I wasn't expected. I slightly chuckled as I imagined a grin adorning his face as he waited for my sarcastic reply.

"What's a guy gotta do to get into his own home?" I could only imagine his grin widening as he searched for the perfect comeback.

"Now Dick you know you aren't trusted with a key, who knows what kind of floozies you'd bring home." I laughed despite the un-humorous-ness of his sardonic comment.

"You're in a playful mood, musta got lucky." I chuckled as the large gates opened. I once again sighed as I straddled my bike, placed the helmet on my head and headed up to the mansion.

I hadn't stepped into the mansion for years now, three to be exact. There was never any need to return here…and frankly if I had had the choice I wouldn't be here now.

It does bring up some old memories from when I was younger. This was my home for so long…memories were bound to exist. I realized how much I have changed from those days, and how much I had stayed the same. I'm kinda simple when I think about it, simple compared to other rich kids. I'd rather eat day old pizza than squid or caviar. I've never smoked a pipe in my bathrobe reading a Stephan king novel and I have never put myself before others.

There are a lot of things about me that normal people wouldn't understand, things that I feel I must hide from people…even to some of my friends.

Here in this mansion when there are guest I am known as Richard Grayson, sole ward to the billionaire Bruce Wayne. One day when I was barely eight years old he plucked me out of a tent and made me his adopted son. An eight year old circus performer became the heir to a billionaire's fortune, in just one night. It was strange, only hours after my parents were killed-I was rich…almost a gift from them I guess.

That's what I thought at first…

I started hating that life, being rich and in the shadow of Bruce Wayne. I found out his secret…the one of him being the Batman. I realized the one thing I could do to get out of that shadow.

"Train me!" I pleated "I'll do whatever you say!" I remembered him shaking his head and saying "You're only ten."

I made him regret his words…

I practiced day in and day out. I was flexible thanks to my circus days. I was also fast and determined…a scary combination. I would practice till I would bleed. I knew he watched me secretly, I felt his eyes on me every once in a while. As I grew I became more determined and angry that I still wasn't good enough. I went out one night…secretly. There had been a bank robbery on the farthest east block to the Gotham city pier. I found myself running after the two men that had escaped from the police. I cornered them in an alley, my adrenalin pumped. I saw a switchblade in one of the mans hands. He lunged forward but I quickly kicked the knife out of his hand. The other grinned at me angrily but I only shrugged andkicked him into a nearby wall. The other man, no longer having his weapon tried to strike me with his fists, but I was too fast. I grabbed it with very little effort. I turned him around so that he was being choked with his own arm, I heard it brake under my presser as he screamed in agony.

"Where's the money?" I asked dangerously as I pushed him into a wall.

"Over there…" He tried his hardest to point. I smiled and let him go. Taking a step back I awaited his attack. The second he had charged forward to me I had him unconscious on the dirt floor.

"Not bad." A voice trailed from behind me. I turned around abruptly awaiting another attack. A dark figure stepped out of a desolate corner. My eyes widened.

"What's it to ya?" I spoke angrily. The figure just shook his head.

"Go home Dick…I'll be home in a few hours."

I didn't move from my spot. I stubbornly crossed my arms over my chest.

"I helped you out on this one bat…and I don't even get a thank you." He shook his head knowing full well what I was talking about.

"Look kid…my line of work is dangerous, cant follow in my footsteps on this one." I smirked.

"Too bad…I've worked my a—butt off and you aren't going to tell me how to spend my time."

"Stubborn aren't we." I laughed defectively. "Yeah I learned from the best." He sighed.

"One chance."




"Shut up and go home." I grinned and walked away.

One battle I had won.

That night I became Robin, the boy wonder.

Things went rather smoothly. One chance turned into three and soon we were partners…the dynamic duo. We fought side to side, back to back, but still I was left in the shadows. By the time I was fifteen I was sick of it.

"I'm leaving…"


"What do you mean by fine…aren't you going to stop me?"


"Insensitive jerk!"

"I thought you were leaving…"

"I am!"

"Then why are you still here?"

"I got to go—bye…"


I didn't even know where I was going. I randomly picked Jump City mostly because of its high crime rate. I had no money, no home, and no friends. That was soon to change.

I soon met them…Raven, Cyborg, and Beastboy. They were rejects I was sad to learn. Raven a half demon from some place call Azarath. Cyborg a human fused in with robotic limbs and Beastboy a strange green guy with the ability to change into any animal he wanted. We built a tower that looked like a 'T' and named ourselves the Teen Titans. We devoted our time to saving the city…but in the meantime we were driving each other crazy!

Then she came. She was strange…but in a good way, caring, compassionate, beautiful, a real triple threat. She kept us all from killing each other. She became my best friend and to this day still is.

"Hello I am Koriand'r from the planet of Tamaran…I do believe my name in your Earthian language is Starfire." I remembered smirking at the way she talked but smiling as I introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you Starfire, I'm Robin." Things change, people change she on the other hand stayed the same.

The moment I ended my phone call with my make-shift father and had announced that I would be leaving for Gotham Starfire had devoted all her time to making sure I didn't forget her in the little time I was away…as if I could.

"You will call the moment you arrive?" she had asked me in a hopeful tone. I nodded.

"Of course."

"You shall be careful!" she smiled as she hugged me briefly.

"I will." She smiled again this time a smile that made my knee's week.

"You will not forget me?"

"Never." I said solemly.

"Do be careful Richard."

"I will don't worry Kori."

Things are different between us than it is with the others. She knows more about me than anyone…sometimes even more than me myself. She is the only one that knows my true Identity and I willingly told her. I have never regretted telling her who I really am she understands my reasons for not telling the others and doesn't hold it against me.

"Everyone has their secrets this one is yours."

"I can't tell them…but I'm sure they have an Idea."

"You pain yourself too much, to me you will always be Robin…our leader and my best friend."

I skidded to a halt outside of Bruce's garage. I stepped off my bike and walked the rest of the way inside. I parked my bike and once again took off my helmet. I ran my fingers through my hair as I tried desperately to relieve myself from my horrible helmet hair. I sighed deeply and headed to the front door.

My strides were a little slower than normal, each foot lingering a little longer than they were supposed to. It felt like hours had gone by as I finally reached the door. Instead of barging in I simply knocked. I removed my gloves and knocked loudly. My now bare knuckles collided with the cool surface of the door. I waited patiently for it to open.

I was beginning to lose my nerve. Why was I asked to come here? Why couldn't they have just have told me whatever they wanted over the phone, and why was it taking so long to answer the damn door? Sighing, I turned the knob and entered a dimly lit room.

I am home?

If the term 'Home is where the heart is' is true then my home would be in Jump City.

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