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Our Life, Our Problem

Chapter 2

Years past, everything was normal as normal could be.

Kouji looked at what he called his home three years ago. He looked at the family with envious eyes. Why couldn't he live a life like them? Nice, caring parents that loved their kids. The children would smile and laugh with their parents every time he pasted by. Playing catch or kicking the ball around in the yard.

He wished his life were joyous and memorable as theirs. Kouji sighed remembering the painful experience that happened all in that week three years ago.

He quietly knocked on the door. It was almost one. No one was crazy enough to be up this late wandering around, especially someone his age.

"I didn't think anyone would answer the door this late," he mummered tiredly before giving up and falling asleep on the doorsteps.

Just as he closed his eyes and laid his head on the door, the door popped open making the surprised Kouji fall back with a thump.

"Kouji?" his mom said, rubbing her eyes. "Why are you here so late?" she asked.

Then she noticed his bruises and cuts. A fresh, deep cut was visibly. A hot, red liquid slowly dripped from his arm.

"Kouji! W…What happened! Are you OK?" she quickly called for Kouichi to get the first aid kit.

Kouichi obediently woke up and got the kit. "Mom…why do you need it…it's so late?" he inquired. "Kouji!" he shouted. "W…what happened to you?"

Kouji gave him a weary look. "Sorry I haven't been around to visit, Mom, Kouichi. Dad's been beating my step-mom and me. You're right, Mom. Dad's really different when he's drunk," Kouji stated as he winced a bit from the rubbing alcohol.

"Oh my. How's Satomi?" Ms. Kimura questioned.

"Same as me. I feel bad for leaving her, but I couldn't take the abuse," Kouji told them. "Mom…can I live with you for now on?" he said abruptly.

His mom gave a tiresome smile. It was hard enough to support Kouichi and herself, but now with Kouji… She couldn't say no to him, especially after all he's been through.

"I know this is sudden, but I can't stay at that place any longer. I know that you work hard for you and Kouichi, but I can work to help pay the bill or something. Just please let me stay here," he pleaded.

"No…it's fine, Kouji. I would be happy for you to stay here, but it's just that papers say that I can't…" Ms. Kimura replied hesitantly.

"Don't worry about it, Okaa-san. I took care of it. I left a note for Dad. If he tells turns you in then we can say you took me in because he abused me. I even took pictures of my step-mom and I like this," the youngest of the twin reassured.

"Then I would love to," she replied with a gentle smile.

A week later, once Kouji was settled and found a part time job, Satomi arrived at his new home.

"Hello Kouji. I see you're doing well," she said, relieved.

"Hi…What are you doing here?" he asked, getting to the point.

"I thought you would like to know that I'm moving to Tokyo. I divorced your father and found a new job in Tokyo," she began. "Your note and action gave me confidence to leave. Hopefully, I won't fall in love with my next patient. I thought you would like to know. Also, the house is a mess, and it might be sold. I brought along the next of your stuff, too," she added.

"Thanks, but what happened to Dad when he found out?" he asked awkwardly.

"Well, when I woke up in the morning and read the note about you leaving and ordered your father not to come after you or else you will turn him in to the police, I was glad that you would be fine. All I had to do was move out and he would stop abusing me," she told him. "He was pretty mad and starting yelling at me saying it was all my fault as well as in other non-appropriate language. (A/N: Does that make sense? Didn't know how to word it…) I left two days after getting paperwork for the divorce and things," she finished.

"Wow. I'm sorry to leave you behind like that. I'm glad that you'll be all right now though. So I'm guessing you'll be leaving for Tokyo soon," he asked.

"I'm leaving today in matter-of-fact," Satomi answered.

"I see. Then, I guess this is good-bye…Satomi…" he said, hesitantly.

"That's fine. I'm not your 'mother' any more. Well, this is good-bye," the older woman stated before hugging him and leaving.

Kouji wanted to see how his father was. After Satomi left, he grabbed his bike that his ex-step-mom brought. He rode to his old house. Once in a five-meter range, he slowed down and walked it to the sidewalk where he could see his old house.

The house looked fine, but it was outside that didn't. There were crushed beer cans and broken glass on the lawn. The flowers on the flowerbed were crushed. An imprint of a figure could be seen on the flowerbed.

He lingered a bit undecided to go up and look into the house. At the end, he wanted to see how bad it was in the house compare to the lawn.

Inside from where he could see, the whole house was a mess! Trash was laid every where. Just like the lawn, there were beer cans and broken glasses in the house scattered from head to toe. The TV, vase, and anything breakable were broken into pieces.

His old home was…was ruined! Everything that made the home comfy and nice was destroyed. How could such a man do a thing that he's never done before?

The black hair boy sighed. At least no one was hurt.

Someone had cleaned the house pretty nicely. The grass seemed greener and newer. The broken windows were replace.

Kouji looked at the house before leaving. He hoped the family living in the house would have a better life than his. Hopefully, a better future for his father, too.


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