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Emmeline sat in a dusty corner of a dark room, looking gravely around its grim contents. The room was gray, dull and old, yet when she looked around memories began flying throughout her mind. Everything was quiet and still. Suddenly, she heard the creaking of the door opening, but made no effort to acknowledge that she had heard it. She simply starred blankly around her, her expression emotionless.

"Em…?" Remus reached out and touched her shoulder. He understood her pain. He could tell what she was thinking deep within her eyes, yet he shunned the thoughts. They were too terrible. He couldn't think of them. "Come now, its late," his words soft, as to blend in with the silence. "Everyone's left."

Emmeline turned slowly to face him. Her expression was so horrible, that she was painful to look at. Her face was strained, as she was trying desperately to fight back the tears that were surfacing. She gazed painfully at Remus and managed to say, "They're… all… gone." Her voice was wet and wavered. Suddenly she collapsed into hysterical sobs and fell to the ground, clasping her hands over her mouth, as if her words had been poisonous.

Remus rushed down to her and held her reassuringly in his arms. Emmeline drifted her head up to face him. Her face, within moments, had become horribly pink and tear-stained. Even as she looked at him, tears were rushing steadily down her cheeks and she was coughing. Trembling, as though in a seizure, she whispered, "we're-- t-the--o-only—ones--left. We're…alone."

Remus' stomach dived fifty feet below him. For the past months he had been avoiding the hideous truth. But, as Emmeline spoke them, a sudden wave of reality flooded throughout his body. They were the only ones. Everyone else-James, Lily, Marlene, Alice, Frank, the Prewits… and now Sirius-they were all gone. His closest friends were gone. No one else knew his past except for Emmeline. Everyone. Lost. Murdered. Traitors. All gone.

Slowly, Remus lifted Emmeline up and led her carefully to the door. He looked straight into her eyes and said, as a single tear ran down his pale cheek,

"We will never be alone."