Summary: The ski trip it's the big ski trip I know there is going to be an episode on this anyway but this is my version. Dino and Jackie are friends and Deb knows about Jonathon's incident with Sabrina. Ben and Sue aren't doing that great with her dad as a chaperon now though.

The guys are sitting together on the bus and the girls are sitting together on the bus.

"Can you believe Jonathon" Deb complained.

"So he like kissed your cousin?" Sue asked.

"Yeah" Deb answered.

In the back of the bus where the guys were they were talking about the kiss.

"Okay so I did what you said and that as you can see that didn't work and now Debs hates me" Jonathon told Dino and Ben.

"We said to make a move if it was right" Dino added.

"No! You guys said she totally liked me"

"Oh yeah"

"It's the worst Sue's dad is going to be on this trip. The only time where I can spend time with her out of school her dad will be here. This is going to be a long trip" Ben leaned back in his seat.

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