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This is an AU set 15 years after the end of the series. Seras returns to Hellsing after one year away on a mission in Scotland. She is needed to help in London against a new threat from the past. Charactarizations for Seras & Integra is a mix of their anime and manga selves. Alucard and Walter are their anime selves. I've mixed some plot ideas from the manga but changed the timeline.

Seras Victoria was more excited then she had been since… well, since she had become a vampire nearly 15 years ago. She was going home. Home to her was the Hellsing organization. Seras had been away, in Scotland, in charge of their field office there, for the last 12 months. year, she thought - Seras had not seen Integra, Walter, and even her Master, Alucard, in 12 months. She had talked to all of them by phone and email, but things had been too busy in Scotland to take even a short break. According to Sir Integra, things in England had been just as chaotic. This was why the Hellsing leader wanted her back in London. Seras had gotten the situation in Scotland under control when she found and eliminated the Master Vampire who was in charge of a particularly nasty clan. After she trained a new Captain to keep things under control, Seras headed home to London and Hellsing.

Sir Integral and Walter had arranged a little homecoming party for her. Seras was touched. She got a chance to meet some of the new soldiers she would be working with. They seemed like a nice bunch of men. All except for their Captain. Something about him really irritated her. The Captain had started at her chest when they were introduced. She hated when guys did that. Then, after he had a few beers, the Captain had the nerve to sing a very perverted Eskimo song. If it hadn't been for Walter, Seras would have literally thrown him through the door.

In spite of that, it was nice being back. Walter hadn't changed a bit. He was the same loyal Hellsing member. Integra had surprised Seras by giving her a light hug when she walked through the door. Her Commander was not known for expressing her feelings at all. Seras hadn't minded at all. It was nice feeling like she was part of the Hellsing family. Seras had worried when she left that Integral and Walter would forget about her. It seemed like her absence had caused them to miss her presence. Seras smiled – she had missed them too.

Then there was Alucard. She had not really missed him. Alucard hadn't bothered with her a whole lot before she left. Sure, once in a while he would taunt her inside of her mind – tell her all of the ways she was a lousy vampire. Seras honestly felt like her Master wouldn't be happy until she went on a killing rampage. Of course that would never happen. But, since her return, Alucard had been behaving strangely. Her Master had barely said hello and had been staring at her whenever they were in the same room. The way Alucard had been looking at her had been strange too. Sometimes it was as if he was trying to make his mind up about her. Other times he would be looking at her with a really hungry look. Seras wondered…it was almost a seductive stare. But, Alucard surely didn't feel that way about her. No, her Master had made that fact abundantly clear years ago. Not that she minded – Seras didn't like him that way either. The thought of it actually made her shiver. Her Master could be downright scary at times.

No, it was obvious to everyone that Alucard desired only one woman – Integral. Too bad for him she had finally gotten engaged. Although, Seras knew it was because of duty and not love, she was sure Alucard hated the thought of Integral marrying. Her fiancé's name was William and he was a commanding officer in the Royal Navy. William treated Integral like she was his Queen. It was probably this small fact that had earned Alucard's respect. Although Alucard did not talk to William much, when they spoke, Alucard was cordial. Of course that could have been because of Integral's threats too. Seras grinned. It was funny the way certain things were exactly the same, but others had changed quite a bit.

Seras Victoria went to her new room. Integral had fixed up a large room that used to be part of the Hellsing lab. It's probably where Master was experimented on. She chuckled. The idea of Alucard being a worked on like Frankenstein was just too funny. You could never tell the room's history now. But, Integral and Walter had outdone themselves in having the room redecorated. Seras almost squealed when she saw the wicker furniture. Seras had told Sir Integral about how her bedroom as a child was decorated with wicker furniture and now her new room was filled with it. Walter had already placed her first meal for the day on the table. She sat down on the loveseat and ripped it open with her teeth. "It's good to be home."
"Don't get too comfortable Police Girl."

"Oh my God, Master! You scared me. Please don't scare me like that." Alucard was laughing his arse off. She knew how he loved "playing" with her. "What do you mean by not getting comfortable?"

"I mean that tomorrow we go on a mission to track down a gang of vampires. So tonight, when you're ready, Integral wants me to test you – see how strong you've become."

Seras gulped. She did not like the sound of Alucard testing her. It sounded almost like she would be sparring with…HIM?

Alucard smirked. He had read her mind. "Yes Seras, you'll be fighting me. We'll see if you're as strong as what the crew in Scotland has been saying. So drink up. You'll need your strength. I'll come get you around midnight."

With those words, her Master vanished through the cement walls. It never ceased to amaze her how he did that. Although Seras had grown in strength, she still had problems with phasing into walls and turning to mist. She could turn into her familiar with no problem whatsoever. But, becoming invisible – hadn't even worked once. Seras looked at her watch. She had 4 hours. The vampire decided to take a shower, get changed, and practice shooting at the range. She wanted to be more then ready when Alucard challenged her. Seras hoped there was no one practicing already. She really needed to be alone to concentrate. If Seras hoped to survive her test with Alucard, she'd have to be perfect.
As she walked towards the shooting range, Seras heard the sound of gunshots. Great, there's already someone here! I might as well just ask Alucard to stake me now. When Seras got closer, she saw it was just one soldier. Well, maybe I'll still be able to practice. One other person isn't bad. That was what she thought until she saw him – it was the perverted Captain. "What are you doing here, Captain?"

The young Captain turned around and glanced at her. He grinned at her as he checked out her body. Seras had changed into a tight pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The outfit hugged her body's curves tightly. Seras put her arms in front of her chest – feeling subconscious by the man's stare. "Captain, could you please not look at me like that."

Pip shook his head to break the stare. He didn't mean to stare, but the girl did have such an incredible body. "I'm sorry girl. I don't mean to – honest. I just couldn't' help myself."

Seras grinned at him. There was something about this guy. She just couldn't stay mad. And he did apologize. "Fine, Captain. Just don't let it happen again. Now, if you don't mind, I need to practice. I'm being tested in a few hours and I have got to get better."

"Tested? Do they do that a lot?"

"No – it's just me. I've been away for awhile. Mmm—Alucard wants to see how strong I've gotten." Seras stopped herself from saying Master. But – why? "By the way – what is your name? You still have told me."

"Oh? My name is…my name is…you know like the song. Just kidding - actually I'm Pip Bernadette. And you would be…"

"Seras Victoria. The vampire found herself mysteriously blushing as Pip brought her hand to his mouth for a kiss, while staring into her eyes. She felt feelings in places that she hadn't even known existed up to now. The moment lasted for only a second or two until Seras got embarrassed and pulled her hand away. "I've got to get a gun and ammo. It will be midnight soon." The police girl walked to the gun cabinet and grabbed a large revolver and ammunition. Everything is still right here. She walked down and chose the station next to the Captain. Seras started firing immediately – she had no time to waste. The police girl grinned as she hit her target on each shot. Alucard wanted to know if she'd gotten better. Seras would show him. He might even regret making that statement.

Seras was so focused on hitting the targets she never even realized that the Captain was watching her. He was pretty impressed with her skill.

"Not bad, Seras. You're a great shot. How did you get so good?"

Seras grinned. The Captain obviously did not know she was a vampire. She'd have a little fun now. "Don't you know what I am?" Seras asked him.

"What you are? Why, you're a girl, Seras. You are a girl, aren't you?"

"Of course I'm a girl! But, I'm what you might call a vampire."

Pip's mouth dropped open. "No bloody way!"

"Yes, bloody way. Do you want me to prove it?"

"Hmmm…yes. Yes I do."

"Okay, I challenge you – Captain. Try to get me to the ground."

Pip tried to move Seras but couldn't. He started cursing up a storm as he tried in vain just to push her a little. Seras was enjoying the whole thing as she started laughing at him.

"Okay, it's my turn, Captain. Seras used just her finger to push him down, and down he fell.

"Owwww! Did you have hit me so hard?" Pip felt stupid now. He had gotten pushed down by a girl.

"Captain, I only used my finger." Seras looked at Pip smugly. She had shown him.

"You're what? No God damn way! No way could you do that to me with a finger."

"But, I did! Are you calling me a liar?"

"Err no. Maybe you ARE a vampire. But, you're still---"

"Captain, Sir Hellsing wants us to patrol the area. She'd like you to go on the first run."
James, one of his men had come down to get him.

"Oh okay, I'll go." Pip got his equipment and grinned at Seras. "I'll catch you later girlie. Good luck with your test. I hope you beat your Master's ass." Pip started laughing at his own joke.

It was Seras this time who stood there with her mouth wide opened. How did he know that Alucard was my Master? Seras continued practicing shooting at the targets. She had to get better before facing her Master.