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Author's Note: this is my first Troy fic, so please be kind. Basically it's an AU. I know that Achilles doesn't have a sister and that is why it's an AU. And I follow the movie version rather then the Iliad. Please review!!! Thanks.

Chapter One:

Achilles slowly walked towards a pool of water where his mother, Thetis, was collecting seashells.

"I knew they would come for you. Long before you were born. I knew they would come," she gently said turning around. "They want you to fight in Troy."

Achilles just looked off in the distance.

Then Thetis changed the subject. "I'm making you another seashell necklace. Like the ones I used to make you and Alexis when you were younger. You remember?" she asked with a smile on her face.

Achilles picked up a seashell then dropped in back in the water. "Mother, tonight I decide."

"If you stay, you will find peace. You will find a wonderful woman, and you will have sons and daughters, who will have children. And they'll all love you and remember your name. But when your children are dead, and their children after them, your name will be lost... If you go to Troy, glory will be yours. They will write stories about your victories for thousands of years! And the world will remember your name. But if you go to Troy, you will never come home... for your glory walks hand-in-hand with your doom. And I shall never see you again."

Achilles looked at his mother once more then looked off into the sea. He had made his decision. He shall go to Troy.

As Achilles slowly made his way back to the palace, his twin sister, Alexis, met him on the road. He could tell that she had been crying.

"What is wrong Alexis?"

"Why must you go? Your time serving Agamemnon is over. You and the Myrmidons are needed here! To protect Phtia!"

Achilles took her by the shoulders and looked into her eyes. "Don't worry Alexis. I will return."

"On your shield," she said turning and running off towards the gardens. He followed after her.

As usual, he found her sitting amongst her flowers. She had her knees pulled up to her and was crying into them. Her sobs racked against her chest. She didn't want her brother to leave.

"Don't cry Alexis," Achilles said tilting his sister's chin up, as he knelt by her side. "You know that the Gods have already determined our fates long before we are even born."

"I know," she said in a whisper.

"I was born to fight and you were born to rule Phtia. That is the way things are."

"I'll give up ruling Phtia just to keep you here!"

Achilles helped his sister stand up, then softly kissed her forehead. "You have such a good heart Alexis. You will make a fine Queen. Also you have an amazing singing voice. That is truly a gift from the Gods."

"I won't be as good of a Queen as you would make as King."

"Alexis, we've talked about this before."

"I know. I know. But still, I just want you here to help me. Who is going to protect us if there is an attack while you are gone?"

"You can. Just remember what I taught you."

Alexis laughed slightly. She remembered how he tried to teach her how to fight with a sword, but it was to no avail. So she took up archery instead because he insisted that she learn some sort of defense for herself and for their home in the case of his absence. And now she was one of the best archers around. Even Odysseus said that himself. And he was a master archer in his own right.

"I remember. Make sure I always aim."

Achilles laughed as he hugged his sister tightly.

Alexis watched from the palace, as her brother and the Myrmidons set sail for Troy. She couldn't bring herself to go down to the docks and watch him sail away. It was just too hard. Deep in her heart she prayed that her brother would beat fate and come home.
Author's Note #2: There's a part were Alexis mentions to Achilles about coming home on his shield. From what I was taught, the Spartan women would say 'With your shield or on it!' to their husbands as they went off to war. So I thought I would have her say that to him. I hope everyone liked it! Please review! And don't worry; the next few chapters will be longer.