Raven was very intimidating–even to her teammates–and she liked it that way. However, Robin was not usually intimidated by her. Not usually, but now he was. She was standing in front of him with her arms crossed and a look of stark displeasure on her face. Oh yeah; Robin didn't show it, but he was intimidated.

"I can't believe you!" Raven growled at him. "I might have expected such a thing from one of the others, but not from you! I refuse to go through with this! And since you were the one who volunteered me, you can just be the one to tell them they'll have to make other plans!" And giving a look that would have turned any of the others into a whimpering anime chibi, she crossed her arms and turned her back to him with a "Hmph!"

Robin sighed and began to defend himself: "Look, Raven . . . Bruce--I mean, Mr. Wayne--asked me if the Titans could help out at the Wayne Foundation's spring carnival to raise funds for leukemia and childhood cancer. I didn't think any of you would have any objections to that! And come on, you visit as many hospitals as the rest of us. Honestly," he added, his own irritation becoming evident, "I understand your need to keep up the 'tough girl' exterior, but I didn't think you'd consider this one of those times."

"But a kissing booth???" she all but screamed. "What in Azarath were you thinking???"

Starfire, who had been also been volunteered by Robin for kissing booth duty (and who had no objections), overcame her own fears of a ticked-off Raven to defend her best friend. "Yes, friend Raven! Robin only meant well. This is for a good cause, and you are so compassionate and charitable and good and . . . this is not working, is it?"

Raven merely stood with her arms crossed, continuing to give her "heads will roll" look. Finally she turned her back on her friends and muttered "I'll be in my room!" before stalking out, leaving four very disappointed (but at the same time relieved) Titans behind. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Cyborg heaved sighs while Robin just continued to frown silently.

"The lady has issues," Cyborg said at last. "Wanna call the Wayne Foundation and tell 'em we've only got one kisser?"

"Not just yet," Robin answered. "I have a theory."

"You hear that, guys?" Beast Boy said. "Rob has a theory!"

"Yeah. And you're gonna test it for me!"

"You hear that, guys? I'm gonna . . . hey, no way, dude! She doesn't like me anyway, and you've got her ticked off already! No telling what she'll do to me if I . . . er, what was it you had in mind for me to do?"

Robin smiled sinisterly. "I want you to turn into a bug or something, sneak into her room, and spy on her!"

Beast Boy didn't hear anything after this, because he passed out.

To Be Continued