Chapter 5- Hogwarts

Chapter 5- Hogwarts

Posted- July 21st

"Momma?" Severus asked thoughtfully.


"I . . . what house were you in?"

"Why, Sevvy, you know I was in Gryffindor."

"Oh. Right. I was thinking—what if I were in another house?'

"What do you mean?" Momma asked, looking down at his face.

"Well . . . would you be terribly disappointed if I wasn't in Gryffindor?"

"To be honest, Sev," Momma said seriously. "I doubt you'll be in Gryffindor. You're not the type. I imagine you'll be in Ravenclaw. Perhaps Slytherin."

"So, you won't mind?'

"Not as long as you keep your grades up. You could be head of every class! Wouldn't that be wonderful!"

Severus nodded mutely.

"Is that going to be your goal?"

"Yes. And Momma?"

"What, Sevvy?"

"What house was . . . Father in?"

Momma gave him a strange look.

"He was in Slytherin."

How about my real father? Severus thought bitterly.

They were standing outside the Hogwarts Express, looking around and exchanging words and pointing out peculiar things.

Severus didn't know what he was feeling. Not one emotion in particular. It felt as though all the feelings he'd ever run into had been mixed up together in a pot, and secretly placed in his stomach where they had just begun to boil.

He wanted to go. He though. But he didn't want to leave Momma. Nor stay near Joe. (Severus had abandoned thinking of the imposter as Father anymore. He was now known as Joe.) He wanted to see Regina, but Dumbledore wasn't exactly his favorite man.

And the idea of sitting unoccupied in all the first year classes seemed a bit unattractive. He wondered vaguely about what Momma would say if he asked not to go to Hogwarts.

"Do you have something to do on the train, Sevvy?" Momma asked him.

Severus held up the book in his hand. One of his strongest characteristics was his taciturnity. He felt if you could answer a question with actions why use words? What was the use of wasting precious breath when a gesture could do?

"Give me a hug and a kiss goodbye, the train is about to leave."

Severus obeyed and then headed towards the Hogwarts Express, feeling his heart pound nervously, feeling tears on the verge of popping. He wanted to turn around and run to Momma.

Where was he going to sit?

Stupid, he thought scornfully. Why are you so scared? It's just a bunch of kids, whom you are probably smarter then. Just sit down somewhere. Read your book. Ignore them.

So he did just that.

* * * * * * * *

"Meh name's Hagrid. I'm the gamekeeper here at Hogwarts."

The large, domestic looking man said. Severus thought he looked perfectly harmless standing before him now, but if Severus had seen Hagrid walking down the street, he'd have wanted to cross the street.

Hagrid, as he'd learnt from his stay at Hogwarts and from Momma earlier, had been expelled from his third year at Hogwarts because he had supposedly released a monster that petrified and killed Mudbloods. But looking at Hagrid now, he was almost certain that he didn't do the crime he was convicted for. Hagrid looked too much like a rule-abider, or at least too amiable to have done something prohibited.

"We'll be travelin' ter Hogwarts by these boats," Hagrid motioned to the clutter of row boast situated by the opaque lake.

All in all Hagrid looked nice, just a little stupid and ignorant. How much could he possibly know with only a third year education?

"Four ter a boat!"

The evening was very mild, a bit chilly mainly because of the cool breezes coming through. The lake was very still, and very blue. Severus had never seen such a color, such an intense, vivid shade. It gave off the same impression as Dumbledore's eyes, but was a bit darker.

He got into the nearest rowboat, and was immediately joined by three boys- a short chubby boy with an oddly cherubic face covered with brown hair, a tall black haired boy who was beaming from ear to ear (he was one Mothers would think of as cute) and another black-haired boy with average features and blue eyes that seemed to be filled with gratitude.

"Hullo!" said the beaming boy. "My name's Sirius Black. This is James Potter, and this is . . . er . . . I forgot your name again! Sheesh . . . what is it?"

The plump boy blushed and mumbled two (barely coherent) words- "Peter Pettigrew."

"Ah. Yes. Peter. What's yours?" Sirius' black eyes focused on him again.

"Severus Snape," he said simply.

He was a bit overwhelmed by the joviality of Sirius, and taken aback by the name of the second black-haired boy- James Potter. This must be Regina's nephew.

"Nice to meet you." Sirius replied, and James nodded in agreement. Peter was still blushing and staring down at his hands.

"What house do you think you'll be in?" Sirius asked, after the boats started moving forward slowly.

"My mother thinks I'll be in Ravenclaw."

"Mine says I'm bound to be a Gryffindor. But we think James is heading for Ravenclaw also, since he's so intelligent and all. And, well, Peter looks to be a Hufflepuff. But who really knows? I just know one thing- I absolutely do not want to be a Slytherin." Sirius concluded his speech with a grimace.

"What's wrong with Slytherin?" Severus asked in an incognito way.

"Well, no offense to anyone here if they wind up in Slytherin, but I've heard they're all really nasty people. And that all darks wizards had come from Slytherin." Sirius said, wide eyed.

"Well, pardon my asking, but what I you, perhaps, get in Slytherin?"

"I wouldn't. I'd refuse to. Tell them absolutely not. No way. Look, we're almost there!" Sirius pointed.

This boy was much too hyper for Severus' taste. And Peter was much too shy. And James . . . of James he had no opinion. James was being quiet as well, staring in awe up at the castle.

He looked a bit like Regina, with the same rounded, acute nose and similar blue eyes. And they way he studied everything reminded Severus of Regina also.

"I know your aunt," he told James, noting how the boy's eyes seemed to brighten.

"Aunt Regina?" She's pretty neat, isn't she?" James smiled.

"Yes. I think so." Severus replied.

* * * * * * * *

Now they were lined up and like caged animals, everyone in the great hall was staring at them attentively.

Sometimes Severus could catch a sentence that was being said—

"Look at that one scowl! She's a Slyth for sure!"

"See that perky, black haired boy? Definitely a Gryffindor."

"Ooh, there's a pretty girl. The red head. She'll be gorgeous in a few years!"

But everyone hushed as soon as Professor McGonagall came out carrying a faded blue hat.

After setting it down on a stool, she stated, almost annoyingly, "When I call your name, try on the hat. After it determines what house you belong to, go to the appropriate table."

"Anderson, Lyle!"

The first to be called was a rather short (and very shaky) brown-haired boy. He apprehensively picked up the hat and set it on his head, his fingers crossed.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" the hat screamed momentarily, and the Hufflepuff table cheered uproariously.

Guster Babbitt followed and was also placed in Hufflepuff. Marry Berglund was next and she wound up in Ravenclaw.

Then it was Sirius Black, and (as he predicted) was a certified Gryffindor. Todd Carlson became a Ravenclaw.

Brenda Collins was the first Slytherin and another Hufflepuff was added with Peter Collis.

Andrew Dahl- Ravenclaw and Antonin Dolohov- a Slytherin.

A very pretty red headed girl with iridescent green eyes was called up- "Evans, Lily" and placed in Gryffindor. Mandy Finnesman followed Lily, and was placed in Hufflepuff.

Gretchen Finnigan- Slytherin.

Andrea Hopkins- Hufflepuff.

Rayna Karkaroff and Edward Longbottom became Slytherins and a distinguished, mature looking boy (Remus Lupin) became the third new Gryffindor.

"Malfoy, Lucius" –Slytherin.

"Maternowsky, Brad"- Ravenclaw.

"Miller, Tina"—Hufflepuff.

"Montegue, Zandor" –Slytherin.

Lucy Nealon became the fourth Gryffindor and Frank O'Donnell was the fifth Ravenclaw. Another Hufflepuff was added with Brian Patrick and the Pudgy Peter Pettigrew (after a long wait) was the fifth edition to Gryffindor. Fredrick Pike was yet another Hufflepuff. Anne Phillips—a Ravenclaw.

"Potter, James," was called and Severus looked over at Regina. He's forgotten about her with all the excitement and a smile took over his face as he laid eyes on the Potions Master. She was also smiling, but at James. James became a Gryffindor.

Severus watched as Sirius patted the chair next to his, and could tell already that the two would be inseparable.

Adrienne Smith was a Slytherin and then he heard his own name.

"Snape, Severus!"

He tried to appear completely confident and nonchalant as he walked to the hat. He stared straight ahead, right at, as it happened, Regina Potter who gave him a smile and the peace sign. Severus smiled back and put on the hat.

The hat immediately began to talk to his thoughts.

"Hmm. Right away, my friend, I'm eliminating Hufflepuff. You have a lot of potential to be deceptive."

Thank god, he though, relieved.

"Why not Hufflepuff?" the hat inquired.

Hufflepuff is full of clumsy, overly friendly people. And they all look pretty stupid.

"Friendliness doesn't rub well on you? There goes Gryffindor. But, I knew right away you weren't a Gryffindor. Not the type."

You're not the first to say that. Now please hurry up! Am I in Ravenclaw or Slytherin?

"Do you care which one?"

No. Not really. I just want to take this dusty and not to mention dirty hat off my head. Dumbledore had this one his head once, and so did McGonagall . . . It makes me shudder to think about it.

"I've made a smart decision- SLYTHERIN! . . . have fun . . ."

He made his were towards to the cheering table and sat down next to a blond haired boy.

"Hello. Lucius Malfoy here. What took so long?"

"What? Oh, you mean that moronic hat?"

Lucius nodded.

"It couldn't make up its mind whether to put me in Ravenclaw or Slytherin."

"Glad you're here?"

Severus shrugged. "Long as I'm not a Hufflepuff."

Ilona Somero became a Ravenclaw.

Abigail Sumner- Gryffindor.

Robert Swenson –Ravenclaw.

Susan Thompson was the eighth Gryffindor and Justin Travers was the final Slytherin.

As he ate his first feast of his Hogwarts career, Severus noticed how Lucius, Justin Travers, Antonin Dolohov, and Zandor Montague all talked to each other as if they'd known each other for years.

"Do you four know each other from outside of Hogwarts?" Severus put voice to his thoughts.

Lucius spoke up—"Our fathers are friends, so we see each other often."

Severus nodded and went back to eating. Then looked up at the sixth first year, Edward Longbottom.

Edward was a cynical, yet easy-going looking boy. He was eyeing everyone around him distrustfully and he didn't seemed thrilled to be a member of the Slytherin family. Edward hadn't spoken one word yet, just had sneered in a Slytherin way.

Lucius was a blond haired, blue-eyed beauty. He would certainly have his way with the ladies. Severus could tell, watching Lucius' clique, that he was the manipulative leader, and a very boisterous one. He had a hushed tone of voice that he spoke with—not a whisper but not the average volume.

Zandor Montague was a black-haired fellow, with pale white cheeks (reminded him of the moon on gray nights) and green eyes that grasped his emotions clearly. His ears stuck out, and he was loud. Severus wouldn't trust him to keep a secret; the kid didn't seem able to keep his mouth shut (which he should, because when he opened it idiotic sentences came out).

Justin Travers had a plain face, reddish-brown hair and hazel eyes. He was, however, one of the tallest kids at Hogwarts (his prominent feature). Severus guessed Justin was 5'5" in comparison to his 5'1" (and Severus was considered tall for his age as well). Justin was always boasting about his mansion, about his dog, about his broomstick, about everything imaginable.

And Antonin Dolohov—a quiet, peculiarly handsome and photogenic boy with brown hair, oval-shaped brown eyes. HE was equipped with long lashes that flattered his face well. At this point, Severus couldn't find one Slytherin quality in Antonin, but he hadn't really done much but smile and murmur unintelligible words.

Interesting group here, Severus thought.

Next Chapter- Homesickness, it stinks, don't it? Sev meets Lily and has Potions. The Slytherin girls are introduced, and Lupin probably shows up. J A thanks goes out to reviewers.