I don't own anyone. I am not making any money off of this. I am writing for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others.

This is the third story in the Family series and in order to understand some of the comments you have to read the first two. Hint hint. Also in the first two are some clues about John's behavior.

Like in my other stories the separate brands are done away with and everyone but the Texans live in Connecticut.

I talk a lot about Boston. Never been there don't know where anything is. I know John Cena grew up in West Newbury. I have no idea where that is so I am saying it's a suburb of Boston. Creative Control.

I have also involved John's family. Don't know a thing about them so I made them up. I do know that he attended private school and lived in a dormitory during high school so I'm assuming that they have money. In my story his father is some big business person and his mother is a social butterfly. Its my story.

I have also changed his age, because when I first thought of the story he was 26. So I am keeping him that age.

Otherwise happy reading.