He Will Have The Power The Dark Lord Knows Not

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All was quiet in the house of Vernon Dursley. The projection of being the epitome of normalcy was what was strived for by this round man and his lamp post / horse of a wife, Petunia, with their equally round son Dudley. They had what you might call the proper house with the white picket fence. Neatly tended and the most plain non-exotic gardens, memberships to the proper social clubs, anything to appear to the outside world that they were nothing but normal people.

Except these people had a secret, one that they were extremely worried about being discovered. Their nephew, who at the age of one came to live with them after his parents died, was a wizard. Although the now five year old did not know the fact, or that his parents had not died in a car crash as his relatives said, but in a much more sinister way.

Due to the young Harry Potter's magical gifts, his relatives did not like him, especially when he accidentally performed magic that he had no control over. For whatever reason the Dursleys disliked magic, whenever one of these uncontrolled feats of magic occurred, Harry was severally punished. But these punishments only served to worsen the living conditions of the emerald-eyed child with the messy raven locks.

With having to live in a small cupboard under the stairs and being underfed Harry was small for a child of five. Almost always covered in bruises from being picked on by his cousin Dudley and his gang of friends or the slaps and hits from his Aunt and Uncle as minor "punishments" for what ever was considered as small things. These included talking when not spoken to, burning the meals he was forced to learn to make or for not finishing the chores no five year old should do on time. These intolerable acts of bad behaviour, as his relatives called it, could also lead to lesser amounts of food or none at all and being locked in the cupboard that was his bedroom for the past four years.

These punishments were nothing compared to what happened when Harry performed magic. These so-called 'freakish' acts caused severe beatings from Uncle Vernon as well as being locked in the cupboard with little or no food for a few days. After one of these such punishments is were our story begins.

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