"Boy!" yelled Pertunia as she harshly knocked on the cupboard door. "Get up it's time for you to help with breakfast, you lazy freak" she then unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen to get started. Slowly Harry creeped out of his cupboard as if to move any faster would cause too much pain. Covered in bruises from the day before Harry went into the kitchen to continue his ongoing lessons in cooking.

Soon Vernon and Dudley were down for breakfast with Dudley hitting Harry as he walked past to his place at the table. "Boy! Hurry up with that toast." Said Vernon over the top of his morning paper. "Yes sir." Harry replied quietly as he started walk past his cousin to place the plate on the table.

The image shimmed and turned back into the reflection of the woman who was staring into the mirror on her dresser. She was the perfect image of livid anger and great sorrow. Silent tears left trails down her ivory skin from eyes as green as the young child's that she had been watching earlier. "My daughter, what causes you this pain?" asked a slightly older female voice while running a calming hand through the red locks of her distressed child. "Mother can't we do anything? They are hurting him, abusing him in ways no one should be treated and a way that no elven child can withstand." Sighing, the older woman sat next to her daughter, though if you did not know this fact you would almost think them sisters in their appearance. "I know this is painful for you to bear Lillian, but you must be strong your farther is working on a way to get past the forgotten ways, we will get your son away from that woman and her family." Rising to her feet and turning to face her daughter she continues "How she can be the daughter of the Evans, I do not know. They were such caring people and were very willing to take you in as you learnt more of the ways of mortals magical or not." Pulling Lily from her seat "lets go talk to you father. Maybe he has found something." Both women headed out of the chambers for the library in which the man of their search had been stationed for the past twelve years in the elven realm or four in that of the mortals.

sorry that it has been so long and that it is not very long. you could say that my muse and i got into an argument about how the story should go as i had no intention of bringing in lilly. so we stoped talking to each other till i finally caved and i'm slowly starting this story again.