The Taxi Ride:

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Life sucked. Especially now. Satoshi Hiwatari, Commander of the team assigned to catching Dark, fourteen year old genius and every girl's dream guy, was very annoyed. It hadn't been a good day. Not at all. First, he'd ended up being late to school because it had taken him longer than usual to wake up, he'd missed breakfast, his car had broken down and it had taken him a little longer than usual to get to school. Next, the English teacher had screamed at him because he had forgotten to bring his essay to school and at lunchtime, he had gotten careless and his fangirls had caught him. Satoshi shuddered at the memory. To top it all off, none of this would have happened if Dark hadn't decided to toy with his mind last night and mention Daisuke in various…adult, R-rated situations. Whilst Satoshi had been thinking about all the delicious possibilities, the phantom thief had escaped and the detective was once again left to brood on the ineptitude of his squad. He glared at the empty road. There was not a taxi in sight, and he had long missed the bus. Pulling out his mobile, he began to dial the number of the taxi station. Then…

Daisuke rushed down the stairs to the courtyard, hoping that the bus would only be halfway down the road and that he would be able to catch up to it. His mother had told him that she needed him home as soon as school was over, and he had a feeling that she would'nt like it if he was a little late. He continued to run and barely managed to avoid the blue-haired boy. He stared in despair and the road and sighed quietly. This was the worst time to get stranded in school, because there were virtually no taxis in the area at this time. –Looks like I'll have to walk home…- he thought to himself and slowly began the long walk up the road. "Where are you going?" Daisuke whipped around and turned red. Last night, he had been fully conscious of what had been going on between Dark and Satoshi and (much to his dismay), Dark had teased the icy detective about wanting Daisuke. The innocent redhead didn't quite understand what half of it meant but from the look on Satoshi's face, he decided that he didn't want to know. Especially the part about handcuffs and leather.

"H-h-home," he replied. He smiled up at the taller teen, hoping that his blush didn't show up too much.

Satoshi nodded. "How?" He'd caught the panic passing across Daisuke's face when he'd arrived and assumed that the redhead realised that he'd missed the bus.

"Um…" Daisuke looked at the pavement and fidgeted, face turning an even deeper shade of red. He felt himself flush even further and opened his mouth, intending to tell Satoshi tht he intended to walk home. Of course, it came out as a quiet, "I'm going to…" and trailed off into something inaudible. Dark, meanwhile, cackled away merrily, fully aware of the awkward situation that he had created between the two boys within one night. Dai-chan, he sing-songed, don't you think that Mr. Commander Sir looks incredibly sexy? I bet you'd love to have him spank you, wouldn't you? Daisuke turned bright red and choked on air. –No I wouldn't!- Daisuke turned the colour of a tomato and was on the verge of having a mental breakdown right there and then.

No? Oh yes, perhaps creepy bastard would like prefer the innocent little virgin act, ne Dai-chan? Not that you aren't one anyway, of course. Daisuke could just picture Dark winking and nudging him. Unable to stop the groan of despair, Daisuke lifted his hands up to his face and covered it, now a lovely shade of crimson from the roots of his hair downwards.

Satoshi looked coolly at the other boy and wondered what the thief had said this time. Judging from the look on the adorable redhead's face, it was probably something incredibly embarrassing. Either that, or else he just made one of his perverted remarks. He looked at the phone in his hand, and then realised that he ws supposed to have been dialling the number for the taxi station. He finished the call withing a minute, and went back to watching Daisuke. He noticed the way the cheerful redhead's lips were slightly parted, the way his eyes sparkled with innocence, the way his hair was so adorably messed up it almost screamed 'Throw me against the nearest wall and ravish me', the way…Satoshi immediately shook his head vigorously to clear it of the hentai thoughts that he was having. Krad, on the other hand, was practically foaming at the mouth trying to break out of his prison. Let me go, Satoshi-sama! Let me kill the Wing Master and his Thief! Let us be free, free of the chains that the Niwas have bound us in for so long!

((Shut up Krad! I won't let you hurt him!))

Krad's voice then changed from fury to a seductive, soothing tone. Satoshi-sama, the Niwa boy has stolen your heart. But he will never feel for you the way you feel for him.

Although his face showed no signs of anything other than slight annoyance, the police commander was incredibly irritated. Krad was a nuisance at the best of times, and a living nightmare to deal with at the worst. Satoshi finally managed to shove Krad's snarls to the back of his mind and concentrated on the road in front of him. He then realised that Daisuke was halfway up the road, and the blue-haired detective suddenly found a strong urge to go and invite Daisuke to carpool with him welling up inside. The blue-haired boy debated upon whether or not to obey the urge and as in all cheesy get-together fics, he gave into the urge. He ran up the road and caught up to the cute redhead. "Do you want to join me in the taxi?" he asked. He hoped for appearance's sake that he looked perfectly composed, and that he did not scare Daisuke off.

"Wha-what?" Daisuke was lost in his own thoughts and thrashing things out with Dark when Satoshi's question brought him crashing back down to earth. He forced himself to look at the aquamarine-eyed boy, exposing his crimson face to the detective.

"I said, do you want to share a taxi with me?" Satoshi watched Daisuke, hoping fervently that the boy would acquiesce. He wanted nothing but to be near Daisuke, talk to him, enjoy his presence. Krad hissed in disgust, but Satoshi ignored it easily.

Hey, creepy bastard's asking you to share a taxi with him! Dark laughed merrily, it was so much fun teasing Daisuke about Satoshi, especially now. Maybe he's going to take you to his house and screw you senseless! That would be fun, wouldn't it Dai-chan? You'd get to see him…

Daisuke frowned cutely. He wasn't quite sure of the meaning of 'screw' as anything other than the verb that you used to describe the action connected to a screwdriver. He'd heard Takeshi and most of the other boys use it when talking about girls, but he had never paid much attention to the way it was used. –Dark?-

Yes? Dark answered, sweetness in his voice.

-What does 'screw' mean? You know, the way you used it just now?-

If Dark had been eating or drinking anything, it would have flown out of his mouth at that precise moment. What?!

Daisuke fidgeted. Then he looked up, and realised that Satoshi was still waiting for a reply. "Sure," he managed to say. In his mind, he could hear Dark cackle…and then the lightning struck. Dark explained the meaning of 'screw' and just as Daisuke's face returned to its normal colour, it soon reverted back to its previous embarrassed state. Satoshi just quirked an eyebrow and idly wondered what Dark had said this time. ((That thief had better not have soiled /my/ Daisuke's mind,)) he thought possessively. He'd long given up denying that he was in love with the redhead. Krad snorted derisively, an odd thing for the aristocratic blond to do. Of course, Satoshi continued to ignore him, choosing instead to focus on the beautiful redhead in front of him.

"Hn. All right then, we'll split the fare," the icy detective replied coolly, in response to Daisuke's acceptance of his offer. Inwardly, though, he was jumping for joy. Dark, meanwhile, was continuing his little 'talk' with Daisuke. C'mon Dai-chan, I know you like him, think of this as an opportunity to get to know him better. Daisuke cringed; the leer in Dark's voice was so obvious only a deaf man would have missed it. Besides, I haven't had any entertainment since I disappeared from your granddad! Daisuke forced himself not to cringe at that mental image-Daikii Niwa having sex was just not right. he swallowed again and jumped in surprise when Satoshi touched his shoulder lightly. "The taxi's here," he told the now jumpy redhead.

Daisuke looked hastily at the road and practically yanked the door of the cab open and scrambled inside. Satoshi followed, albeit in a more dignified way. ((I wonder what Dark told him,)) he thought, not for the first time. He pulled the cab door closed behind him and then settled down into the seat. He wanted to sit next to Daisuke, in the middle seat, but then it would look very odd and he would probably get some funny looks from the driver, not to mention probably scaring the already skittish redhead. He stared out the window of the taxi, trying to think of something to say.

Daisuke sneaked a look at Satoshi, wishing that his classmate would say something, in order to distract him from Dark's chanting of Daisuke likes Satoshi, Daisuke likes Satoshi, Daisuke likes Satoshi… Both boys were completely oblivious to the taxi driver's raised eyebrow.

The driver observed his two passengers from the rear view mirror, smirking to himself. It was obvious that they liked each other more than just friends, and it was obvious that each wanted the other to know-and accept it. Ah, when a young man's thoughts lightly turn to thoughts of love, he thought to himself, amused. He was straight, of course-heck- he had a wife, 2 kids and a nice house, complete with a white picket fence and a garden. Of course, he didn't mind gay relationships. He'd even made a few happen with some of his friends. His smirk grew wider as the gears in his brain started working and a plan was soon formulated.

Not taking his eyes off the rear view mirror (but somehow managing to drive the vehicle without crashing it into anything, the taxi driver spoke conversationally. "Where to?"

Satoshi jumped, but quickly recovered his composure and told the driver where to go. "Ah," the man said, much to Satoshi's annoyance. "You dropping your friend off? Or are you going to the same place?"

"I'm dropping him off," Satoshi replied curtly, jerking his head a little to indicate Daisuke. Unfortunately, this action forced him to look at Daisuke and he was barely able to stop himself from jumping the redhead right there and then. The driver, on the other hand, was elated. He could not have wanted a better reaction.

"All right then," he said, keeping the cheerful tone in his voice. He waited until Satoshi had gotten control over himself again before placing the 'Out of Service" sign behind his windshield. Risking a glance up at the rear view mirror, he noticed that the blue-haired boy was watching him intently. Wait a minute…I know that kid! He was in the newspapers just two nights ago! He's the one in charge of catching Kaitou Dark! He inwardly smiled. So the pretty boy of every girl's dreams plays for the other team, eh? This was going to be a challenge.

Intent on playing matchmaker, the driver continued with his 'talking'. "Wow, Red," the driver commented, "Looks like you got an icy boyfriend there."

Daisuke jumped a few millimetres off the seat and blushed at the 'boyfriend' comment. "Um, he's not my boyfriend," he managed to stammer out, face crimson. Dark, on the other hand, was enjoying the situation immensely. But you wish he was, don't you Dai-chan? The thief smirked and then settled down, curious to see more of how the driver worked. He had guessed the driver's game right from the start, but hadn't told Daisuke about it because…well…he needed entertainment, and watching creepy bastard lose his cool definitely counted as entertainment.

Daisuke swallowed as Dark fell silent after his last comment. He knew from experience that silence from the normally cocky and mischievous thief was never a good thing.

"Really?" The driver could have laughed out loud; he was that amused. This pair was playing right into his hands. "Well…" he paused for effect, making his voice sound thoughtful. "If you were just a few years older…I'd ask you out." He sneaked a look at Commander Hiwatari. The boy was growling quietly and glaring daggers at him and the driver reminded himself that he could be arrested.

Satoshi clenched his hands in his lap, forcing himself not to leap up, grab Daisuke and tell the driver, "Mine." He didn't realise that he was grinding his teeth until he felt a gentle touch on his arm. He looked to his right and saw a small hand on his arm. Crimson met azure and the detective slowly schooled his features to smoothness again. Up front, the driver stepped on the gas as he spotted a sharp bend. He knew this area; it had so many sharp turns that it was perfect for matchmaking-by throwing the soon-to-be couple into each others' laps from the force with which the car turned. Either that, or else they would hug each other and pray for the ride to end. One way or another, though, they would be forced to make contact with each other. The driver cackled to himself and continued his 'conversation' with the furiously blushing Daisuke.

He had just finished turning Daisuke into a tomato, when Satoshi finally intervened, unable to restrain himself any longer. He had just started warning the driver when the whole car suddenly swung sideways and he found himself flying eastwards. He landed on something soft, and the something gave a small squeak.

Daisuke was sill trying to recover from his beetroot state when he felt the car lurch sideways and suddenly there was a large weight on top of him. He didn't realise what had happened until Dark informed him, Creepy bastard's on top of you! He's on top of you! Isn't that great? Now all you have to do is—

-Shut up!- Daisuke was annoyed by Dark's merciless teasing, not to mention the driver's lewd remarks. His face turned a dark crimson colour and just as he'd managed to help Satoshi to roll over so that he wouldn't be crushed underneath the taller boy's weight, the car gave another sickening lurch and Daisuke landed on Satoshi for the second time.

The driver grinned like a maniac as he hurtled down the road at almost breakneck pace. Although he knew that he had a police officer in the car, he knew that he wouldn't get in trouble because, well, technically he was still within the boundaries of the speed limit. He hurtled around another bend and he heard a muffled thump as his two passengers were thrown around in the back again.

Satoshi blinked as this time, it was his turn to be on the bottom. Krad squawked indignantly, infuriated by the way the Wing Tamer was on top of his host in such a suggestive position. He duly informed his host thus and Satoshi, felt the exact opposite way. Azure eyes stared deeply into crimson and Daisuke blushed hotly, trying his best not to dwell on the piercing quality of Satoshi's eyes or the way his body was pressed down firmly on his. Dark groaned in disappointment. Aw, no action? Daisuke gasped quietly and Satoshi's eyes widened just for a second as the car jolted and their lips met.

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