The Taxi Ride: Part 2

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Satoshi could only stare in shock as the soft scent of cinnamon assaulted his senses. ((Oh my God oh my God oh my God!)) He mentally screamed. ((I'm kissing Daisuke Niwa!))

Krad snarled angrily. Let me kill the Wing Master! he demanded angrily. Satoshi wrestled with himself, trying to keep the aristocratic killer under his control. He didn't want to transform into the blonde, especially not just now. The words 'Carpe Diem' (seize the day) floated into his mind, and Satoshi decided to take their advice. He slowly began to kiss Daisuke, savouring the taste and scent of the other boy. He felt Daisuke respond and continued, determined to kiss the boy for as long as possible. A tinge of satisfaction went through him as he realised that he was deliberately annoying Krad.

Daisuke shivered at the tingles racing up his spine as he felt Satoshi's lips caressing his. Without further ado, he began to respond eagerly, desperate to get as much of the blue-haired boy as possible. He melted into the kiss and his hands slithered up and over the detective's back, pulling the other boy closer.

Dark smirked to himself. Oh yeah, he thought, this is exactly what I wanted. Besides, creepy bastard's such an anal-retentive freak, a good lay probably wouldn't do him any harm. He settled down and watched the show avidly, the grin on his face big enough to rival the Cheshire cat's.

The taxi driver ignored the quiet shifting sounds from the back of his car. He had now slowed down drastically, now that his plan was complete. He could only pray that some other police officer didn't see just exactly what was going on inside the car. Oh yes; and he also hoped that the back wouldn't get too messy; cleaning the seats could be a real hassle, especially when it came to certain…bodily fluids. Or so he had heard.

Satoshi groaned quietly as Daisuke's hands ran over his back, leaving a trail of heat wherever they went. He whimpered quietly and forcefully kissed the boy back, determined to win this battle. The two teens continued in this way until the taxi driver coughed quietly.

"You two can finish your…business…when we get out of this area," he said calmly. At the glare from Satoshi, he hastily elaborated. "You see, there are a lot of policemen here and I don't think you would like to be caught…making out," he paused to grin evilly at them, "If you know what I mean." Satoshi and Daisuke looked at each other, and the detective sighed. The two boys slowly settled back down into their respective seats and hoped fervently that they did not look too ruffled from their 'encounter'. The driver, meanwhile, smirked to himself.

Daisuke sighed and dreamily thought of the way Satoshi's lips had felt on his. He closed his eyes slowly…before a question popped into his head. "Hey, Mr…?" He addressed the taxi driver.

"Yeah?" The driver wondered what the redhead wanted to say. If he had known the question beforehand though, he would have pretended not to hear the cute pretty boy.

"How did you know that we were…um…well…" Daisuke trailed off, blushing furiously. The driver's smug expression turned into one of abject horror, and it was now Satoshi's turn to smirk. ((Revenge is sweet.))

"I-um, ah, well…" the driver forced himself to think quickly. He didn't really want to explain that he had a few gay friends, and he certainly didn't want them thinking that he was some sort of empath who could sense feelings. "I…" Oh God, he thought to himself, here goes nothing! "I'm gay too!" he blurted out.


Satoshi's smirk widened and when he noticed that they were out of the police-filled highway, he told the driver to take them both to his (Satoshi's) place instead. The driver nodded. Then came the million dollar question-posed by innocent Dai-chan. "Do you have a…well, relationship with anyone else at the moment?" The driver knew that the redhead meant, 'with any men', so he was free to say no (he had a wife).

"No. Not at the moment, anyway." The driver fervently hoped that he would not have to answer any more questions-he wasn't sure about how long he could keep up the charade for-and was saved by the approaching house. "We're here!" he said cheerfully, glad to take his leave of the couple. Satoshi looked at Daisuke and the redhead met his eyes before turning red and looking downwards. The detective swallowed hard, reminding himself of the presence of the taxi driver. He hastily shoved a handful of bills into the cabbie's hand and told him to keep the change, before practically dragging Daisuke out and pressing his lips firmly to those of the other boy's.

Daisuke blinked as he felt Satoshi's lips descend upon his again, but he eagerly responded as soon as his brain processed what was happening to him. –Oh my God he's kissing me, Satoshi Hiwatari's kissing me, he's kissing me, he's kissing me…- were the thoughts that ran through Daisuke's brain. Dark, on the other hand, cackled to himself and resolved to thank the taxi driver in his own, unique way.

The two teenagers staggered into the lift, barely able to keep their hands off each other for more than a minute. Satoshi silently thanked all the deities that he knew for being kind enough not to put anyone else in the lift with them. Of course, there were the security cameras, but this did not occur to his mind. All he wanted was Daisuke, and he wanted the cute redhead as soon as possible. His mind was hazed over, and all he could do was feel and respond to the pretty redhead's shy touches. They arrived at the door panting and flushed, and it was a struggle for Satoshi not to just jump Daisuke right there and then as the redhead ran his hands over his back.

The pair fell into the apartment and Satoshi hastily kicked the door shut behind them, not even bothering to lock it. They staggered over to the sofa and Daisuke flopped onto the large piece of furniture. The situation's full ramifications then crashed down onto him, and the redhead shot upright as though he'd been electrocuted. His face was now a new shade of red and he managed to barely whisper, "Satoshi…" He fidgeted a little on the large sofa, looking anywhere but at the blue-haired teen. "Is…" he fidgeted a little more, "Is…this what you want?"

Satoshi paused, forcing himself to calm down and fighting his hormones. The fourteen year old genius frowned, trying to think of what Daisuke meant. Then it hit him. ((Oh God,)) he thought, ((This is like one of those cheesy romance novels where the heroine asks the hero if he really loves her, or if he only wants her for sexual purposes. And I'm the hero.))

Daisuke looked at Satoshi. When the blue-haired boy showed no sign of reaction after a few moments, the redhead felt his heart sink. Dark, feeling a little sorry for Daisuke (as well as annoyed at him for turning 'creepy bastard' off like that), decided to comfort the redhead-just a little. Aw, Dai-chan, don't worry, he coaxed. He's probably going to sweep you into his arms and tell you that he'll never love another so long as you're around! And if he doesn't…I'll kill him for you! Daisuke sniffled a little bit.

Satoshi turned around just in time to see Daisuke rub his eyes with his shirt sleeve. Concerned for the other teen, the normally icy detective slowly joined Daisuke on the couch and hugged him gently. Despite what his hormones were telling him at the moment, Satoshi knew that he also wanted to protect and love the redhead. He forced Krad to the back of his mind and gathered the sniffling redhead into his arms, hugging him tightly. He felt a small pair of arms make their way around his waist and they stayed like that until Satoshi felt Daisuke's breath even out from the ragged sobs from before. Lowering his head so that his mouth was close to Daisuke's ear, he whispered softly, "I love you."

Daisuke blinked, not sure that he heard Satoshi correctly. He stared up at the blue-haired boy, crimson orbs slightly watery but still held the light that the icy detective had come to love and cherish. "S-s-sorry?" he whispered, scared of what he might hear.

Satoshi smiled slightly. "I said," he whispered, "I love you."

Daisuke couldn't believe his ears. On the other hand, Dark could. The kaitou had seen it coming from the very beginning, ever since the two boys had met. He had sensed Satoshi's growing interest in Daisuke-the fact that he had even agreed to his little deal showed that he cared for the boy as more than just an acquaintance. Now Dai-chan, Dark thought to his host, can we have a little action please? You have your romantic scene with creepy bastard, so can I please have my kinky sex scene?

Daisuke blushed at the open usage of the word 'sex', but he didn't quite get what kinky meant. However, he got the gist of the message and blushed. Satoshi, being curious as ever (there was another reason to his wanting to catch Dark besides Krad's obsession with the purple-haired thief), gave Daisuke a questioning look. The redhead blushed and shook his head furiously, indicating that he probably would not want to know. A small smirk crossed Satoshi's lips and he decided to follow Dark's 'advice'. "Did he say…this?" The blue-haired boy planted his lips firmly on the shorter redhead's, drawing a gasp from Daisuke. The kiss deepened and Daisuke's hands came up to tangle in ice-blue locks, pulling the detective closer towards him.

Satoshi pushed gently, so that Daisuke was now lying down on the couch and he continued to kiss the redhead senseless. And then…well, we'll leave the two to their hot and heavy session.

Two hours later

Daisuke looked at Satoshi and blushed again. He still couldn't get his mind around the fact that he had…um…well…slept with Satoshi was the only way to put it without his blushing, really. He looked over at his…lover? Boyfriend? Friend with benefits? He didn't know. Despite all these thoughts, Daisuke could not stop the goofy grin from spreading across his face as his eyes took in the pale form of Satoshi Hiwatari. Ruby eyes sparkled with love for the other boy and Daisuke was content just to lie there and watch Satoshi's peaceful breathing. The scene didn't last for long though; Dark made himself known in the recesses of Daisuke's mind.

Oh me oh my, what a show! What a show! Dark pretended to fan himself. I have to admit, creepy bastard is really something else in bed, isn't he? Daisuke blushed. Dark noticed this and continued his teasing, determined to embarrass Daisuke further. Don't you just love the way he looks when he's sleeping? He looks so peaceful like that. Although I think you would prefer him awake, sweaty and…

-Shut up- Daisuke tried his best to suppress Dark's taunts in his mind, not wanting the thief to continue. He was soon distracted by the shifting, coming from beside him. He turned around to beam at a still rather dozy Satoshi. Hazy blue met sparkling red and Satoshi blinked, trying to think of a reason as to why Niwa was in his bed and not screaming for help, rape or physical assault at least. Krad then made himself known.

Satoshi-sama, you have bedded the Wing Master! Even drowsy, Satoshi could tell that the aristocratic (or should it be aristoKRADtic…ignore my puns hehe) blond demon was furious. He doesn't love you, he only felt sympathy for you! A shodow of doubt slowly crept into the blue-haired boy's mind and he tried to crawl away from the source of warmth next to him. ((I forgot…it was only a one-time thing…Daisuke does not love me…)) The child in the confident, blue-haired detective slowly curled up and cried, and for once Satoshi let the tears trickle silently down his face.

Daisuke frowned, puzzled as to why Satoshi had just turned his back on him. Then he caught sight of his classmate's shoulders shaking slightly, and his ears caught the sound of quiet sobs. "Satoshi, what's the matter?" He shuffled over to the other boy and gently hugged him from behind. What he heard next what a shock.

Satoshi repeated his mantra to himself. "It was just a one-time thing, it was just a one-time thing, it was just a one-time thing…" Behind him, ruby red eyes widened in shock.

-He…thinks it's just for relief- Daisuke was shocked. He thought that he had heard Satoshi claim that he loved him, but…Daisuke realised that he had replied. –Oops…-

Dark was about to start cackling, but upon seeing Daisuke's distress he stopped. Perhaps…Dark trailed off, for once in his life uncertain of what to say or do. People called him a playboy, and indeed he had girls falling at his feet, but he had never actually experienced true love-heck, he'd never been out in real life long enough to meet that 'special someone'.

-What, Dark- Dark hesitated a little, but upon seeing Daisuke in such a state, he decided to put in his two cents. For all it's worth, he thought wryly.

Perhaps you should convince him that your…session…wasn't just for release. Daisuke blinked. Dark actually sounded serious about that.

"Satoshi?" Daisuke gently placed a small hand on Satoshi's back, hoping that the other boy would not reject him totally.

"Go 'way," Satoshi whispered, trying not to show that he was crying.

"I-I-…I love you too," Daisuke blurted out, hoping that the other teen heard him.

Satoshi's eyes widened slightly. ((He…loves…me?))

Krad growled. He wasn't going to lose to that…Niwa brat if he could help it. You can't love him! It's morally wrong!

Satoshi turned around and looked at Daisuke cautiously, like a child waiting to be beaten. "You do?"

Daisuke nodded and wrapped his arms around the other boy, hugging him. Satoshi slowly allowed himself to hug the other boy. Dark smiled to himself and watched the scene silently. It was meant to be. Now I need to convince Daisuke to send a little 'something' to that driver It would be rather…rude to ignore him after he's done so much. A smirk came to the kaitou's lips as he figured out a way of thanking the driver, which involved an online gay dating service.

Taxi driver's house, two days later:

"I'm home!" Hiro Sanada, formerly known to us as 'the taxi driver', walked in through the door and was promptly greeted by two shrieking children. The man laughed and picked up his five year old son, Kenji. "Hey kid, how are ya?"

Kenji squealed with delight as his father swung him through the air. Hiro laughed, glad to be home. His wife then came out and smiled at the sight her husband made. Three year old Mina was watching her brother and father with awe-filled eyes and tugging gently on the bottom of his pant leg. Hiro put his son down and picking up Mina, walked over to his wife, who smiled at him. "There's a letter for you," she said, smiling.

"Really?" Hiro asked. He rarely received letters nowadays, thanks to the wonders of the Internet. "Who's it from?"

Kira shrugged. "I don't know. I left it for you to open."

Hiro hugged her gently. "Thanks."

Kira laughed and lightly smacked her husband's back. "Go on then, open it!"

The taxi driver took the letter from his wife and peeled back the flap. He slowly pulled out the sheet of paper in it, unfolded it-and blinked. What the…! It was apparently a 'gift' from someone.

'Welcome to Looking for Sum1 Online Dating Service!' the letter went. 'You have been given a free premium membership. All you need to do is type in the account number and password provided to you at the bottom of this letter, and you will be able to start meeting men like you all over the world!'

Sanada blinked. Is this a joke? He thought incredulously. The gears in his brains slowly ticked…and then everything fell into place. Just as he was about to replace the letter into the envelope, another sheet of paper fell out. He slowly picked it up and looked at it. This note read, 'Much thanks. Satoshi Hiwatari and Daisuke Niwa."

Hiro's suspicions were confirmed, and he could not suppress his laughter. Kira smiled amusedly at her husband. "Hiro, just what is so funny?" She'd heard the story of how he'd apparently gotten two gays together in his taxi, but she didn't think that the letter was connected to the incident. Hiro didn't stop laughing; he passed the note and the letter over. Kira skim-read the note quickly, and her eyes widened in amusement and she, too, started laughing as she read the note and figured everything out for herself.

"Oh my, Hiro, you pretended to be gay?"

Hiro nodded slightly, still weak from laughter. Kira smiled at her husband and hugged him tightly. "Oh darling, you actually pretended to be gay in order to get them together?"

Hiro nodded again. "That's so sweet!"

Kenji and Mina looked at their parents, and Kenji made a face of disgust. "Adults are weird," he told his little sister, who nodded. The two children returned to their rooms and left the parents to discuss and talk.

Satoshi's house:

Satoshi gave Daisuke an incredulous look. "You mean to say…Dark sent a letter to that taxi driver to thank him for hooking us up!" Daisuke could only nod-and then wince as Dark whispered another lewd remark.

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