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Lost To Find

Chapter 1: And Who Are You?

No one is waiting for you. You're all alone. And you'll stay alone.

I'm not alone. He's out there. Waiting. Patient as always.

Everyone let go. They're not holding on. He's not holding on

He's holding on. He promised. He won't leave me. He won't.

You're dead to him. And he's moved on. Away from you. You're alone.


She stared straight ahead. There was nothing else for her to do. Then it began again. Pictures flashed across her eyes, words being drilled into her mind. DISCIPLINE. OBEDIENCE.

She couldn't blink. She was trapped. Faces appeared and disappeared. Ben, Tinga, Zack, Brin. TRAITOR.

She screamed, but no one heard her. The people around ignored her. I'm Max. I'm Max. I'm Max. My name is Max. And they can't hurt me.

And then it stopped. Max blinked. She could blink. The clasps around her hands were undone. She looked around, puzzled. It always lasted longer.

A man walked up to her. 'Go to the Director. She wants to see you,' he said pointing to the exit. 'You're in for it this time,'

Max watched him silently. 'What are you waiting for, freak?' he sneered at her. Max got up and walked off. Her heart hammered against her chest. The bitch wanted to see her.

The pain seared through her flesh. Tears streamed down her cheeks but she would not give Renfro the satisfaction of hearing her scream. The fire licked at her hungrily. Max held her silence but she was in so much pain.


She was hit again. Kicked and punched. Her blood trickled down to the cold, hard floor. 'Who is Eyes Only!' Max bit her lip to keep herself from crying out loud. Her hands that were tied above her became numb. Her body became numb. She didn't even feel the pain anymore. She closed her eyes.

The X7s holding the flaming sticks stopped, confused. They pulled the sticks away. They stared at the woman bound in front of them unsure of what to do. Max's body hung limp in front of them, black where she was burnt.

'Ma'am, she's unconscious,'

Renfro spat on the ground. 'Nothing but a weak, pathetic soldier after all.'

She turned around and faced he X7s. 'Leave her here. A retrieval team is on the way. You are to be reminded that what you have just done is to be kept under code E54. If any other person finds out about this you will end up just like her. Understand?'

The X7s looked at each other fearfully. 'Yes, ma'am.'

Logan stared blankly at the screen. The words swum in front of him, making no sense. Then again, maybe it was the effects of the alcohol. His head hurt.

'Damn you, Max,'

Six months had passed since he held her dying body in the forest. Six months of misery. Six months of a billion 'what-ifs'. Six months of drowning his pain and sorrow in alcohol.

This was supposed to be the last time he got this way. He had made a promise to Cindy that he would move on. Max wouldn't have wanted him to suffer, she said. She would've wanted him to go on living. Living for her.

Are you alone?



He left me. Alone



Where is he?

He moved on.

And where are you?


And who are you?


'Good, 452. Very good,'