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Chapter 10

Mine, Yours, Ours.

Everyone noticed the grim expressions on both Max and Logan's faces as they walked in, but refused to comment. They had overheard bits and pieces of their heated conversation and thought that it was best to pretend nothing was amiss.

"He's lost his memory." Jondy said as they took their places on the long couch. "Can't remember a single thing."

"If you people could just explain to me…anything. Maybe I will remember. I remembered you." Zack nodded towards Max. "And I remembered Becky."

The room was silent as everyone contemplated what to do next.

"You were our brother." Krit suddenly spoke up. "You watched out for us, all of us, even when you didn't have to."

Zack nodded slowly. "Who am I exactly, who were…our parents? Why was I in that burning place? Manticore?" He asked. He turned to Alec. "And who is he? He obviously doesn't know you guys, how come he knew me?"

"I just wanted to help. And, if everything is fine and dandy here now, I'd like to make a move. I got places to be." Alec got up, but was pushed back down harshly by Zane. "You're not going anywhere until we say you can go."

"Rude, much. You could've just said no. Didn't have to hurt me." He rubbed his shoulder where Zane had shoved him and glared him.

Max watched the exchange pensively, her mind occasionally making its way down memory lane. Logan sat far away from her, a cold wall surrounding him. She remembered the last time he had been like this, when his legs were giving up on him after the transfusion. She had been the cause of that particular pain as well. Giving him false hope.

Her siblings had begun explaining to Zack about Manticore, where they had come from and she could only watch as her former CO took everything in calmly.

Zack had been the one who couldn't leave Manticore behind, even after they escaped and yet here he was being told about the hell they had gone through. That was wrong. Everything was wrong.

Her heart, or rather, Zack's heart was hammering against her chest and suddenly she couldn't stand it anymore. From Logan's cold indifference towards her, Zack's amnesia, to Alec's irritating smirk from the corner of the room.

They all happened in some way because of her.

And it was too overwhelming. She had to leave. Now.

"I gotta jet." She whispered to no one in particular and ran out the door, letting it slam behind her and leaving everyone in the room in a stunned silence.

"What's her problem?" Alec asked once he got over Max's sudden disappearance.

"Someone should-" Jondy started, but was cut off by Logan, who had gotten up to put on his jacket.

"I got it."


Somehow, cruising on her baby wasn't as thrilling as it used to be. Max had been riding for over half an hour and she still didn't feel any better. The rush of adrenaline she craved for didn't come and the sense of freedom that always came from her midnight endeavors on the road wasn't as satisfying as it used to be.

Before she realized it, she was looking up at the old, dilapidated building she once used to call her home. How the hell did she end up all the way here?

Old habits die hard.

She looked around, unsure what her next move was supposed to be.

Well, since I'm already here…

Max killed the engine and draped a discarded comforter over her bike. She pushed the rusty doors open and slowly made her way up the seven floors.


"What's wrong, boo?"

Max shook her head and continued to stare into the cup of hot chocolate. Original Cindy sighed and sat down beside her, frustration clearly written on her face.

"Well, you better start talking, and soon too, sugah, or Original Cindy will lay a smack down on your ass. You my best boo, and no way is Original Cindy gonna let you mope like this."

Max remained silent, slowly sipping her hot chocolate.

"Your boy called a couple of times." Original Cindy told her, thinking that it would get a reaction out of Max, but Max just nodded and then went still again, staring into space. "I promised to call him if you came by. He's worried about you, boo." Cindy continued, trying to get Max to talk.

Max whipped her head up at that and Cindy noticed the anger in her eyes. "Worried about me? Don't think so." She snapped back. And then her expression softened and she quickly apologized as she realized she was taking out her frustration on the wrong person.

"You guys got into a fight?"

Max let out a loud breath and nodded again. "Yeah. I didn't think it would get like this. God…He's so god damned infuriating." Max pushed away the chair as she got up and walked to the window across the room. Now she had started, she couldn't stop the words from coming out of her mouth. "And all this about Zack, its making the situation worse…He died. I saw him, you know." She stared out into the night and then turned back to Cindy who was waiting patiently for her to continue.

"He was hooked up on these tubes. They harvested him, gave his organs to other people. He was dead. He died for me. And yet…he's there, at Logan's. It's just so… so screwed up."

Cindy went over to Max and laid a hand on her shoulder. "It'll get better. Life's like that sometimes, boo. You just gotta deal with it." She squeezed her shoulder and felt Max relax a little. "And the thing with you and hotboy…"

Max shook her head. "Its nothing. And it's definitely got nothing to do with anyone else." She said pointedly to Cindy. She leaned her forehead on the cool glass of the window, cherishing the soft, calming 'drip, drip' of the raindrops as it hit the glass.

"Then what are you doing here in stead of being over there working it out with him?" Cindy asked, sitting back down on the worn out couch in the middle of the room.

"I needed some space, you know, get away from it all. Alec, Zack, Logan…My siblings…it became too much, too fast. And then there are those people, transgenics who are out there, now, running about 'cause I freed them… What about them? What if… they get violent, and start killing? Cindy, it'll be on me. Do you get it? It's my fault. All of it."

Max was breathing hard now, her fists clenched so tight she could swear she was drawing blood from her palms. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

"I'm going crazy."

"No, you're just…like you said, too much, too fast. Take some time, figure everything out, it'll all be okay, chica." Original Cindy said as she got up and enveloped Max in a warm hug.

Max nodded, sighing as she plopped herself down onto the worn out couch. "You got a new TV." She remarked as she took note of the smooth black screen peeking out of a TV cabinet in front of her. Cindy showed her the remote, grinning as she did so.

"Yeah, and about damn time too. Not as many channels as Logan's got over at his pad, but Original Cindy can deal with that." The TV flickered on and Max let a smile escape as she watched colourful cartoon girls fly around the screen.

"You know what, Cin? I missed this. Powerpuff Girls. No cartoons back at that hellhole, definitely no powerpuff." She let out a snort of laughter at Original Cindy's expression. "Wha-at."

"I take it back, boo. You are definitely going crazy."

"I like them. Created in a lab, spiced up with that Chemical X thing. Sorta reminds me of me… a little." Max replied, her eyes still fixed on the colourful TV screen. The phone rang and Original Cindy walked over to answer it.

"If its Logan, tell him I'm not here." Max said, turning to her. Cindy gave her a look and answered the phone. Max watched her friend closely, trying to guess who it was.

"Yeah? Uh- huh…Yeah, right here. She's fine, Logan-" Cindy quickly bent down, ducking the pillow that had been thrown her way. Max glared at her, as if daring her to say another word.

"Yeah, still here. Just trying to avoid your girl tryin' to end my life. Okay. See ya." Cindy hung up. Max was sulking, her hands now taking it out on the remote control, fiercely jabbing at the buttons and her unseeing eyes focused on the TV.

"He's coming?" She asked, still flipping through the channels. She felt the couch sag and she stopped her attack on the remote. Cindy sat at the other end, smirking. "I ain't gonna let you leave, boo. You guys gotta talk it out. "

"I wasn't gonna leave."

"Well, good, cause Original Cindy's got a hot date at Crash and she don't wanna be late. Think you can do this on your own?"

"Sure I can do this. Just like how I can cook too." She muttered sarcastically as she watched Cindy grab her jacket, ready to leave. "I'm just a call away, boo." Cindy said, ignoring her comment.

The door opened and shut out of her sight and she settled back down onto the worn out couch. She waited for him, idly surfing through the channels again. How was she going to deal with him? How do you apologize for not telling someone they were supposed to be killed? She sighed and cradled her head between her hands.

Whatever happened, it was going to be a long night.

The doorbell rang. It was a wonder how even that came as a surprise. Maybe she had been expecting him to just walk in, the way she always did. Maybe she had expected him to knock angrily, make a racket, which would force her to pull him in hurriedly. He did none of the above.

He rang the damn doorbell. Like a perfect freakin' gentleman. Shoulda known. She thought as she made her way to the door.

He stood on the other side, expressionless. Max took a few seconds to assess the situation, staring at him silently. He wasn't angry.

Honey, expressionless does not mean not angry.

"You gonna let me in?" He voiced out, suddenly very aware that he had been standing there for a while. Max nodded and pulled the door open wider, letting him pass through. She shut the door after him and locked it securely.

Now or never, sister.

Logan turned to look at her intently, his blue eyes focused on her. "You weren't on the Space Needle." He said simply to her.

He actually went up there?

"Figured it was gonna rain. Safer to be here than there." She replied. Logan nodded, but remained silent.

"Why are you here, Logan?" She asked, surprised at how cold her voice sounded. Logan sighed and closed his eyes momentarily. How was it that even as infuriating as she was, he still loved her so much? Max noticed his weariness as he paused before answering.

"You just left. We- I was worried about you." A small smile played on the corner of his lips as he became aware that Max had taken note of his tiredness and was motioning for them to sit. Max was nervous, he noted as he watched her pull both of her legs up to tuck them underneath her.

They fell into another round of silence. Logan watched as Max's eyes darted from one corner of the room to the next, but determined not to meet him. He reached out to her, wanting to soothe his love, tell her that he wasn't angry anymore. Max pulled back, avoiding his touch and her eyes flared in anger as she saw the confusion in his face.

"Why can't you just yell at me?"

Surprise was evident on Logan's face. "What?"

"When you're angry, you yell. You're supposed to yell, Logan. Not, come here, and just sit there, like everything is okay." She said softly. Logan started to reply, but Max shook her head and stood up.

"See? That's your problem. You shut things inside yourself, and then, later, alone, you brood over it. Just shout at me because I didn't tell you I was sent to kill you. Don't sit there and…smile, for god's sake!" Her eyes were wide and bright, fists clenched at her sides as she loomed over him over the couch.

"I'm not angry." He said. He pulled her down, making her sit next to him, albeit knowing probably wanted to rip him to shards at that moment. He tugged her arms, forcing her to look at him.

"Do I look angry to you?" He asked her, still patiently holding her arms.

"You're never angry. At least, not in front of me. How the hell am I supposed to know if you look angry?" She snapped back, still frustrated with him. The anger was ebbing away though, as she noticed that Logan really did not look as if he was going to bite her head off.

"I understand. You were, possibly still are, overwhelmed with everything going on. It's easy to forget about things that don't matter anymore. I don't mean that it was right, it definitely wasn't the smartest thing to do, but you told me, right? You told me, straight up when I asked you, and didn't beat around the bushes."

"But you had to ask me. I wouldn't have told you if you didn't." Max said to him, carefully avoiding his eyes. "I mean, I should have remembered that it was important to you…to us…I should have, but I didn't." She continued after a while.

Logan's moved up, cupping her head as he kissed her softly. Max visibly relaxed, leaning into Logan as she returned his kiss. They pulled apart and Logan stroked her cheek with his thumb.

"It's no big deal. Not anymore, okay?" He whispered to her. They shifted on the couch, so they were lying, Max on top of him, her head buried in his chest. "Don't beat yourself up over it. It's no big deal." Logan repeated as he ran his hands through her hair. "I'm not the most open person either when it comes to secrets."

Max chuckled into his shirt and nodded in agreement. "No, you're not." Logan hugged her tighter to him.

"So…we're okay?"

Max noticed the slight hesitation behind the question and lifted up her head to meet his blue gaze. "Yeah, I guess." She stretched up towards him and kissed him, soft and gentle, conveying her unspoken love for him. Logan responded in kind, instinctively moving his hands to bury them into her hair.

Logan groaned as he felt her hands slip under his sweater and had started to roam across his chest. He moved backwards, so that he was half leaning against the arm rest of the couch as Max continued her assault on his lips. He ran his tongue along her lips and she parted them, allowing him to slip inside.


As their tongues met and dueled, Max realized she was losing control to him, his hands under her shirt, cupping her bottom, in her hair. He was everywhere. He tasted good. She moved to straddle him, and Logan switched his attack to her neck, biting, suckling. Max gripped his sweater, unable to form any coherent thought as he continued to tease her.

"Logan…" She moaned and nudged his head up for another heated kiss. How the situation suddenly became so hot and passionate, she didn't know, but she sure as hell wasn't complaining. Long moments passed as they made out on the couch. Max pulled away, breathless. Logan's eyes flew open, dark and questioning.

"Shirt, off." She said, a feral grin on her face as he willingly complied and pulled his sweater off. She growled, appreciating his muscled body and let her eyes roam down, and then up again to meet his gaze. He was watching her, amused.

"You like?"

She nodded and stuck her tongue out at him as her hands traced the contours of his chest. "I like." Logan grinned and kissed her again. He tugged at her shirt and Max pulled away briefly to allow him to fully pull it off. Logan paused as he took her in, black bra, golden skin.

"Max?" His voice was hoarse and his breathing laboured.

"What?" Max asked him, thoroughly enjoying the affect she had on him.

"You're beautiful." He whispered, pulling her to his lips again. That did it. She was already aroused from his earlier ministrations, and at the rate they were going, they were going to need to move to her room, and quick.

Logan's hands were inching towards her breasts, feather light touches flitting across her skin. Max lifted herself slightly from his lap, giving herself more access.

What the…

Max pulled away from him and sat back. A grin was spreading across her face and Logan's frustrated expression at her frequent interruptions was amusing. She giggled, and moved again, confirming her earlier suspisions.


She raised her eyebrows and she looked at Logan pointedly.

"Apparently, some things still work, huh?" She asked him, suggestively rocking against his thighs. She watched as Logan's eyes widened, realizing what she was talking about. He looked back up at her, a smile playing on his lips.

"Sometimes it does…when I'm lucky…" He said, his eyes teasing her as his hands rested against her waist.

"Well then…I guess… we're getting lucky tonight." Max shot back at him, eyes bright with anticipation. Logan laughed and was immediately silenced by Max who had started kissing him again. His hands toyed at the waistband of her pants, loving the feeling of her taut bottom against his fingers.

Max stopped kissing him and Logan was about to protest about the constant breaks when she got up and held a hand out to him.

"Bedroom, Logan. Now."


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