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Better synopsis (than what you've already read): Four years after Erik lost his one and only love, he meets a young, blind singer without a home. He takes her in and she becomes his new pupil. Eventually, as with Christine, this relationship soon turns into something more. Just when Erik thinks that life couldn't get any better it happens: He is reunited with Christine. (Now you'll have to read to see what happens after that ) (PS: This story is a mix of E/OW AND E/C, so everyone will be happy, I hope)

Chapter One

Four years had passed since the day it happened. The day Erik's very life virtually ended. The day his love had left him. Erik now lived alone in an abandoned warehouse just a few miles away from where the now destroyed Opera Populaire stood. It was dark, dank, and lonely- just as his former lair in the catacombs of the opera house. Although his heart was now forever tormented, he continued to write his beloved music- for without it, he would lose the will to live.

It was a cold February night when it happened. Erik was on his way to the market to purchase some parchment- a rare event, since he so rarely ventured into the outside world. He was passing through one of the poorer streets of the city. A few of the homeless walked the streets, begging for money from passerby. Trying to ignore their pleas, Erik rushed by, gathering his black cloak around him. It was then that he heard it- a voice so pure, it could only have belonged to an angel. His heart was racing in his chest and he felt a thrill he hadn't felt in four years.

Could it be…her? Erik's breaths were shortening as he slowly turned around. His feeling of euphoria momentarily weakened as he saw that it was not Christine, but simply a young, seemingly homeless woman, begging for money. Yet he could also see in her a beauty rivaled only by that of his angel, Christine. Her velvety red hair, though clearly un-brushed, managed to fall gracefully on her slender shoulders, and her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue he had ever laid eyes on…yet they seemed strangely lifeless.

Erik slowly approached the girl, softly beginning to sing along with her sad song. He had heard it before, yet the words hardly seemed to matter anymore. It seemed as if they were the only two people in the world. She slowly turned to face him, never hesitating her song. She too, began approaching him and the two drew ever closer to each other, entwined in the music. The girl's body was obviously weak and frail, yet her voice grew ever stronger with each step. Finally, when they were merely feet from each other, the song ended. The beautiful girl's step suddenly faltered as she hit the last note, causing her to stumble forward. She fell, bringing a hypnotized Erik down with her.

On the ground, Erik turned to the girl, smiling, and helped her to her feet. Suddenly his eyes grew wide with fear and he reached his hand up to his face. His mask had fallen off. A cry of pure anguish escaped his lips and he covered his horrid features with his shaking hands. For a few brief moments, he believed that he had been blessed with another Angel of Music, but how could she ever bear to look at him, now that she had seen his horrid face.

"Excuse me, sir," the young woman said in a weak voice, "But your voice is so beautiful! Will you please sing with me again?"

Erik was in disbelief. Why was she not screaming in fear?

"Did you drop this?" she asked timidly, "It feels strange and smooth… like an angel's face." She held out his mask in her small hand.

Slowly, Erik pulled his hands away to look down at the girl's pale face. He looked deeply into her brilliant, lifeless eyes as he slowly took the mask away. "Thank you." He whispered, returning it to his face. It was then that he realized it- she was blind.

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