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Chapter Six

Erik and Christine stood motionless in the street for what seemed like hours. Several passing shoppers slowed their pace to stare at the pair, but both remained motionless, unaware of anyone else. Erik's heart beat a violent tattoo in this chest and Christine's breaths came in heaving gasps. It was she who broke the stunned silence.

"Would you…erm…like to go back to my place? We can talk, or…" she cast her eyes downward, fearing that he would reject her invitation. "Why would he want to speak to me, after what I've put him through?" Erik felt his heart soar. "She actually wants to…?" "I would love to." He said simply, "Show me the way, my dear." " 'My Dear'? Damn, why did I have to call her that?" Christine seemed to take no notice, however, and lead the way through the cold Parisian streets in silence.

Both of their heads were cluttered with thoughts as they strode through the city.

"Maybe this was a bad idea… How will I ever explain this to Jacqueline?... She's probably still angry with me…I should go back to her now, before it's too late… But I can't just leave Christine…Oh, Christine, my angel, you have returned to me…But she loves the Viscount, not me…she never did…But she actually wants to speak with me…but why?... What does she expect me to say?...Oh, God why do you torture me like this!"

"Maybe this was a bad idea… Should I tell him why I'm here?…Will he find joy in my suffering?...Will he turn into that cruel monster once again?...But how can he?... He's my angel of music…My realfirst love… but he'll never love me…not after all I've done to him…I was always the monster, never him…What on Earth will happen when we go inside?...What will we say…or do…? Oh, God why do you torture me like this!"

Deep in thought, Christine had walked right past her house and was now a good 20 yards away. Trying to hide the crimson which now stained her cheeks, she turned around and continued down the sidewalk, finally reaching the front door. She slowly opened it and entered, Erik following in her wake.

Erik's first reaction to the house was disappointment. Yes, the house was beautiful, but seemed much too small for a Viscount and his wife. Surely that boy would load her with all the luxuries he could afford, yet this house seemed far too simple for the Viscount's extravagant taste. "If he's not giving her the best…if he's not providing her with everything she deserves, I'll…" Christine's voice woke him from his reverie.

"Would you like some tea?" Erik nodded curtly as he took a seat on the sofa of Christine's quaint sitting room. He examined the room with interest as he waited for her to return. The sofa was elegant and embroidered with a beautiful rose design, yet it seemed strangely stiff against Erik's back as he tried to make himself comfortable. A small fire burned across the room and a series of portraits lined the mantle. There were a few of Christine, some of the Viscount, and… Erik turned away bitterly as his eyes find the couple's wedding picture. He got up slowly and approached the item that really caught his interest: a beautiful grand piano. The black and white of the keys still gleamed, as if new and the bench's cushion lay, flawless, as if it had never been sat upon. He was fingering the exquisite instrument as Christine re-entered the room. Erik turned away abruptly.

"It's quite lovely, isn't it?" Christine whispered as she set the tea tray on the small coffee table. "It was a wedding gift from Raoul's uncle… but we never used it." Erik nodded wordlessly and returned to the couch, preferring to talk of something else. He picked up the tea cup tentatively. Surely it would be that disgusting British tea with milk. He was mistaken. A small smile found its way onto his lips. She had made him Russian tea with lemon. "I hope you still like that dreadful stuff." Christine let out a small laugh. "Yes, thank you." "She remembered…"

They sipped their tea in silence, the only sound in the room the crackling of the brilliant red flames which burned in the elegant fireplace. "You have a lovely home." Erik whispered after a few moments. The house certainly was beginning to grow on him. "Thank you." Christine returned her teacup to its saucer. "It's a bit small, but it suits me well." Erik turned to face Christine, who still refused to meet his gaze. "Don't you have servants living with you? Surely they need some sort of living space." Christine's eyes were cast downward. "Oh, only Marguerite, my maid…she has a small apartment upstairs. Besides her, I live alone."

"Alone…?" Erik whispered, confused, "But what of the Viscount?" The soft firelight reflected the tears which were now developing in Christine's soft brown eyes. "Oh…Raoul…passed away a little over a year ago… pneumonia." Erik could not stop his initial reaction of glee. "So, the boy's finally out of the picture, huh? Serves him right… Damn, what am I thinking? He loved Christine and…she loved him…" Without thinking, Erik placed a hand on Christine's slender shoulder. "I will not lie to you and tell you that I ever cared for the Viscount… but, believe me, I am very sorry for your loss." Christine knew that he meant it. "Thank you." She said softly, finally meeting his gaze. Her lips formed a soft smile which made Erik's heart melt.

Erik's eyes trailed from Christine's beautiful chocolate brown ones to his hand, which was still resting on her shoulder. He pulled it away suddenly, ashamed. Again, the room was filled with tense silence. Erik had a question which he felt needed to be asked. "Are you…seeing anyone?" Christine did not answer. "Damn!" "Forgive me, Christine, I shouldn't have asked." Erik said quickly, angry with himself. "No, it's fine." The words escaped Christine's lips as barely a whisper. "I was seeing a man, about 2 months ago, but it did not last." Erik made no reply. Her eyes met his once more. "What about you, Erik? Are you…" Her eyes suddenly changed from curiosity to pity. "I'm so sorry Erik! I shouldn't have asked. I didn't mean…"

"So," Erik thought bitterly, feeling anger surge through his veins, "She assumes that simply because of my face, I would never find another woman! She probably thinks that her kiss was the only I have ever felt…" Erik almost laughed out loud, "She probably assumes I'm still a virgin. If only she knew the truth…if only she knew that not only have I kissed and made love to another woman, but I have loved this woman with the same intensity of my love for her so many years ago… What a naïve little girl" Suddenly, Erik felt unsure. "But should I tell her? Should I tell her that waiting for me at home is a beautiful woman who I'm as good as married to? Should I tell her that my mere presence in this house is almost adultery? How can I?...But how can I not?..."

Erik took his eyes from hers. "I am not seeing anyone." He said softly, hating himself with every word. He stood up abruptly. "I think I should go." Picking up his cloak, he headed for the door. "Thank you for the tea." Christine grabbed his arm. "Wait, Erik! Won't you come back tomorrow, please?" Erik looked into those pleading eyes and felt as if he were under a spell. The feeling of her hand on his body, the desperateness in her voice… he simply couldn't refuse.

"I will return tomorrow." He said shortly. "Goodbye, Christine." And without another word he was gone.

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