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Izumo was walking in front of Shao and Shichiri's house, looking for her.

"Shao-san!" he called. "I'm going to see a movie, I have the day off, I was wondering if you'd like to come!

Suddenly, he felt a block of wood hit him right between the eys. Rubbing his nose, he picked it up.

A shoe?

He looked up and saw the window open to reveal a beautiful girl with very revealing clothes on.

"Shut up!" she yelled. "No one ishey, you're that guy I worked with!"

Izumo squinted at her, then he remembered. "Oh, yes! What was your name again?"

"...My name is Luu Ann," she called.

"That was it. Anyway, is Shao-san home?"

Luu Ann narrowed her eyes. "Shao-san..." she scowled.

"Did I say something I shouldn't have?"

Another wooden shoe hit him in the face.

"Stop that!"

"Go away!"


"No Shao is here!"

A new voice came up. "Luu Ann-san, why are you yelling?''

"Some guy wants you to see a movie with him!"

A familiar purple-haired head poked her head out the window.

"Izumo-san!" she called.

"Shao-san! I was about to head to the movie theater. Would you like to come?"


"...Will they have pupcorn again?"

Izumo laughed. "Yes, they will have pupcorn."

"I'll be down in a moment!" Shao ran downstairs and out the door before Shichiri could say a word about it.

"That was fast," Izumo muttered.

Shao grinned.

Shichiri hadn't noticed a tging. He was reading when he asked Luu Ann, "Where's Shao?"

Luu Ann replied to the fateful question. "She's out with Izumo-san."

Shchiri sloooooooooooooooooowly turened around. "What?"

"Yeah, they're going to see a movie."


Meanwhile, Shao and Izumo were walking to their movie when they heard a small scream.

"Did you hear something?" asked Shao.

"No," replied Izumo. And they walked to see 'Neko no Kochi' (a title I made off the top of my hand: it means Cat of the east wind, I think).

Sorry for the shortness. Lack of inspiration.

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