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Nicole Andrews stares at the door in front of her and takes a deep breath.

"Calm down and knock," she says quietly to herself.

Slowly, Nicole lifts her hand and knocks softly. She hears a muffled 'come in' and she enters the office.

"Ah! Nicole! Glad you made it ok, How was your trip?" Eric Bischoff asks, smiling at the nervous girl in front of him.

"Very long, but I'm glad I'm here," Nicole replies, "and please, Mr. Bischoff, call me Nikki. All my friends do."

"Then you call me Eric. We're glad to have you working for us in the WWE. Did Vince tell you who you'd be working for?"

"No he didn't."

"Well, you'll be the assistant for Evolution."

"Wow! Evolution!"

"Is that a problem for you?" Eric states, raising an eyebrow.

"No, of course not, when do I start?" Nikki asks with a quick smile.

"Tonight. You'll have to get things ready for the guys. Once and a while you'll be on TV, but you'll never have to wrestle, unless you want to," Eric says, "Randy should be here any minute. He's going to show you around and introduce you to the others."

There's a knock at the door and a tall, handsome man enters the office. Nikki watches as he quickly checks her out and then gives her a cocky smile.

"Nikki, this is Randy Orton. Randy, this is Nikki. She's Evolution's new assistant," Eric explains as Randy's smile fades and turns into a scowl at the name Evolution.

"Hi Randy," Nikki says, extending her hand out to him.

"Hey there," Randy shakes her hand and then slides his arm around her shoulders, "come on, I'll show you around. Se you later Bischoff."

Randy and Nikki head down the hall to catering where Randy introduces her to Chris Irving, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, the divas and many others. Nikki sits down next to Stacy and Randy, and while her and Stacy are talking, Randy taps her on the shoulder and points to the three men who just walked into the room.

"There's Evolution, Come on, I'll introduce you," Randy pulls her up and drags her over to the guys.

Dave Batista looks up from the food selection to see Randy walking over to them with a beautiful woman. He notices she's about 5'6 with dark brown eyes and light brown hair. She's wearing black dress pants and a red blouse and her hair is down around her shoulders in curls.

"Hey guys," Randy states as both Dave and Paul size him up, "I brought you something."

"We don't want it," Ric replies, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Oh really? Well then, I'll just keep your new assistant," Randy says with a smirk, turning to Nikki, "come on."

"She stays, you leave," Paul gruffly states, his eyes on Nikki.

"Fine. Have fun Nik," Randy turns to her and gives her a quick smile.

"Bye Randy," Nikki calls out and turns back to Evolution, "Hi, I'm Nikki."

Paul snorts and grabs a walk, then stalks away as Dave, Ric, and Nikki follow.

"Welcome to Evolution," Ric says, "Paul's kind of pissed off at everyone right now. He's usually not like this."

"I understand, I saw what happened last week," Nikki replies.

They walk to the locker room and before Nikki walks in, Paul stops her and glares down at her.

"We're going to change, stay out here," Paul orders, as his eyes rake over her body.

"Alright," Nikki says as Paul closes the door and she sighs.

Nikki sees an equipment crate, so she goes to sit on it. She closes her eyes and leans against the wall. Soon after, she feels the presence of someone else. She opens her eyes to find Dave studying her.

"Hi," Nikki says quietly, with a yawn.

"You can come back in now, if you want," Dave states, still not taking his eyes off her.

"Alright, that crate was getting kind of uncomfortable," Nikki hops off the crate and straightens her clothes.

They both walk back into the room where Paul is waiting.

"Tonight Dave, you have that punk Orton. I want you to tear him apart, got it?" Paul says, pointing to Dave, "I have that no-talent Tajari so tonight should be our night."

"Right! Adam and Benoit will rip each other apart, but just in case, we should go out there and make sure Adam wins," Dave replies as he starts to roll his shoulders.

"You, do you know how to tape wrists?" Paul asks Nikki.

"Sure do, I was a trainer for a high school," Nikki states as Paul tosses her the tape.

She wraps his wrists and sets the tape down. Someone knocks on the door and Ric goes to get it. He talks to the person and walks back.

"We're on first, come on," Ric says as Dave and Paul stand up.

"You stay here, we'll be back," Paul says roughly.

"I do have a name," Nikki mumbles before sitting down on the couch.

She sees Dave, Paul, and Ric in the ring and she watches Dave. Someone knocks at the door and Nikki gets up and answers it.

"Hey Nik! How's your first day going?" Stacy asks, as her and Amy walk into the room.

"Pretty good, but I don't think Paul likes me too much," Nikki replies, sitting down on the couch and watching the feud between Evolution and Randy. Again, her eyes go straight to Dave.

"Who you staring at?" Amy questions, as Nikki turns to her.

"No one, I'm just watching Raw," Nikki replies, her cheeks turning a crimson color.

Amy and Stacy turn to each other and shrug as Paul and Ric are banned from ringside of Dave's match.

"That was going to happen sooner or later," Amy states.

Suddenly, the door flies open and Paul storms in with Ric right behind him.

"Get out," he growls at the two women.

Amy and Stacy scurry out of the room and Paul turns to the TV, watching Dave's match. They watch as Dave throws Randy into the steps and then throws him back into the ring. They fight back and forth and Nikki watches as Randy bites Dave, cutting him open.

"Son of a bitch!" Paul curses, running a hand through his hair.

Randy tries to give Dave an RKO but he reverses it into a spine-buster. He goes for a power-bomb, but Randy rolls him into a sunset flip. Dave tosses him into the corner and gets an elbow to the face. He goes for Randy again, but Randy does an over the back cradle pin and pins Dave.

"Fuck!" Paul yells, storming out of the room leaving Nikki watching Dave try to get back at Randy, but Randy slips away, leaving Dave angry in the ring.

Nikki soon hears Dave's and Paul's voices down the hall.

"I can't believe you didn't beat that little shit," Paul states, throwing open the door, causing Nikki to jump.

Dave walks in after Paul and his eyes connect with Nikki's. He walks into the bathroom and returns with a towel and begins to wipe away the blood.

"Do you need help?" Nikki asks softly.

Dave holds the towel out to her and Nikki takes it from his large hands. He sits down on the couch and Nikki kneels in front of him.

"Thanks," Dave replies, with a quick smile.

Nikki wipes away the blood and Dave notices how soft her touch is. When she's done, they both stand and Paul grabs Nikki's arm and pulls her to him.

"Go get me a water," Paul grumbles.

Nikki nods and heads down to catering. On the way, she notices Randy walking out of his locker room.

"Congratulations Randy!" Nikki calls out causing Randy to turn around and smirk.

He's wearing track pants with no shirt and his hair is still wet for his shower. He strides up to Nikki and throws an arm around her shoulders.

"Thanks Nik. Tonight, I'm celebrating. Wanna come to the club with a couple of us?" Randy asks as they walk into catering.

"I guess, but I don't know if the guys will let me," Nikki says.

"They don't own you, come on," Randy begs.

"Oh, alright. What time are we going?"

"I'll pick you up at 11," Randy replies with a smirk.

"I'll give you a call later when I figure out what room I'm in," Nikki states.

"Here's my cell number and I'll see you later," Randy heads over to a table where Chris, Maven, Benoit, and Stacy are sitting.

Nikki grabs a water and heads back to Evolution's locker room. She opens the door and sees Dave with the world title in his hands.

"That would look good on you," Nikki says, causing Dave to look up.

"Yeah," Dave agrees, sighing as he sets the title down, "but I know better. That belongs to Paul."

"Maybe, but you deserve a shot at it too," Nikki replies sitting down next to him, "you could beat him."

Dave looks over to her and she smiles softly. Paul comes out of the bathroom to see Dave and Nikki sitting next to each other, looking to each other's eyes.

"Ready, big man?" Paul asks, glancing down at Nikki.

"Yeah," Dave stands and smiles down at Nikki, "thanks."

"Anytime," Nikki says.

"While we're gone, get our things ready, ok?" Paul demands as him and Dave head out of the room.

Nikki gathers all their belongings and places it by the couch. She sits down right as Paul grabs the ref's foot, pulling him out of the ring. Maven and Benoit attack Paul and Dave, but Gene Snitsky comes down and helps as Paul and Dave take care of Randy and Chris. Paul rolls into the ring and starts to argue with Snitsky. Adam and Dave roll into the ring and they start to size each other up. Randy, Chris, Maven, and Benoit jump the four in the ring and team Orton is standing tall as Raw goes off the air.

She can hear Paul, Ric, and Dave coming down the hall and she stands up as they enter.

"That little punk!" Paul yells, punching the wall.

"Don't worry Champ, we'll win Sunday," Dave says, grabbing Paul's bag and handing it to him, "we'll get Randy then."

Paul nods and heads into the bathroom to change. After he's done, Dave changes and then they head to the limo. In the limo, everyone's quiet as Paul still fumes. Nikki glances up at Dave who's sitting next to her. He meets her gaze and smiles. They arrive at the hotel and they gather their things. Nikki goes to check in with Dave.

"Hi, how can I help you?" The person at the desk asks Nikki.

"Hi, there's a room reserved for Nicole Andrews," Nikki answers, as Dave checks in with the other clerk.

"I'm sorry, but you're names not on here," the lady says, looking up at Nikki.

"What? But, Vince said he got me a room," Nikki states, running a hand thru her hair.

"I'm sorry, but you're not on here," the lady repeats.

"What's wrong Nik?" Dave asks, turning towards her.

"I don't have a room," Nikki replies, sighing, "now what?"

"You can stay with me, I have an extra bed in my room," Dave suggests.

"Oh thanks!" Nikki says with a smile, "you're a life saver."

Dave returns the smile and they head up to their room. Once inside, Nikki pulls out her cell phone and dial's Randy's number.

"Hey Randy, it's Nikki."

"Hey Nik. What's going on?"

"Not much, I'm calling to tell you what room I'm in," Nikki says as Dave heads into the bathroom to shower, "I'm sharing a room with Dave. It's room 514."

"Alright, I'll see you in about an hour."

They say their goodbyes and Nikki starts to look for an outfit. Dave emerges from the bathroom, wearing track pants and Nikki slides past him to go change. She changes into a short black skirt and a red sparkly halter-top. She does her hair and make-up before emerging from the bathroom. Dave looks up and his eyes rake over her body.

"Where are you going?" Dave asks, flipping off the TV and getting off the bed, heading towards her.

"Randy asked me to go to a club with a couple of people," Nikki answers, picking up her cell and tossing it into her purse.

"Oh," Dave says, kind of upset.

There's a knock at the door and Dave goes to answer it.

"Orton, what the hell are you doing here?" Dave demands, crossing his arms over his large chest.

"Picking up Nikki," Randy replies, looking around Dave towards Nikki, "you look nice."

Nikki smiles and Dave steps out of the way, allowing Nikki to pass.

"I'll see you later," Nikki says, turning to Dave.

Dave nods and watches them walk down the hall, soon disappearing out of sight. Dave shuts the door and picks up the phone, dialing Paul's number.

"It's me. I changed my mind, let's go."

At the Club

Nikki is dancing with Chris Irving and Randy, when she feels a tap on her shoulder. She turns around to see Amy and Stacy standing there.

"Guess who just walked in," Amy says, pointing to the door.

Nikki turns around and Randy and Chris turn to look as well. They see Evolution sliding into a booth as women start to surround them.

"What are those three assclowns doing here?" Chris states, turning to Randy.

"Trying to cause trouble," Randy answers, glancing over at Nikki, "you didn't tell them where we were going did you?"

"No! I just told Dave I was going to a club with you," Nikki replies, as her eyes meet Dave's.

Randy notices her staring at Dave and smirks. He turns to Chris and points to Dave.

"I have a way to get him pissed," Randy says, as Chris smiles.

"I'm listening," Chris chuckles, "anything to tick off Evolution."

Suddenly, "What's your fantasy" blares thru the speakers and Randy turns to Nikki.

"Let's dance," Randy says, and then whispers over his shoulder to Chris, "watch this."

Randy leads Nikki close to where Evolution is sitting. They start to dance and Randy pulls Nikki closer. Chris laughs as Dave glares at Randy.

"What are you doing?" Nikki asks, as Randy's hands rest on her hips.

"Dancing," Randy looks over her shoulder and smirks at Dave, who sends him a death glare.

Dave watches Randy and Nikki dancing.

'Why do you care?' he asks himself, 'you just met her and you're already trying to control her.'

"I'm going to get a drink," Dave tells Ric, who just nods.

Dave gets up and makes his way to the bar. The song ends and a new one starts to play. He watches as Nikki walks up to the end of the bar and orders her drink.

"Rum and coke please," Nikki says as the bartender starts to pour her drink.

"Hey there," A voice says behind her.

Nikki turns to see Gene Snitsky standing behind her.

"Oh, Hi Gene," Nikki replies politely, paying for her drink.

"Wanna dance?" He asks, stepping towards her.

"Actually, Chris asked me to dance, sorry," Nikki answers, trying to step by.

Gene grabs her by the arm and Nikki yelps.

"You're going to dance with me," Gene growls, pulling her close to him.

Nikki throws her drink on him, but he doesn't let go, just pulls her closer. Dave jumps up and pushes his way through the crowd.

"Let me go!" Nikki yells, struggling against Gene.

"I'd do what she says," Dave states, stepping up and putting his hands on her shoulders.

Gene drops her arm and stalks away, angry. Nikki rubs her arm and glances up at Dave.

"You ok?" Dave asks, concern filling his eyes.

"Yes, thanks," Nikki smiles at him as Randy and Chris walk up to them.

"We're heading back, you coming?" Chris asks, staring down Dave.

"Actually, Dave is giving me a ride home," Nikki says, placing her hand on his.

"Alright, see you later," Randy reluctantly says, waving bye to Nikki.

Dave smirks at Chris and mockingly waves.

"Wanna head back?" Dave asks, catching Nikki's attention.

"Sure, let's go," Nikki replies, as the two head to his car.

Dave opens Nikki's door, before sliding into the driver's seat. The drive back to the hotel was quiet. They head to their room and get ready for bed. Before getting into bed, Nikki grabs Dave's arm and stops him.

"Thanks," Nikki pulls his down and kisses his cheek lightly.

"Anytime," Dave smiles, getting into bed and turning off the light.

That night, Dave falls asleep with a smile on his face.


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