Author's note: My muse has this habit of inspiring me to write for almost every, single movie I see, and Troy, even though I wasn't overly fond of it, was no exception. Especially since for all its faults, it had a wonderful ship with Hector/Andromache. Anyway, here's a small drabble, written for 15minuteficlets at LJ.

Disclaimer: I don't own, please don't sue.


Fear gripped Andromache as she stared out to the sea, the sight of thousands of ships sailing towards Troy an awe-inspiring sight - yet it only inspired fear and dread in he heart. Her child cried in her arms, the sound of the bell frightening him, yet it could have been considered a sign. A very bad sign, a warning of sorrows to come.

Hector had walked back into their chambers, preparing to leave, to lead the soldiers in the first battle with the Greeks once they landed on shore. He was leaving her after just returning to her, yet she knew he could not escape this, even though he wanted to.

He hated war, she knew this to be true. He despised it, and despised being away or leading the men to battle on their own ground. Yet he was the greatest leader in the military, and she could not be selfish, though she wanted to.

Andromache silently prayed to the gods that her husband would return to her tonight, to hold is child once more and assure her he was well unharmed. She would settle for harmed and in pain, as long as he would live.

Turning and walking back inside, gently rocking her son, whispering to him soothingly, she watched Hector look back at her once, regret and a promise in his eyes, before leaving his family alone to go and face his enemies.

She glanced back out to the sea, but could not keep her gaze on the ships for very long. She knew the truth of the matter was that Hector had a good chance of dying in this war - even today. This time was different. The threat was greater, stronger, bigger.

"He will return to us tonight," she whispered to her son and herself, trying to placate them both. "He will return. Just as before, he will return."

Andromache prayed this would always be true.