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Her feelings were a tangled web. A complicated mess she couldn't understand or straighten out. They flittered about in her mind, all mixing and mingling, one part of her saying this, another saying that. Half her brain told her to run away from the opera house and never look back, the other told her to run to it, run back down those dark depths and find her teacher.

Christine glanced over at Raoul as they climbed up the steps to the entrance, both wearing lovely, expensive, and beautifully made costumes for the masquerade. Raoul had generously paid for her costume for the night, and had smiled sweetly and adoringly at her upon seeing her wearing it.

But there was that part of her that wanted to see the reaction in his eyes. She secretly did wonder if the dress would please him as much or more than it did Raoul. She mentally scolded herself, reprimanded herself harshly for such thoughts.

He brought only heartache and despair, fear mixed with respect and awe and a kind of enchanted fascination and admiration tinged with dread.

Would he come tonight? Would he stay locked up in his secret palace made of rock and darkness and candles and music? Would he come for her? Would he ignore her or mock her for her absence and neglect towards him and the arts?

Christine glanced down at the ring Raoul had just given her that night. She stared at it as it shimmered and glittered and gleamed and shone brightly in the light of the opera house as they reached the ball. She wondered if it would ward her angel off or taunt her demon out.

It was all so confusing and complicated. She loved Raoul. She looked up at him, seeing the adoration and love in his eyes, and reciprocating.

Yet, she felt something for her angel, for the ghost that haunted the halls of the opera house and her own, naïve mind. She feared him. She feared how she felt around him just as much, perhaps more. She didn't know how to handle such thoughts.

She loved Raoul. Yet, she feared there would always be pondering, questioning, puzzling thoughts in the back of her mind, always making her wonder just what was between her and her fallen angel.