Metroid: A dawn on the past


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It was cold and rainy, A blond headed girl groggily, whipping the sleepers out of her eyes she slowly got out of her bed. It's been six months since she's had a job, The six foot tall girl walked out of the small bedroom and went into an even smaller kitchen, she sat at the computer and clicked a button the screen changed and a small voice annoying voice came from the computer "you have no new mail".

"God, I should get a new E-mail service. That damn thing is driving me insane!"

At that the girl got up and pulled out a bowl and a box of cereal, she poured the last of the cereal into the bowl and threw the box aside. She opened the refrigerator door and saw that there was no milk. "shit!" she slammed the door shut and walked past her armor, sitting there glistening in the small dim light in the room. The armor…The armor that served her so well that helped her battle the many foes of the space pirates, its arm cannon that changed and upgraded so many times, the overly large shoulder pads, the boots that let her go through all sorts of terrain. That orange and red armor that changed shape, color and even size in some cases. It reminded her that she was so powerful but couldn't do anything with that power unless someone hired her. That was her job as a bounty hunter. That was her job as being the legendary Samus Aran. Deciding that breakfast wasn't really necessary at the moment she wondered off back into the bedroom. She thought that being naked when the doorbell rings is the last thing she wanted. She opened the closet of her bedroom and found all of her clothes were either dirty or out of date. Having little choice of what to where she grabbed her only clean pair of undergarments, jeans and a white T-shirt. She went into her bathroom and started to take a shower. While in the shower a thought came across her mind. "How did I get this far in life? Who all helped me? I wonder how the others are doing?…The others." When she was done putting on the last of her clothes she went back into her kitchen and sat on her stool in front of her computer. She took the mouse and started looking around. File after file still searching. She eventually came across a file that hadn't been accessed in a few years. She opened it up. It was her report on the second space pirate incident. Xebes…The planet that blew up. She looked over it bunches of times. She then opened her report on the first Pirate mission. Then thought. "My past is a whole lot more complicated than I thought." She then opened her log-book and started typing.

August 18th 2432

It was my birthday that day, I was playing in the back yard on a sunny day, I was turning 8 years old. I was having a blast with my brother. Yes I have a brother. His name is Alex He was only 5 but still those big blue eyes and his blubbery cheeks were hard to resist. It was all fun. Until the sky got dark, Dad grabbed me and took me into the cellar. Then Dad told me to stay there and protect my brother. I herd loud noises up stairs shrieks and explosions. I was scarred Where was the Galactic Federation? What happened to my dad and where was my mom? All of those things were racing through my head but I stayed with my brother. Eventually I went out side out of pure curiosity. I saw them the pirates the mantis like things started to come towards us. I screamed as I started running with my brother, but we were no match for the fully grown Space Pirate.

Samus stopped it was painful recalling the events. she stuck with her brother for so long after the K2-L incident only to lose him the time she needed him most. Him and every one else.