Metroid: A dawn on the past


This is more for introducing the others. Sorry it took so long .


After her little scuffle with the bird creatures, Samus found where her brother was. She saw him playing with the kids from before, only something was different about him. He was bigger, his shaggy blond hair was longer and he had more of a build on him.

"Sammy!" he yelled upon spotting Samus.

"Alex? You…got bigger." Stuttered the surprised Samus

"You're awake! We thought you died or something." Shouted one of the kids

"yeah you've been out for two years." Stated another.

One of the girls walked up to Samus and grinned a big happy grin.

"So your Alex's big sis huh? He called you Sammy right that would mean your full name is Samantha Aran? My name is Phily-ann, but all the others just call me Philly."

Samus stared at the girl with loathing eyes.

"I swear I'm gonna wipe that fucking annoying grin off your face, and for your information It's NOT Saman-tha. Its SAMUS! Get it right Pilly dear or I'll kick your ass so bad you'll think your two years old!" she calmly but clearly angrily stated to the now shocked green haired girl.

"Kaza I told you she was nuts! That thing that bit her made her a looney I swear." Said the red headed boy to a bigger boy.

"If I'm going to be trapped with you pathetic excuses for people I might as well learn your names." Said Samus.

Alex got up "I'll do it. That one over there is Butch, he's the one in the blue shirt, and she is Lilac she's also called Shadow. That one over there is Kaza he's the one who looks like he's ten. The guy who called you crazy is Zach, and you already know Philly."

Butch was a complex looking fellow. He was skinny and tall he wore a blue shirt and brown pants, he had a light, happy looking face his brown hair also concealed his green eyes, if you ever managed a look in them you could see inner turmoil and pain.

Kaza, was well developed on the muscular level. He had broad shoulders and a bony jaw, he had short black hair, and had hazel eyes, and he wore an Indigo shirt and black pants.

Zach was a relatively short and hidden person; he had a compact face sporting gray eyes and spiky blood red hair. Hanging on his nose was a pair of pitch-black sunglasses; he wore a black shirt with red pants.

Lilac was also a hidden character who was mid height and looked like she was anorexic her long black hair hid her black eyes, she wore all black with a pendent on her neck. She stood mostly away from the group.

Philly, looked like she was the preppiest person who went to school, wearing all pink and yellow clothes. She had brown eyes, natural red hair and freckles to match her perfect little girl face.

Alex was a string bean, he had blue eyes and blond hair he was very tall for his age. He wore a light blue shirt with navy blue pants. His face was lightened up by a wide grin.

Samus studying the children was about to say something only to be interrupted by one of the weird birds.

"Teh'alla!" The children screamed

"Hello hatchlings! Oh my. I see you have awoken young hatchling, I am Teh'alla, the guardian of Chozosein children." Said a gold bird.

Samus looked at the bird in a confused way. "Chozosein? Is that your race?"

"No, no my dear we are the Chozo, but it's kinda weird saying the guardian of the children of the Chozo, so I just say Chozosein. Which would be the language we naturally speak here."

"So I take it I'll have to learn this language."

"It would make your life on this planet a lot easier."

After a few months Samus got a hang on the Chozosein language it not being too different from any other language. She was now able to speak the language at the same level as the actual Chozo children. Teh'alla was amazed at how fast she learned the language and at how fast she lost her temper, as well as her fowl language she used when she was frustrated. A month later the Hatchlings went to their first day of school, for the others it was their third year at the school. Samus felt embarrassed about not knowing what the other Chozo children knew. One day Teh'alla came up to Samus.

"It is time for your training Hatchling." He said in a depressed voice.

"what Training?" she asked in a confused manner.

Muwhahahahahahaha you thought I was going to have Samus just go through regular school didn't you? Didn't you! Yeah fooled you :P, I hoped you enjoyed this chapter again I'm sorry it took so long to update (not like it's being read anyway . )