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This prologue chapter reports a brief history of Harry Potter's life as it exists in my Harry Potter reality. The story that will follow in subsequent chapters will tell the story of Harry's life when he finds out that he isn't really the son of Lily and James Potter. My goal with this prologue is that it will avoid some of the confusion that will arise from my story before I post it.

In the beginning there was a little boy named Malachi Alexander Snape. He was born into the world as the loved son of Death-eaters Severus Snape and Anastasia Snape. His parents were loyal servants of the Dark Lord Voldemort and served him willingly as potions masters. Severus also served his lord by gathering information about Albus Dumbledore and the happenings within the walls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

Severus and his wife, along with Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy formed the inner most circle of Voldemort's elite, the four of them were the leaders of his armies on the field of battle. They were the most feared of his generals, the Dark Lord's four Horsemen. In 1979 both Anastasia and Narcissa became pregnant at about the same time. They retired from the field of battle and chose to guide Voldemort's armies from the war room of Riddle manor.

Anastasia gave birth first. Her son, Malachi Alexander Snape was proudly brought into the world on July 14th 1980. Narcissa gave birth to her son Draco less then a week later. The two children were loved by their parents and by the dark lord they served. They would become the rightful heirs to Voldemort's legacy.

Little did Severus and Anastasia realize that their perfect world of bliss would end just over a year after their son's birth. You see Severus' position as a spy within Voldemort's ranks left him vulnerable to the whims of Albus Dumbledore. The man would stop at nothing to end Voldemort's reign, even use a small child to his advantage if it meant being able to use the father.

Exactly one year and sixteen days after young Malachi's birth Lily Potter, wife of esteemed Auror James Potter gave birth to the couple's first child Harry James Potter. There was much rejoicing on the side of the light because Harry was rumored to be the one prophesied to defeat Voldemort forever. The day after Harry's birth tragedy stuck when the celebrated infant was found dead of natural causes in his cradle.

Before word of the child's death could get out Dumbledore put a plan into motion to salvage the Potter's happiness and gain a spy among Voldemort's ranks for his own use. The headmaster of Hogwarts arranged an Auror raid on the Snape's home where Anastasia was killed. Severus and his one year old son were brought before Dumbledore and the mighty wizard cast the dice that would set the stage for one family's happiness and another man's misery. Dumbledore took the child from his father and altered the infant's appearance so he was identical to the baby the Potter's had lost. He then altered the Potter's memory of their son's death.

Severus' memory was altered as well. He now believed that his wife and son were dead because Voldemort had betrayed him. With embittered conviction Severus became a spy for Dumbledore while loathing the happiness that the Potter's enjoyed, never knowing that their happiness came at his expense. As for the headmaster of Hogwarts? Well he lived on knowing that two parents of the light enjoyed peace while a family of the dark had been destroyed. He never regretted what he had done because the needs of the many out way the needs of few. The wizarding world needed their savior and the dark had lost a powerful family of servants.

Fifteen years have passed since Malachi Snape became Harry Potter. Since then a child who might have lived a happy life with parents who adored him has lived with a family who loathes and despises his very presence. Harry spent ten years of his life living in a closest under the stairs. This is terrifying and scarring thing to do to a child. Then when Harry Potter turned eleven years old he received his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This event changed his life forever. He was no longer ignored in fact he was admired and envied because as the one year old son of Lily and James Potter he had "defeated" Lord Voldemort and escaped with a lightening bolt shaped scar.

Harry arrived at Hogwarts where he made friends and enemies. Those enemies include his own father and second year student Draco Malfoy. Harry had no idea that he should have stood at the height of Slytherin royalty with Draco or that he was in actuality the same age as the other boy.

What Harry thought would be the learning experience of a lifetime quickly took a turn for the worst. It turned out that the Dark Lord Voldemort was trying to get the Sorceror's Stone to get back his body. Harry was able to thwart this plan and his fame grew.

The second year at Hogwarts was even worse. This time Harry had two things to deal with. The incidents within the chamber of secrets and the knowledge that he was being hunted by escaped criminal Sirius Black. Harry was able to find out the truth about the Chamber of Secrets by Christmas. He saved Ginny Weasley and got that idiot Lockhart placed in Saint Mungo's for having his memory erased. This left the second half of the year to deal with the problem of Sirius Black. He found out that Sirius was his Godfather and that Peter Pettigrew was the real culprit in the death of Harry's supposed parents Lily and James.

The third year at Hogwarts dawned bright and clear. It appeared that this year would be the best that Harry had ever experienced at Hogwarts. He had no intention of entering the Tri-Wizard Tournament but somehow that stupid goblet had spit out his name as the fourth competitor. So it came to be that a third year student would be forced to participate in one of the most dangerous magical tournaments ever held. The contest went well with Harry getting lucky for most of the challenges until the final challenge began.

It was a maze and at the end there was a cup which would declare the winner. Harry and another student took the opportunity to win together and it led to the other student's death. Harry was then forced to participate in a ritual to bring the Dark Lord Voldemort back to power. The ritual was successful and Harry managed to escape the Dark Lord's clutches. He returned with the dead body of his fellow student and a story that made the wizarding world shudder in fear.

Smart men like Albus Dumbledore however, reacted to his student's words. Harry still didn't know about his family or his birth or about the prophecy that guided his destiny and Dumbledore had no intention of loosing the pawns he had so carefully set into play. The man convinced Severus to return as a spy and Harry was sent back to Privet Drive to spend another summer with abusive relatives.

At the end of the summer before the beginning of his fourth year Harry Potter was attacked by dementors and used magic to defend himself. This caused yet more trouble for the boy who lived as he was dragged before a court. He managed to get through that inquiry and return to Hogwarts. The year passed quickly wit rumors of Voldemort and ministry denials of his return flourishing. At the end of the year Harry allowed the manipulations of Voldemort to affect him so terribly that his actions caused the death of Harry's beloved Godfather Sirius Black.

It was after this that Dumbledore decided to make his move. He told Harry about the prophecy that surrounded his destiny before sending the boy back to the home of his relatives where he would be protected.

Now we have arrived at present day. It is exactly sixteen days before Harry Potter's birthday and Harry is about to realize just how much has really been hidden from him over the years. You see Albus Dumbledore was not all knowing in his wisdom and has failed to see that the concerned emotions of a loving mother set a contingency plan into affect that will change the perfectly ordered agenda of Albus Dumbledore. Harry Potter will realize the truth and the savior of the light side will forever be lost to darkness.

This is my revised Harry Potter time line. As this story begins Harry is preparing to begin his fifth year at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy in this story is sixteen and in actuality Harry is sixteen years old as well.

I hope this prevents a lot of the confusion that this story would otherwise generate. I hope people take time to read and review. If I spelled something wrong that is Harry Potter related please correct me. If I have my dates wrong please correct me as well. Thanks to all who chose to review.