As stated in Sailor Knight Ranma this story is going to be used to light a fire under my ass for future posts to my other ones. Everyone…please pray.


When one looks at Nerima they see a fairly peaceful prefecture of the ever-growing metropolis of Tokyo. However, peaceful is far from what the residents could tell you. It had all started about two years ago with the appearance of a well endowed red head and her pet panda…er…father. What followed their arrival could be summed up in two words…UTTER CHAOS! How could this be? With the appearance of just two figures; how could this 'peaceful' place would go up in smoke? Its rather simple if we look into there past. Multiple debts most of which involved marriage and the running of a fat man and young boy. The sin of the bread. We mustn't forget the ingestion of a certain woman's first prize meal. Kidnappings, delusional samurai wannabes, psychotic gymnasts, excreta, excreta. Why would all this happen? Simple…a loud mouthed, punk, gender changing martial artist. Who by the way is just about to land in the story in five, four, three, two…

"STUPID TOMBOY!" is heard screamed as a raven-haired youth makes contact with a fountain. A tingling is felt all along his body as he slowly surfaces looking at the sky in mock annoyance and depression. Only this time, the body is that of a girl almost woman. Ranma Saotome, person voted to get sexist man and woman of the year award. The girl slowly moves to a sitting position in the fountain her eyes slowly tracking the movement of people as they circle the fountain. Most if not all of them seemed to completely ignore. All thanks to that idiot tomboy! Just about everyday one could see this man sometimes woman flying through the air curtsey of Akane Air. How wonderful a way to travel…a splitting head ache and hard landing. Ranma slowly stands and steps down from the fountain wringing out her shirt and tying it between her breasts and just under them still hiding them from view but showing off her flat stomach and sexy curvature of her waist. Still no one paid any attention…unless you count the foreigner who's eyes were glued on Ranma at all times. She watched in mild (and quickly growing) interest as the boy now girl slowly makes her way back to where ever she had flown from.

'I just may have found a new play thing,' the girl thinks to herself smiling wider. It had been at least three years since she had…well had much fun in bed with an acceptable male. And this one could be a girl too, all the better in her eyes. She takes a soft smell in the girl general direction, two virgin scents…even more acceptable. Untouched booty…the forbidden fruit. She smiles even wider if that were possible, the smile going from wonder to lecherous. She slowly follows around his scent and nods approvingly. He still went to high school, which was very good seeing as she was starting at that very school tomorrow. He liked a verity of foods and seemed to be a regular at two places; Cat's Café and the Ucchan's. Growling gently the girl quickly makes her way from those areas. He had other admirers…and they were strong. Not on her level of course…but still something to be feared. Especially the cat one, there were weird magical auras around that place. She then follows her nose (after giving a growl to that god damn catchy phrase from that hell spawned Toucan Sam) to the Tendo Dojo. Three female scents, two male scents, and one changing scent showing both. The girl was loosing herself in that scent, her loins almost catching her in a weak moment. She quickly shakes her head and quickly makes her way away from that certain house. His/her scent was too strong there. A sudden wetness in her pants told her WAY too strong.

Back the Tendo's

Ranma had been having a feeling that he'd been watched and followed all day. It wasn't Shampoo…it didn't feel like her. He was certain there were no cats around either. Damn things were worse then that ganjin bird that followed his nose (okay…so I'm against Sam right now…BACK OFF!). He glances to his father wondering if maybe it was his fault once again. He couldn't remember the last time he had this feeling and it NOT being something Genma's grubby hand/paw had been in on. However that was all Genma needed to liberate his son of some of his food.

"Your getting slow boy!" the sometimes panda man yells while choking down on great food at his son's expense.

"Shut up pops," he says lowly standing up "I'm going for a walk."

"Stupid baka can't even finish dinner," he hears Akane say in malice. It broke his heart to hear her say that. Even after Saffron, she couldn't stop hurting him. She would never trust him and he was only beginning to realize it. Funny how he should have seen it sooner. Aside from what many could and would tell you, Ranma was no dope or jock. In fact he was rather bright. He could have put a stop to Nabiki long ago but had decided not too. So his female body was ogled and probably the material of many a lonely night for the boys of Furinkan High. It at least paid for the bills that he knew for a fact were piling up cause of his family's extended stay. In his mind the engagement was off. He could no longer love Akane. He couldn't love Ukyo the way she wanted. Shampoo was just an annoyance with bouncy boobs. And Kodachi…well…to be blunt…

"That bitch scares the shit out of me," he whispers gently to himself as he continues to walk towards the park.

The Park minutes before

The girl ran into the park to catch her breath. She had been running and plugging her nose as she ran to stop herself from smelling him. It was too bad that he seemed to have depression heavy in his scent. She would have easily taken that away by showing just how much she had been…

"Oh fuck that he don't even know me yet," she whispers softly to herself blushing atomic red still panting. Catching her breath she slowly makes her way towards a water fountain before sitting beneath a tree and letting the last rays of the sun filter past in the sky. She couldn't help but smile; night had a beauty that far surpassed the day. If one would ponder this they would see why. The stars are always the in the affection of romance hungry girls and a few spacey guys. Night was after the sun set which is considered to be romantic. And morning could only happen when night let its borders fade into the sun creating the sun rise, which had been known to fill people's hearts with hope as well as many other forms of inspiration. Her thoughts continued to drift off on why night was better then day when her nose was filled with that wonderful sweet intoxicating scent from before. She glances around wondering if he came to this very tree a lot himself when her eyes fell on him. He was walking with his head down in a red silk shirt, black Kung fu pants, black rubber shoes, and finally black wristbands. His hands were currently inside his pockets and he made for a rather pathetic sight. "He shouldn't look like that," she whispers before quickly standing and making her way over to him. Ranma for his part was completely oblivious to the attention he was receiving from the only girl in at least 1000 feet of his personal space. If one of his fiancées had been here he would have known right away. This is why Ranma jumped 10 feet in the air, literally, when someone tapped on his shoulder.

"YAH! Don't do that!" he yells turning to face the person who had scared him stupid. He stops however and stares. She was beyond Ukyo, Akane, and Shampoo in hotness factor. The girl was dressed in a red shirt that didn't cover her belly showing off her stomach underneath. Over the red shirt was a black fish net, long sleeve shirt that ended in points going to her middle finger so as to hold the sleeves in place and cover her knuckles. Her legs where covered by large black Tripp pants suspenders, chains, and other pieces of metal hanging off them. The pants were riding low on her form showing she was wearing boxers that said 'Hot Stuff Inside: Danger', the lettering being in red the boxers themselves black. Black combat boots that seemed to fill out the look just right covered her feet. Her hair feel down near the curve of her ass in a long ponytail red highlights moving in and out of her hairstyle. The front of her hair was just as strange to see. Two long thick spikes of hair went over the edges of her eyes and ended down near her cheeks on each side. After giving her a long look over he comes back up to her face to find two dark off gray eyes almost silver staring into his own.

"If your done staring at my body…I would like to introduce myself," she says in a low almost dead tone. Ranma had the decency to blush heavily.

"Ah…sorry…umm…my name is hot er…hehehehe…" he stumbles making the previous annoyance disappear from her face to be replaced by a sly smile.

"Hi Hot, my name is Jasper," she says smiling wider as he seems mortified.

"No no no no no no! My name is Ranma!" he says shaking his hands back and forth. She simply giggles gently and looks back up into his eyes.

"I know your name's not hot…although I must agree with you," she leans forward her face mere inches from his own "You are extremely cute," she says softly her breath tickling his face. He shivers slightly and glances around seeing they're alone but not expecting it to last.

"Th-thanks…but I umm…have to go!" he calls loudly running off.

"Okay hot stuff!" she calls after him waving. She seems him stumble slightly before disappearing. She then shivers herself and nods "Oh yeah…definitely gonna have to take him for a ride…"

"May I ask what kind of ride pup?" another feminine voice says from next to her. Jasper jumps and turns to glare at the woman next to her.

"None of your damn business Faye!"

"Now, now Jasper. Call me mommy," the woman gushes smirking evilly. Jasper growls lowly and turns away from her.

"It's not your concern mom."

"Hmm…I'll accept the mom part, but the whole 'My life not yours' bullshit is becoming an annoyance. You know you can talk to me about your fuck buddies."

"HE'S NOT A FUCK BUDDY!" Jasper growls back loudly much to the amusement of her mother.

"So he's not…but soon to be right?"

"GOD I HOPE SO!" she pauses for a moment "Why did I just yell that at you of all people?"

"Because your still my pup and still extremely stupid."

"Shut up mom!"

"I am merely stating the truth."

"Your truth sucks."

"Not as good as you from what I've heard."

"MOM!" Jasper screeches back blushing.

Tendo Dojo

Ranma arrived safely back to the dojo much to his happiness. Finally Fate was on his side. If he actually knew Fate he would have been screaming for attention at the moment, because Fate was currently planning something sinister.

"I'm back!" he calls into the house grinning from ear to ear. That encounter with the girl in the park had lightened his mood slightly. He was sure he could take the abuse of his 'family' easily now.

"Welcome back Ranma, have a good walk?" Kasumi asks softly as she walks in from the kitchen.

"Yeah it was rather nice," he responds smiling wider. His smile soon faltered when he noticed a red faced Akane at the table glaring at him as a black piglet finishes nuzzling himself against her stomach to glare as well. Ranma was currently grinding his teeth and glaring back at the pig as Kasumi sighs gently.

"Ranma…the furo is open if you want to use it."

"Yeah that sounds great," he says lowly turning away from the hateful glares and disappearing into the bathroom. He quickly searches the entire bathroom to make sure no creature is in there before finally settling back into the warm waters. He lets off a contented sigh, happy to be free of fighting for once. Yes, he loved fighting, but after his victory over Saffron, Ranma couldn't help but wonder if he had truly reached all he could possibly be. There had to be a higher skill level he could achieve right? He could only hope so as he continued to relax in the warm waters, trying to will his troubled mind away. His thoughts suddenly turn to that of the girl from the park. She was something else. He couldn't really understand how she had attracted him that quickly. It had to be something…but what? That he would leave for a later time. He glances to the clock on the wall and nods to himself. It was time to do homework, his old man was asleep by now so he could get in a quick study session before going to bed himself.

Furinkan High

Jasper slowly walked into the gates extra early. She had some paper work to fill out before she could start class. She stops and her nostrils flare for a brief moment as she smells the boys scent from last night. Her mother had given her hell about it, but that was all worth it. This boy's scent was so…so…so intoxicating! She wanted nothing more then to just grab him up against her half the time. Maybe it was her perverted side talking for once, but she really hoped he wasn't as held back as he seemed.

"Of course he could be…sexual identity is heard to classify when your both," she whispers closing her eyes for a brief moment. When she opens them once again, Kuno is standing before her. She tilts her head slightly the hairstyle from yesterday completely covering one eye while the other bang rests against her shoulder creating a sexy image for the delusional samurai. "How can I help ya?" she asks deeply.

"Another woman, who serves under that Sorcerer Saotome no doubt," the boy in robes says harshly as his bokken flicks a set of dog tags that were on a black satin collar around her neck. She quits tilting her head and glares at him.

"Excuse me?"

"Do not worry my gothic goddess. The love in your eyes has not been ignored for I saw you in the park with Saotome last night and I saw him put a spell to cover up your love for me! We must break this spell…jump into mine arms!" he yells poetically reaching out of her. Echo had been so confused by his vocabulary that she didn't know what was going on until she felt arms wrap around her. She didn't really have a problem with that until those hands got a little 'touchy' over her chest. She was ready to boot him into next Sunday when she smelled his scent. He was beyond nervous close to going over board. She smirks inwardly; this was going to be beyond fun. She closes her eyes for a moment and then opens them looking whipped and beaten. Kuno gasps at her look, not quite sure what to say.

"S-Sempai…" she whispers tears rolling down her cheeks. Kuno was taken aback and quickly falls square on his ass staring up at her.


"You're a good man right?" she asks fearfully. Kuno swells with pride and puffs out his chest in a dramatic pose.

"Of course I am Tatawaki Kuno, the noblest of them all! And the rising star of the fencing world, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High!" he finishes feeling slightly out of breath.

"Then how come you touch me without asking like Master Saotome?" she suddenly asks looking to Kuno with tears filling her eyes. Kuno falls back once again shocked, staring at her once more.

"Wh-what?!" he asks stupidly. The girl's tears suddenly dry and she crouches down in front of him.

"Look Thunder. You may think your attractive and all and hell that may very well be. But do you honestly think your gonna get a mate by talking like a hyper active Shakespeare and grabbing their chest when you say hello?" she asks her eyes soft and tearless but her voice was hard with a superior edge. Kuno didn't know what to say he stared at her doing an amazing imitation of a fish. Jasper sighs softly and suddenly leans forward giving him a soft peck on the cheek. "Do unto others what you yourself want done Kuno. Unless you have a fantasy about rape, which I doubt, then you don't want me to return the favor you just performed on me. By the way, if I see it happen again to a girl who doesn't want your advances, I'll go to the cops. Ja ne!" she says finishing happily and disappearing inside the building. Kuno for his part looked embarrassed. The glaze over his eyes was gone as he glances down to his current clothes selection.

"Where the fuck have I been for last few years?" he asks softly to himself before standing up. He glances around for a moment and then tells a random passing student to inform the principal of his absence due to sickness. He then quickly took off out the gates as Ranma, Akane, and Nabiki walked through them. They all glance in his direction before Ranma sighs and turns away.

"Probably heard about a new technique he can slay me with," he says starting to walk again, 'or he heard about the new girl in town.' Ranma finishes softly to himself shivering with the images of her once again, which didn't go unnoticed by a certain mercenary. Now all she had to do was figure out how to use this against Ranma for her lover, cold hard cash.

Meanwhile, Jasper was currently speaking with the principal. It was going fine until the psycho whipped out some hair clippers and went after her mane. The girl had growled lowly and quickly punched him square in the nose knocking the Hawaiian idiot out. She quickly rises up and asks to speak with the assistant principal seeing as how the real one had an accident in his office. She smiles gently to the assistant principal happy that this one seemed sane. The two quickly went over her schedule and then a person named Akane Tendo was called to the office to assist her in finding the classes. Akane slowly walked up to the office cursing Ranma because he may have gotten her into trouble with Kuno's father. Her growl quickly tapered off upon seeing that Principal Kuno was knocked out and she was to walk around a new student. Akane slowly looks the girl over as she finishes talking with Mr. Vander Pol. Jasper was wearing a black tank top over the same long sleeved fish net shirt from yesterday. The black tank top had pink lettering that said 'I'm to hot for pink'. Her pants were pure black with chains and suspenders that counted for her most conservative Tripp style. These pants didn't even sag. Her feet where in the same combat boots from yesterday as well. Around her neck was a collar with dog tags on it. Whether they said anything important was beyond Akane. Suddenly Jasper turns to her and smiles slyly. The punked out girl leans over to Akane her lips mere inches from the other girls ear.

"Like what you see?" Jasper asks gently her breath tickling Akane's ear. Akane for her part was blushing.

"Yes…I mean…you look nice…" Akane finishes weakly. Jasper slowly took in the school skirt clad youth in front of her. Not much to look at really, but when she was blushing or smiling maybe someone would consider her cute.

"Well I do have gym period as the last class of the day…you could come visit me in the shower if you want to see more."

"WHAT?!" Akane whimpers loudly staring at the girl. Jasper was snickering softly off to the side and waving her hands.

"I was only joking…umm…Akane," she replies remembering the girl's name from her introduction.

"That was a rather perverted joke," Akane growls wondering if Ranma would do the same someday.

"Well…yeah maybe it was. But then again in today's world that's nothing compared to what I could have said or do," Jasper says smiling wider. Akane simply nods dumbly not able to keep up with this awkward girl. Akane quickly started her tour and then they stopped in front of their respective classroom. Akane slowly turns to Jasper with a grim look on her face.

"There is a really perverted boy in here…don't let him near you he would probably fondle you," Akane says 'truthfully'. She knew Ranma wouldn't do anything if she was there, but she had to make sure the girl didn't try and get too close to her perverted baka fiancée. Jasper merely nods looking forward to it. If this boy were anything like Kuno she would have no problems. Just as the door opens her nose fills with the scent of the male that had captured her attention. Feeling weak in the knees she follows Akane in and glances around the room. Her eyes fall on Ranma who had woken up. She smiles slightly when she sees him mouth 'It's her!'

'Must have left a good impression,' she thinks softly to herself smiling to everyone present. Hinako looked over to Jasper and held back a growl. Another delinquent to deal with how quaint…NOT! She would have to show the girl just who was boss and real quick. To bad she had already drained her 'favorite' student of his energy. Poor Ranma. Akane slowly walked away from Jasper glaring at her fiancée and his lack of attention to her. His eyes were glued on the new girl. Akane levels a subtle glare on Jasper. Jasper takes a sniff of the air and sighs gently. Akane was one of the girls after her new plaything…fucking great.

"Would you like to introduce yourself?" Hinako asks keeping venom from her voice. Jasper nods to Hinako and bows respectfully before turning to the class.

"My name is Jasper Diaz-Rahi. I'm from America but my last name comes from India…I guess that would explain my natural tan," she says smiling sheepishly. "Oh yeah…I'm also free so any numbers that would happen to fall into my lap…I may just call them for a night on the town," she finishes smiling wider. All the boys in class yelled out happily. Finally someone who didn't already have a previous connection with Saotome. Many of them were already writing down their number on the back of a school picture for her. Hinako levels a glare to everyone present and then turns to Jasper once again. This girl had spunk and was fairly respectful. Hinako gives a truthful smile to the girl and nods.

"Please be seated by Mr. Saotome," the woman says softly. Jasper nods as the boys of the class all groan and hang their heads. Jasper can smell their scents and knows they think they just lost their chance because of who she was seated next to. Not one to miss out on a few fun dates, Jasper raises her hand. Hinako nods to her and she stands once more.

"Don't worry boys. Just cause I'm seated next to a stud doesn't mean I won't go out with you on a few dates. Has Japan never heard of casual dating?" she asks smiling wider as a few pictures with numbers appear on her desk. She then takes her seat again and pulls out a few writing materials to take plenty of notes. She was getting a strange scent from her teacher and didn't want to be on the receiving end of whatever that woman could throw.

'I really like her style. She reminds me of my old friend Faye,' Hinako says lowly before starting her lesson.

Lunchtime quickly came to the students of Nerima. However this lunch period was stranger then the ones previous. Ranma was actually walking down to lunch while the new girl simply stayed in the room. One boy asked her if she would join him for lunch. Jasper and had nodded and said she would be right there to join him. When everyone had cleared out of the room Jasper walked up to Hinako and tilted her head. "My mom has told me a lot about you Hinako."

"I knew I recognized your scent. You act just like your mom," Hinako replies smiling.

"Yeah…I get that a lot…anyway…me and mom are back in town for a while…I don't think she would mind if you dropped by sometime."

"Oh that would be wonderful," Hinako says softly smiling.

"Umm…I would like to know one thing though."

"What's that Jasper?" Hinako asks softly.

"Why do you use illusions to make the students think they've been drained of energy. Why not just go hybrid and scare em?"

"I rather like to trick them. Besides they're easier to deal with when they can't fight back. You see this place is strange. There are superpowered martial arts all over the place in this district. If you don't have immediate protection or a friend that could do some damage your in trouble. I simply used this technique I learned from Happosai to trick them," she replies showing a dazzling smile.

"Happy's still around?" Jasper asks smiling.

"Oh yes and worse then ever. Maybe me and your mother should put him in his place no?"

"I'll tell her…or better yet, you tell her. I have my own fish to catch."

"Ah yes…Ranma Saotome. Now he is a character…you know of his curse right?" Hinako asks gently staring into Jasper's eyes.

"Oh yeah…that just makes him all the better. I mean how could things get better with a butch and a bitch in the same package," Jasper replies smiling. Hinako sighs softly already knowing what Jasper was implying.

"Picked up your mother's sexual traits I see."

"Mm hmmm…its fun to have a collar around your neck with nothing more then ropes coveri"

"Okay I get the idea!" Hinako all but yells silencing Jasper.

"You know…mom never could find another 'friend' like you," Jasper says smiling slyly. Hinako tilts her head slightly.

"Oh really?"

"Yeah…but for now I'm just gonna go eat with that cute little boy who asked me. Maybe later I can teach him the dos and don'ts of oral fun. Ja ne," Jasper says walking away from a very red Hinako.

'Well…this should provide entertainment. Faye is back in town…I wonder if Happy will drop his illusion and come and play,' Hinako thinks gently to herself smiling wider.

The Courtyard

Jasper was currently eating with a boy by the name of Duo. At least that's what everyone called him. She had never heard his real name yet. Duo was actually very into the Goth thing. He kept talking about an awesome dance club downtown that he wouldn't mind taking her too.

"So…what kinda theme is the dance club?" Jasper asks him taking another bite of her sandwich.

"Well…you see…its kinda embarrassing to talk about…cause not many people know about my fantasies," he replies blushing. Jasper smiles softly and nods.

"You can tell me Duo. I like casual sex almost as much as casual dating," Jasper replies smiling wider as Duo stares at her.

"Wow…okay! The club is BDSM! I've met a few people that go there every Friday and they tell me all about it. I'm into being the slave though…not the master. I already have a Master lined up…I just wanted a partner to join in the fun," he replies.

"What do you mean?" asks Jasper looking at him.

"Well…I umm…wanted a fellow slave to keep me company," he replies lowly. Jasper once again smiles and moves over to sit in his lap surprising the boy.

"That would be great! I'll do it just once with you and your master…and may keep going with you two if I like it enough," she says leaning back against him.

"You serious?"

"Yeah…I've played both roles before…but it was always just me and my partner. Never had a threesome yet so this could be enjoyable!" she replies smiling wider.

"You don't mind that the master is really a Mistress do you?" he asks softly.

"Ever hear of swing hitters?"

"Yeah…I'm curious about being one," he says softly.

"Well from one real one to a curious one…its great," she says softly leaning over and kissing his lips softly. Duo quickly replies to the kiss rubbing her legs softly making the girl in his lap purr.

"Look at that hussy!" Akane practically screams staring at the new girl and one of the former Hentai Squad. Nabiki on the other hand was staring at them. Then a very twisted smile appears on her face.

'He found one! He actually did it! Oh my God what should I wear?' she thinks lowly to herself. Nabiki…the Ice Queen of Furinkan was the Mistress of Duo. The two had already performed a lot of experiments. She couldn't believe that Duo's fantasy was going to be fulfilled, hers as well! She could only stare and wonder when they would go to Guilty Pleasures.

"What's it matter to you Akane? Let em be," Ranma says lowly as he leaned against a tree and watched the two go deeper and deeper into the kiss. 'Why do I feel like I want to be in his shoes?' he asks himself watching them.

"I still think she's a hussy. Everyone knows Duo is a freak! Only people like Shampoo and that girl would go for him. Fellow freaks," Akane spits receiving a glare from Nabiki.

"Come off it Akane. He has a healthy appetite for a different type of sex. Who cares? As long as they don't get involved when they don't want to be part of it who really gives a damn?" Nabiki replies coldly before standing and making her way over to the couple.

"Nabiki is probably just saying that cause he owes her hush money," Akane replies before looking back to Ranma. "At least your not a freak like him," she says with malice towards Ranma. Ranma glares at her and then stands up walking over to where Nabiki had gone. Akane glared at his back but Ranma didn't seem to realize it…that or didn't care.

"So you finally found one?" Ranma heard Nabiki say softly a grin evident from the sound of her voice.

"Yes Mistress," Duo replies making Ranma stop for a moment.

"Hmm…this should be fun. As I was telling Duo here, I've never had a threesome before," Jasper is heard saying when she suddenly glances over Nabiki's shoulder to find Ranma standing there a blush on his face. Nabiki looks as well and gasps.

"Ranma what are you doing?" she asks back to her cold demeanor.

"I umm…got tired of…threesome?" he says a larger blush appearing. Nabiki was too shocked to say anything; Duo was hiding his face, while Jasper smirks.

"Yeah a threesome. You know…three people, one LONG night of fucking like rabbits."

"I'll be over there..." Ranma suddenly says walking away from them a large blush on his face.

"Too damn innocent," Jasper hears Nabiki whisper to herself.

'Not for long if I have it my way,' Jasper thinks to herself smiling more.

Wow…I apologize for this…but damn that felt awesome to write! I've been so caught up in writing serious Fan Fiction and stuff that I have neglected my funnier…and more perverted side. I can only hope you enjoy this story and wish to see more of Jasper. Also…if you can tell me what you think Jasper is (which shouldn't be too hard) and get it right I will post your name on the next chapter as a smart person. Anyway, until next time...and yes…all other stories are on HOLD until I get over writer's block.