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--------The Club--------

Anita couldn't help but smile as she slowly stepped back into the torture room. This room was quickly becoming her favorite place in the entire club. Her eyes widen slightly as she takes in both of the new forms. The girl once again had the nipple hooks in, her eyes were open as well, and she was glaring at Anita. Her hair had changed colors as well, blonde with cheetah spots. The boy was passed out.

"And how is my lovely wall flower doing tonight?" Anita questions, stepping closer to the girl.

"Shove it up your ass," the girl growls, showing little baby fangs.

"I don't think you have the proper equipment…but it is nice to see the carpet matches the drapes," Anita whispers, taking in the girl's nude form. She blushes heavily and looks away. Anita smirks and then slowly grabs a bucket of ice water and splashes the boy. His eyes just simply open and he looks to her. Anita tilts her head slightly and the boy does as well. Dilandu slowly walks in seeing his Mistress.

"The girl retained the…more outspoken of the personalities. The boy however…" Dilandu just shrugs. Anita slowly walks up to the boy and gently runs her fingers across his nipples. He just closed his eyes and muttered something. Anita leaned closer to hear what he was muttering and let out a loud scream as the boy sank his teeth into her neck. She pulled back and scraped her nails across the boy's face. He just smirked at her through his pain while the girl giggled off to the side. Anita glared at her and pulled on the chain on her nipples savagely. The girl quickly screamed out and the boy's smirk dropped. Anita then slowly looked to the boy.

"You…I'll break when I get back home. Dilandu…make the proper arrangements…" she growled before slamming forth a call. Both children let out horrified shrieks. Ranko quickly shifted to a cheetah hybrid form…while Ranma shifted to a tiger. A gentle smile left the vampires mouth as she increased it, making the boy pass out with a few jerks.


Nabiki was watching in shocked silence as the entire pack geared up for what looked like a war. She then slowly turned when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Standing there was Trent. A small smirk slowly played across his mouth.

"Everything will be fine…you'll see," he uttered in a low voice.

"I just wish…I could do more…" she whispers softly. Trent just nods his head.

"There is…actually."


"Call the best doctor you know…we're going to need it. Give him a break down of what we are and what's going on…hopefully he won't freak too much."

"You got it," she says smiling for the first time in a few days.

--------The Club--------

Where was her brother? Where…was she? She could remember everything that had happened to her…but it all seemed so surreal. Like none of it was possible or should be happening to her. It was…all so strange. Why now…why? Why when she was finally comfortable with her two different forms…did she get split. It just wasn't fair…nothing was fair anymore. She pulled savagely at the chains, alerting the few vampire on guard duty to her being awake. They all whispered in low voices about something and then disappeared. Anita slowly walks in then and smiles softly to the girl.

"Your friends are coming…all decked out with weapons. This will be the final battle…and I tend to get horny after killing…so you'll come in handy tonight," the woman whispers, pulling on the chains attached to the girl's nipples once again. Ranko moans gently and looks away from her face.

"Their going to kill you…all of you," she says softly before turning to Anita with a smile.

"You wish young one," Anita whispers softly. Ranko just smirks in a knowing way. Anita tilts her head but can say no more as an explosion rocks the building to its core. Quickly followed by small arms fire…and screaming.

"Tonight…you will die…and not a drop of forest runner's blood will be dropped," Ranko says lowly. Anita growls to the girl and disappears upstairs just as a body fly's by next to her. She grabs the assault rifle from his hands. She glances back for only a moment and sighs. Poor Harry. Just before she could cock the gun another explosion rocks the foundation of the building. It had to be Trent…but what was he doing! She glances over just in time to see a rocket blow a few more vampires into tiny pieces. Where the hell did the boy get his weapons from?! A low growl is heard off to the side and there was Jasper. All of this blood and fighting…she hadn't even realized she and a few others were left. Out of all 100 vampires around…only six remained including Dilandu who was still breathing. She rose the gun only to find her arm missing and laying on the floor next to her. She slowly looked back to the girl and had enough time to widen her eyes before everything went dark…for good. Jasper slowly looked back up to the pack after tearing the bitches throat out. The battle was almost won already. Just as Trent had said…


"So how are we going to do this?" Richard asked in a low voice. It seemed the club was on high alert already.

"Shoot the fuck out of the building…don't give them a chance to fire back. Some of us fire while the other's reload and we switch back and forth until hardly any are left," Trent says gently.

"Will that…work?"



She left the clean up to the rest of them and took off down the stairs. She stopped cold at the sight of her lover in chains, panting and laughing gently upon seeing her. Jasper immediately rushed forward and kissed Ranko deeply before finding the keys and freeing her. She then glanced around just in time to see warm water. Figuring Ranma would want to be back in her male form she splashes her…only to find a wet naked blonde and spotted head before her.

"Ranma…what did they do…to you?"

"It's a long story…and the name is Ranko…" the girl whispers softly.

--------Jasper's…4 months later--------

Ranko and Jasper slowly opened the door to Jasper's house once again. They were quickly followed by Nabiki who stretched a little to get the kinks out of her system. The three girls slowly walked into the living room, Jasper smiling softly upon seeing her mother's face. She was so happy with her new mate…and Trent was kinda cool as a dad like figure. Plus it annoyed the cold boy to no end when Jasper called him Poppa.

"Hey mom…poppa," Jasper says with a smirk. Trent looks to Faye and begs pleadingly. Faye glares at him and he sighs before sitting back and pouting.

"A little maiming would hurt the pup," he growls lowly making Faye lightly nudge him with her foot.

"How was school hon?" Faye asks turning to her daughter as she slowly laid down on the other couch, Ranko quickly joining her. Nabiki curled up in a recliner and pulled a book from her pack and started reading.

"Akane…was her usual self," Jasper sighed out gently, making the overly affectionate kitten on her chest lick her face softly. Nabiki simply grunts.

"If you call bringing a silver mallet to school usual."

"Shut up you pissy wolf!" Jasper shouts. Nabiki just smirks at her and goes back to reading. Faye just sighs and presses her feet into Trent's lap. He groans lowly and starts to massage them. Faye smiles in joy while the other girls laugh.

"Your so whipped!" Ranko shouts laughing.

"She will be later tonight," Trent simply replies, making the girl's shut up and Faye blush heavily.

"Kinky…" was the only statement heard, by one Nabiki. Faye sighs softly and then seems to remember something and tosses a letter to Jasper.

"This came for you in the mail today," she says, ending in a sigh of pleasure as Trent hit a tense spot. Jasper shrugs it off and slowly opens the letter. She does a double take at the end of it and gasps.


Everyone quickly crowds around the girl as she reads the letter aloud to them.

Dear Jasper,

How's it going? Sorry that sounded…well corny but I couldn't think of anything else to say. I could tell you all about how this letter came to be…but if I know you and my…sister like I do…then the letter won't matter beyond you knowing I'm alive. The story is a long one…so it will be easier to tell you about it in person. I'm currently hanging out Georgia with some other werecreatures. They freaked when they first found me…and even more when my memories finally came back to me. Long story short…come and visit soon. Just come to the address on the sender from the envelope. I used a different name so you wouldn't freak and tear the letter while trying to open it. But yay…come visit soon.



P.S. Bring Nabiki along…I'm sure she's with us…in a new way by now.

The only thing any of them could do was slowly look up as the rest of the pack entered the room because of Jasper's shout. Then Faye took a deep breath…

"Pack your shit…we're going on a vacation…"


That's the end of Wolf Lust or Love? Tell me what you think. And just so you know…there will be a side story about Ranko and the fiancées. As well as Nabiki coming to be with the pack. The sequel will be longer…as it will start when Ranma was taken from Japan up to this point in WLOL. So hope you enjoyed my story and are looking forward to more. Sorry it ended so quickly…but I was running out of shit to write for this one. Also…just enjoy guessing what the crossover will be…it shouldn't be too hard…I've given some damn good clues. Ja ne!