-by Ryuu )

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Notes: This is a quickie drabble for Lyssie who requested vicarious smoochies, so it's all her fault. Enjoy!

Sometimes late at night, when he's snoring or his feet are freezing cold, she wonders why she loves him. And when he's cranky in the morning or he has camel breath, she wonders why she sticks around. He squeezes her toothpaste tube in the middle and leaves dollops of shaving cream in her tidy sink. At night, he drools on the pillow and sometimes talks in his sleep.

And there is frequently no living with him until noon.

After difficult missions when they're sniping verbally at each other, constantly grumbling and rehashing everything the other did wrong and she makes him sleep on the couch, she sometimes wonders if it would have been easier to delude herself and marry Pete after all.

But then she finds coffee, chocolate, and shoulder rubs waiting in her lab after a long day. Or he'll give her that look, the one that makes her giddy and turns her knees watery. And sometimes at night, when he thinks she's asleep, he cuddles her close and whispers that he loves her. And sometimes, she turns around to whisper it back to him.

And they both know that Pete never stood a chance.