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Author's Note: Hello hello hello! XD Maiden of the Moon here, writing my very first D.N.Angel fic! Oh, it's all so exciting, ne? Heehee. . . Anyway, as cute as I think Riku and Daisuke are together, I have to admit- I like Dark and Dai more. (Sad, isn't it? ;-) ) So here it is, my present to the DxD shippers- I hope you enjoy! Please R&R!


Don't Want it Back


I am a thief. Cut, clean, to the point. No matter how the media tries to sugarcoat my exploits or how many girls support my outings, I am a common place burglar. Well, a common place burglar stealing magical pieces of work, true, but the fact remains the same. I have spent my entire life thieving, perfecting the art of plunder to such an extreme that I can send warning notes ahead of time and still have my way. Call it cocky if you like. I call it confidence. I am the Legendary Phantom Thief Dark, after all. No one can catch me. No one can trap me. No one can stop me. And certainly, no one can steal from the Master of Thieves.

Or so I thought.

Sure, the idea of another chasing after me to take back what I'd rightfully stolen wasn't new- it had happened many times before. But every other instance they- whoever 'they' happened to be at the time- had eventually given up, knowing I'd outmatch them. Out smart them. Yes, I am the epitome of poised pilfering- I always win.

But then I met him.

Timid, shy, oozing innocence and self doubt. Ripe for my squashing. Hey, it wasn't anything personal- and it wasn't that I disliked him- it's just what I do. If a piece of art is broken, I fix it. Daisuke needed fixing. He had no backbone. He had no chance. And he cramped my style in his current state, so I got to work.

Then something that hadn't happened before did-

He began to worm his way into my heart. Pathetic, sniveling, helpless little boy that he was, Daisuke was still. . . different than my other tamers. Not that the others had been cruel or anything (though usually they weren't much fun); but none of them had smiled like Dai-chan. Or allowed me to tease them. Or let me talk to them like a human being- not just some weird astral projection thing. To Daisuke I wasn't just an alter ego- I was an entirely different person. I was Dark. His Dark. His friend. His protector. I hadn't even realize how close we'd become until I lost him that first time- after St. White's Day. Trapped inside our head he'd suffered alone- oblivious to my calls. At first I didn't care that much, it just meant the body was mine.

But soon. . . I began to feel lonely. It was too quiet without him there, reprimanding me in the back of my brain. I wanted him back. I wanted the emptiness to go away. And when I found him, it did- the moment he wrapped his arms around me, his soft white wings tickling the edges of my soul, filling me with an indescribable warmth.

I love him.

I didn't realize it right then, admittedly, but it became more and more apparent with each new sunrise. Every time he laughed I'd want to laugh along. When he grinned, I couldn't help but return it. His very presence was enough to calm my restless spirit, lull me into a content, peaceful sleep.


My other half; my other self. Not only DNA wise, but in matters of the heart. He completes me. He makes me whole. He, and only he, has ever made me feel the way I do.


I am the Legendary Phantom Thief Dark. No one was supposed to catch me. No one was supposed to trap me. No one was supposed to stop me. And certainly, no one was supposed to steal from the Master of Thieves.

But Daisuke has.

He has stolen my heart.

And I don't want it back.