Tap, tap, tap.

Martis startled awake, looking around wildly.

Her green bed curtains, her bed at school. Felt like she had just gone to sleep after having flown half the night with Sev.

Tap, tap, tap.

She opened the bed curtains carefully, the cool air rushing in.

Tap, tap, tap.

An owl was knocking at the window.

Martis crawled out of bed, shoving her feet into slippers and pulling a dressing gown on.

Tap, tap, tap.

She unlatched the window and a tiny gray owl with large yellow eyes glided into the room. "Mykos?"

The family owl gave her a dry 'hoo' and settled on her arm, offering a leg with a scroll tied to it.

Martis quickly unscrolled it, hoping everyone at home was safe -


I expect you to be packed and ready to leave Hogwarts by noon when the train leaves to go back to London today. There you will meet with an escort to take you to Beauxbatons Academy, where you are being sent for the rest of your academic career.


Saphira Vox'

Martis was unaware of her legs shaking until she hit the floor, the paper fluttering out of her hand. "No."

The words burned across the darkness: ' ... for the rest of your academic career ... '

The lump in her throat threatened to choke her as her blood roared in her ears.


No Hogwarts ... no Slytherin Quidditch ... no Headmaster Dumbledore ... no Artemisia or Adonia or Phaedra ... no charms with Flitwick or Divinations with von Gruppen or Binns' droning voice in History of Magic ... no Bloody Baron and Nearly Headless Nick and Peeves ... no squid in the lake ... no Aki or Ori or Peony or Fallon ... no Conversation Room ... no flying over the pitch with Sev ...

... and no Severus Snape ...

... no Snips and Spirals ...


The scream of anguish awoke half of the girls' dorm.

-The End-