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Zero quickly grabbed an old ladies puirse and began running.

"That crazy robot just stole my purse! Wait… a robot?" Said the old lady, caught off guard by having her purse stolen by, of all things, a robot! Zero ran towards an old lady shopping cart, those electric ones. In the basket of the cart was a very content Axl, nibbling on a single baby carrot from the bag he had just… "borrowed" from the store. Zero hopped into the cart, and pulled back the handle bars as far as possible, making the little cart go full speed…. Which still wasn't much.

"Excellent work Axl, now we can make a clean getaway!" Zero said, holding up the purse. As they exited the store, the "Banana Phone" song began to play over the intercom. Zero drove through the parking lot, ignoring the traffic. The guards, whom were used to chasing criminals in a parking lot, were too confused to act. DS quickly ran behind, and hopped on the seat, riding of Zero's back.

"Excellent work to you too, DS. You did great for your first mission!" Said Zero, very proud of his new recruit. "It was nothing, all I did was shove a CD into the Radio in the staff room, and turned on the intercom system." DS countered, trying to be modest. "Then I locked the doors behind me…" DS continued, "Those losers will never get that thing open. And wait till the next song starts playing!" "It's the opening theme song to Bleach, isn't it?" Zero questioned. But neither of them had to say anything to know that, they both just smiled, and laughed.

X calmly walked beside the three eccentrically happy people on the cart, able to keep up with it's speed with his regular pace. X glared at the three "was that really necessary?" he said, interrupting their glee. There was a silence for a moment, but DS and Zero both came to the same conclusion, and yelled very loudly at X, "YES!" While Axl continued to happily gnaw on his carrots.

The four of them began to cross through an intersection diagonally, people crossing in the cross-walk stopping in their tracks, cars afraid to move, and even animals glaring at the obviously insane group. X glared at all of them, and reached to his side, "I'm calling HQ, you've all obviously gone maverick!"

X held the phone to his ear, but after a while began to wonder why it wasn't ringing. "You realize you're dialing a banana, right X?" interrupted DS. X looked at the banana, a very disturbed look on his face. He hurled the banana to a nearby car, then fell to the floor and began to spin in circles: foaming at the mouth.

Zero stared for a moment, then looked to DS commenting, "And he says we've gone maverick?" DS smiled, very happy to be in the same shopping cart as his hero, then asked, "Zero, why did we do that anyways. I mean, I hate to say the peace-lover is right, but why did we have to steal that old ladies purse? It was fun and all, but kind of ridiculous." Zero gave DS a warm, compassionate smile, and reached into the purse. He searched around inside, while starting his answer, "It's very simple actually DS, and there was a point to it."

Zero pulled out a pair of keys, a lot of keys for some reason. "Because old people always have lots of keys for some reason," Zero continued, "It never ceases to amaze me, but old people always have tons and tons of keys, and I'm more than certain they don't know what they all do." "So we're going to unlock the mystery of what those keys do, right?" DS asked, very interesting in the thousands of universal secrets this could be unlocked. "No," Zero corrected him, "we obtained these keys because they're shiny, and they jingle a lot! I mean, how awesome is that? Shiny and jingly, what a great combination!"

X looked at the maverick hunters in the room. "And those keys eventually turned into Zero's keyblade!" One hunter in orange armor stood up, getting ready to say something, but he thought better of it. Zero stood up quickly, and pointed to the hunter in orange armor, yelling, "What's that you say Bob? I had the keyblade earlier in the story? How did we get there to begin with? What relevance does this have to anything? We'll I'll tell you…." Zero quickly turned to Axl, "Look, Axl, that reploid is a giant carrot in disguise!"